From the Editor's Desk: Let the fun begin!

Let the fun begin!
By Kevin Michaluk on 2 Jun 2013 10:24 pm EDT

As I write this blog post I'm *really* excited for FOUR reasons. I know, I know, we have been keeping with the TEN theme around here in honor of BlackBerry 10, but I'm telling you straight... there are precisely four things happening right now that have me really excited for the next seven days. And for my From the Editor's Desk post this week, I'm going to quickly touch on each of them.

1. The BlackBerry Q10 is finally going to start hitting people's hands in the USA

Q10 USA!

FINALLY. I am so glad the BlackBerry Q10 will start getting into the hands of American consumers. They have waited long enough. It's been interesting / weird / a little painful to watch the roll out of BlackBerry 10 phones. Things have actually been pretty smooth from what I can tell - the "painful" comment is simply in reference to those who have had to wait much longer than ever anticipated. I feel your pain. 

Thinking back to the sit down interview I had with CEO Thorsten Heins and CMO Frank Boulben last July, the BlackBerry 10 rollout seemed so brilliantly simple - announce both the full touch and full qwerty at the same time, along with release dates that were just a few weeks apart. The announcement happened as predicted, but the rollout has been much more staggered around the globe than I initially thought it would be, with the US taking the back seat to many other countries and carriers. I could go off into the why of it all, but at this point I'm just excited the Q10 will finally be landing in the good 'ol US of A.

We promised we'll keep the BB10 launch fun going, and we'll be sticking to that promise. Expect to see lots of Q10 get up and running posts over the next few weeks. 

2. Talk Mobile 2013 is on!

Earlier this week we announced what all that #TM13 teasing was all about. TM13 = Talk Mobile 2013, and it launches online Monday, June 3rd. If you're not up to speed on it yet, watch the trailer video, hit up the press release and if you want to know every detail, listen to this podcast.

Talk Mobile is running as an event across our sites for the next several months. We're covering ten topics in mobile, and deep diving into them together. This week the topic is Mobile Gaming, so each day you'll see one Talk Mobile feature article hit the site diving into a different theme related to Mobile Gaming. The photo at the top of this post is a hint as to what day one is about. Any guesses?

A lot of prep work has gone into Talk Mobile prep, so the whole team is excited to see this finally launch. Be sure to hit up the site tomorrow and click through on the first Talk Mobile feature - I think you'll all be really happy at the quality of the production we're putting into it. And of course, the whole point of Talk Mobile is to get the community into the conversation, so I hope to be chatting with you in the comments on that post!

3. Talk Mobile Launch Event this Thursday in NYC!

NYC Party!

I'm flying back to NYC this week for a few days. Reason one - I want to take in some Q10 launch fun. Reason 2 - Thursday night we're holding a launch party for Talk Mobile. Our NYC CrackBerry Meetup two months ago was Epic. This... this... I don't know... it's going to be even. more Epic-er. Or something like that.

If you RSVP'd, I'll be seeing you there. For those who have been asking on dress code, "smart casual" is probably a solid description. In other words, be comfortable... look and feel good.

The RSVPs for this one went crazy fast. If you're still wanting to go but we're not able to grab a ticket, be sure to visit the Eventbrite RSVP page frequently. Over the next few days we'll release a few last bonus tickets we held in reserve. 

4. Formula 1 Hits Canada this Weekend!

BlackBerry Formula 1

From NYC I'll be flying directly to Montreal bright and early Friday morning to take in the Canadian Grand Prix action this weekend. I love Formula 1, so having BlackBerry now in the sport as a sponsor makes it all the better to be a fan. 

It's been four years since I've been to Montreal for the GP, so I'm looking forward to a relaxing weekend. The last few months have been crazy - so I'm looking forward to letting loose for the weekend. 

Oh yeah, and don't forget - until race day we're giving CrackBerry readers a chance to get in the contest to win a 24ct Gold BlackBerry Q10. If you haven't entered yet, do it now!

Let the Fun Begin!

Ok, that's it for this one. It's going to be a good week, so be sure to keep it locked to CrackBerry. Let the fun begin!

