From the Editor's Desk: Just a little bit longer...

We're soooo close. Last Sunday when I wrote my weekly From the Editor's Desk post, I was optimistic that by the time you read this week's FtED it would be on THE NEW CRACKBERRY. Instead, we're going to DELAY things (insert your BlackBerry-related "delay" joke in the comments), just to ensure the user experience is a little more polished for launch.

Still baking in the oven... almost ready!
By Kevin Michaluk on 17 Feb 2013 11:21 am EST

Don't worry though, we won't be pushing things back for too long. On our dev servers the new website is looking really good. If we were launching a brand new site we already would have pulled the trigger. We just want to take an extra week to go back through our existing content and tweak up as much of it as possible so it looks optimal on the new design. With changes to CSS styles, image sizes, etc., some of our existing pages are not up to par yet with the new look going forward. This means going into old articles and tweaking up the formatting one by one. CrackBerry is a massive site with a lot of popular pages, so that takes some time. Giving our writers a little extra time to get used to all of the new features on backend is another benefit of the slight delay.

The feedback has been ultra-positive on the changes we made. If you haven't ventured into the forums in a bit, GO THERE. They are absolutely buzzing.

So stay tuned for the new CrackBerry experience. It's coming soon... I promise! In the meantime, be sure to jump over to our CrackBerry Forums. We did pull an all nighter earlier in the week and reorganized the layout of the forums. We archived old devices, grouped things more logically in the forums given that we now have three BlackBerry platforms (BlackBerry 10, PlayBook OS, BBOS). The feedback has been ultra-positive on the changes we made. If you haven't ventured into the forums in a bit, GO THERE. They are absolutely buzzing.

And on that note, I'm off to the airport... again. CrackBerry's BlackBerry 10 Launch Campaign Headquarters are now closed. I actually tried flying home yesterday, but due to snow in Toronto everything got backed up and after six hours of sitting there my flight was cancelled. Hopefully today's flight home is a go.

Until next time,

Kevin out! 

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Just a little bit longer...


You should never announce a launch date, you should learn from Skype and just say that you are 'committed' to launching a new site... That way we will never know when and won't be too surprised if it never materialises :)

Had to open from browser to comment on this...When is the CB10.1, Kevin?

Haha... just joking, you guys are doing great job, awesome team you got there!

Just spoke with a Verizon rep, and they had NO CLUE of an upcoming release!!! More proof that the release isn't even close!!!


Really? So far there is zero evidence these phone will be released in the US. My guess is release dates will be pushed to April, and US carriers will wait until they see sales data in other parts of the world (Which must be reported March 28th) before making any decisions. They certainly aren't supporting BlackBerry. Putting up a web page that says we'll tell you when we tell you isn't support.

And carrier testing? Come who is buying that BS.

Hahahaha, kevin cracked the first blackberry related joke. ......."just a little more polished", how many time did i hear that one about bb10

Lesson #1 of launch management:
1.- Under promise, over deliver : be discreet.
2.- Keep calm : not the end of world.
3.- If you do well, time will not matter. If you do it wrong, time does matter.
4.- Do it right.
5.- Do it right.
6.- Do it right.
7.- Turn to #4.

Well. Since almost every comment had something to do with, "leapfrogging, new lte chipset, and polishing" I guess I'm left with this.
Who likes pizza?

Why are we waiting so long. Enough is enough. I'm moving on to N4BB. Hahahhah

Funny thing is that they updated their website and it o so SUCKS!!!

I'm a long time crackberry reader.. i love the site, information it provides, and the people. Even though everything is great. Making me wait is horrible..

with that said.. i'm going to switch to the imore site and have given up on crackberry entirely!

Will the new site still be BlackBerry6-and-lower friendly? I'm still using Bold 9700 until I get my Z10
On an unrelated note, when will Aristo be launched? By the time I can get my Z10, might as well wait for Aristo

The new forums are clean and easy to navigate. Looking great Kevin and CB team. This new design should keep new comers addicted as well.

Take your time. We will wait. Thanks for everything you guys do here. My wife surprised me when i came home the other night after work.

" So i have been looking at for awhile now and did some shopping for my case i want when WE get our new BlackBerries"

This brought me so much joy!

ps. Thanks again

Can't wait for the new look! forums got the Metro style, it's not that bad, but I use their mobile style which rocks. :)

Can't wait to see crackberry get the desktop and mobile makeover!! :D

Can't wait for your new look to an already great site! Can't wait also until we in the USA get our chance to grab the Z10!!!!