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From the Editor's Desk: Let the fun begin!


You're looking all corporate wearing the suit aboard a private aircraft. Have you taken up some entrepreneurial endeavour in Winnipeg? ;-)

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Hahahahahaahahahaha. You got schooled by the editor trying to be cool. Just so you know keeping negative and unconstructive comments to yourself helps make you seem smarter than you are.

I wouldn't say nothing interesting, but nothing new. Mobile Nations will blog about mobile gaming and people get to comment, is that a big deal? Not to me. Crackberry/Kevin has always been about the HYPE! It's part of their business strategy, keep the people coming back, by any means possible! It's going to be EPIC, AWESOME, SEXY, EXCITING, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH! LOL! ENJOY CRACKHEADS!

LMFAO... I don't think Kevin/CrackBerry needs to artificially hype things to "keep the people coming back by any means possible".. but nice try.

ps. Curious why you are on this site if nothing is new/interesting?

Won't be a planned meetup, but make sure you follow me on my BBM channel... if plans shape up i'll drop a message with where we are heading. C00010BC5

Awesome! Ill be flying in from Saskatoon for the weekend. It would be great to have a CB meet up in MTL!

I am one of BlackBerry biggest fan always trying to sell Blackberry’s best phones to everyone who can use an improvement! Oh that's everyone not using a blackberry 10 operating system with the most amazing phones the world has ever seen yet!!!

Oooo.. I do believe you are correct. Will do some digging and we'll get a post up on that tomorrow. USA needs 10.1. Seems insane it's not out yet. 

Thanks Kevin! I am starting to get frustrated with Verizon... at least you still look out for us in the US...

Posted via CB10

CrackBerry has become sophisticated :) I like it. I'm kind of bitter at BlackBerry, but I'll forgive the "staggered U.S in the back seat launch" and PlayBook denial they are in once I get my hands on a Q10.

I was really telling myself to go with another platform but if the Q10 looks half as good in person than it does in pictures, Ill be all over it.
OH Btw hey BlackBerry if your listening my wife is quite upset that she can't get her curve style chicklet keyboard here in the States...Maybe you can make the Q5 available in the U.S as well. Believe it or not some folks prefer the curve keyboard over the Bold keyboard and it has nothing to do with price.

Here's to hoping that BlackBerry popularity picks back up in the U.S so that maybe some time in the future we won't continue to be dead last on the list of launches.

Anybody else notice that the CrackBerry BBM channel is from the United States? Lol sorry I couldn't help myself ;) Can't wait to hold the Q10 THIS WEEK!!! WOOT!

No don't go to another platform. My wife and I both got our unlocked Q10s shipped to our lowly 3rd world country (no chance of seeing Q10s sold here till next year if at all). It is worth the wait believe me (and I have a backup GS3 with another SIM for travel). My wife had the chicklet keys also but the nice White Q10 has the "IT" factor for her. She loves the new keyboard but does have trouble with the new interface to my amusement. I told her it will take a her a few days to get used to it. Don't be tempted to move. If you already like the Blackberry experience, this will be the best one you have experiences yet by a long shot.

@Kevin, would it be crazy to say that the launch of both the z10 and the q10 in the US are very strategic due to unknown demand anymore on the US?

Let me explain a bit more, think about the releases, bbry releases earnings on June 28th. That will give the q10 approximately 3 weeks in the US. Not a whole lot of time to gauge demand. Then from there bbry doesn't release earnings again until approximately very late September or very early October. But during this quarter the q5 launches and being it is a "budget" phone you can anticipateppotentially big number of sales which could potentially offset limited demand in the US, then in q3 the artisto will likely be announced and probably launch half way or so thru q4.

Bbry did the same thing with the z10 they launched on us during the latter half of the quarter. I wont say they are manipulating numbers but they are sort of offsetting them.

My personal guess they are trying to be big outside of the US first with hopes that the cash and revenue and hopefully positive earnings from mostly international sales carries bbry long enough for bb10 to gain traction here. Selling mid range phones in plaes. Like India and Africa etc builds a constant revenue stream which keeps bbry afloat even of they are drowning here. Then he hope is with the artisto and other high end devices that when those come out in us the ecosystems look a lot more similar and then that's when the best os wins customers because the apps become available to everyone so now people want to be most productive.

Thanks for the chat.

Kevin you look awesome. Definitely the most growth as an editor and creative forward thinker.

Phil looks like he lives in Florida with his laid back look.
Rene interrupts way too much and

Daniel is just cute.


Posted via CB10

I also meant to mention the app comment about the sites getting their own apps. Um. I don't go on at all much anymore. I love the CB10 app so much it really allows me to not be stuck at my laptop anymore. Thanks for that to Marcus.

Posted via CB10

Yes the release of the Q10 to USA is exciting. I hope they can release BB 10.1 on the Z10 as well this week.
The Canadian Grand Prix. Montreal is a brilliant city to host this event. Will be watching as usual on TV.

I'm patiently waiting for sprint to release the q10 on their "now" network! Late summer...looks like they are last to the table again. Great article, can't wait for all the events this week!

Guys, the Talk Mobile competition cross-site-post is not loading comments at all - both when logged in and when not.

A follow-up. This problem happens only on CrackBerry for me. Every other site the cross-post has been posted upon doesn't exhibit the aforementioned issue.

Furthermore, the post can't be seen in the CB10 mobile app.

Im looking forward to the talk mobile content. I always liked reading the round robin articles. Has a winner for the trip been picked yet?

Posted via CB10

I'm rocking th me Z10 and wife's Q10 should arrive thus week. A true BlackBerry family in the USA.

Posted via CB10

For Formula 1:
- don't forget to wear earplugs. Those F1 cars are much, much louder than you think.
- if you're lucky enough to be close to the track, set your phone scene to "action" and shooting mode "burst" for close-up action shots. Use a fast (class 10) MicroSD card.
- you can tell the two drivers of a team apart by the colour of their helmet, by the colour of the T-cam on top of the car, and by the car number.

He's from the fashion capital of Canada, otherwise known as Winnipeg, Manitoba. The gangsta gotta dress to impress da ladies. LOL

Posted via CB10 from the BlackBerry Z10

Wish I could go to Montreal for some exciting F1 racing, but will also be excited to be in NYC for the TM13 Launch Party!

OUCH! lol.

Kevin what KPI's are you really looking at?
Traffic: Mobile device browsers (User Agents), CB10 Apps (device/model), PC/Mac (IE, Chrome, Safari, FF, Opera, etc) ... which of these or is there significance from 1 more than the other are you looking at? Also doesn't the head of Mobile Nations (dude that created the CB10 apps) have the metrics and then feeds them to you or you have direct access?

Also noticed "presented by BlackBerry" ... seems to much in bed with BlackBerry lately; does that mean they'll have more control over content, conversations?

To be honest disappointed with the US launch for the Q10 and even the z10 not getting the 10.1. BlackBerry really dropped the ball in The States.

Posted via White BlackBerry Z10 baby

2nd speaker in that video ... "It's easy to get caught up in the (WHAT)" ? WTF did he actually say there? Was he chewing gum? I did use Q-Tips this morning. Honestly what word did he say?

The Great Gatbsy actor, Leonardo Dicaprio, was spotted with his Z10 checking out the camera / video capabilities. I'm telling you it's a great start for BlackBerry.

Posted via CB10

On Wednesday at 10AM, I will be a very proud owner of a Q10. I currently have a Z10 and i LOVE IT... Do NOT get me wrong there. The Z10 is a fun, beautiful, functional machine. I love it and cant ever see myself giving it up (especially the screen). I am with T-Mobile and since the new plans, I have saved an additional $75 on my lines. So I've always kept my 9900 even after the Z10 purchase. The Q10 will be taking its place. My love of BB will never allow me to truly give up the KeyBoard. And the Q10 is a work horse and a necessity for my line of work. Fun and play all around. BlackBerry, who knew? Lol

PLayBook 16GB, PlayBook 64GB, Z10, 9900, (soon to be Q10)

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