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By Kevin Michaluk on 19 Aug 2013 01:16 pm EDT

Hey CrackBerry Nation!! In case you missed me, I am BACK in the office today (was on vacation w/ my better half the past two weeks) and boy oh boy is there a LOT for us to catch up on and talk about.

I was on a beach in Italy w/ spotty data when I saw the press release hit from BlackBerry regarding it would be looking at strategic alternatives for the company... less than ideal timing, but it happens... and the CB team has done a great job covering it in my absence.

As you'd expect, there's been a media frenzy around this topic and the community has been buzzing ever since. I haven't yet caught up on all that's been written out there, and that's OK as I'd rather deliver my initial thoughts to the CrackBerry pure and unpolluted.

I have a lot of editorials to write in the days and weeks ahead, but in the mean time for those who can't wait we're going to fire things up at 3pm ET today for a CrackBerry Hangout. Joining me will be Chris Umiastowski, Adam Zeis, Bla1ze and Simon Sage and we're going to go unload on all of this news, what it means for BlackBerry and more. If you can't tune into the live show, you will be able to watch or listen to the replay as soon as it's over.

Talk soon!



Good to hear you were on vacation - I had thought Crackberry Kevin had given up and it made me really depressed :(

Kevin Michaluk

Vacation. I pretty much neglected my fiancée for the better part of 2013... CES / Month in Toronto / Relaunching CB site (three weeks of all nighters) / NYC for 2 months / BBLive in Orlando.... so some quality time was more than in order.  Had it all planned out in advance... in retrospect the timing was less than ideal! Normally August is quiet on the BB news front.


Welcome back from Italy.

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Please for the love of god have some good news for us!

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Gord Cluthe

Good man. Glad you made the time for her.

And welcome back!


+1 Happy wife, happy life :)

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If we can't watch this online, can we get a transcript of something. Or at least the cliff notes version of this?


The honeymoon? Dude... creepy.

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Hope the announcement didn't spoil the holiday, I can only imagine how frustrated I'd have been in the same position!!!


thanks god you're back, Zeiss was posting some shitty articles lately just to generate clicks and views.


You can afford International Data? Next thing we know, you'll be driving a Rolls Royce!

Pete The Penguin

Never knew you were gone Kevin, the CrackBerry team are a well oiled machine, capable of handling things in your absence.
Glad your finacé got to visit Italy.


"if you're not first then your last" - Ricky Bobby


Kevin- we need a new CB podcast!!

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Awesome. Looking forward to hearing everyone's input.

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I actually like the idea of Watsa taking the company private. There have been some problems with the BB10 launch in the US and BB10 and its ecosystem need some new design and feature sexiness, but the biggest setback yet has been the constant barrage of business talk. This regrettable focus on BlackBerry's business fortunes undermines its efforts to regain market share in the US.

I hate the idea of BlackBerry being sold in parts or as a whole to another tech company. That's the end as I see it and there needs to be a little more fight before throwing in the towel. I could see a joint venture with Sony a la the Microsoft / Nokia joint venture, but in some ways both Sony and BlackBerry share the same problem: neither of them knows how to sell smartphones and tablets. Still, Sony can make some sexy hardware and it has at least something of a direct retail presence in the US to mitigate carrier retail issues BlackBerry faces there.

Looking forward to what Kevin and Company think...

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I would much rather buy a Sony device powered by BlackBerry 10 rather than one running android. But that's just me.

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Hey BlackBerryFan 777,

To those who may not know, Prem Watsa was BlackBerry/Rim's biggest shareholder. He resigned from the board to avoid a conflict of interests. His own company is worth around 9 Billion dollars.

I also like the idea that he would take BlackBerry private. I would be very interested to hear your thoughts on this, KEVIN.

Welcome back and hope you enjoyed your vacation in Italy. : - )



Hi Kevin welcome back! hope you had a good vacation will we be able to join the hangout like last time?


Welcome back Kev.....looking forward to it...keep up the great work.....

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nick canada

Good to hear. I was starting to wonder the news for bad and you disappear lol

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Looking forward to watching d hangout discussion :)

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Good to have you back on board. You more than anyone deserved time for yourself and your family! I hope your battery is fully recharged cuz we sure need your insights and optimism around here. It has been depressing ever since the press release as many of us realize that BlackBerry could very well end as we know it even tough it pulled of a great os and tools.

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Welcome back and hope you enjoyed yourself Kev...

On the Underrated Z10


Looking forward to the hangout

Denise in Los Angeles

"Kevin is back with lots of giveaways!!!!!!!!!"


do you want the sand from his pockets?

Denise in Los Angeles

You can have the sand.... what I want are some Z10s from his pockets!


Expect Kevin's takeaways, not giveaways


They released a "strategic initiatives" related statement. Now, they're going to wait and come out with some kind of "oh, well, it looks like the sales were good after all, especially since we started offering a 'trade up to BlackBerry 10' promotion... I think we'll remain status quo for a while longer..." - I gots nuthinz.

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David Murray1

I see you guys are rocking a Macintosh computer, wonder why you don't complete the set with an iPhone and be completely gay!


Homophobic remarks and anti-gay slurs should be banned on CrackBerry.


Come on,... in modern context gay doesn't even really mean homosexual. LOL

- Louis CK


I completely agree with you Patrick but in this case the actual meaning of the word gay works (as in happy). Let's let this one slide. :)


I love how much the CB team gives praise to google hangouts.


I actually find them annoying and distracting. Prefer the old system.

Anyway welcome back CBK!

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Let me clarify. I find hangouts annoying, not the CB team. Oops.

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Yes, it was much better when we had to wait for hours/the next day for the podcast to be available to download (rolleyes)


I have to say, after watching today, the "production" of these G+ hangouts with the CB team has improved. A lot easier to follow than the previous ones or the ones from the Berry Leaks gang. Not really complaining as I appreciate the effort.


Would someone be so kind as to tell me where I can watch/listen to the Hangout? I'm not even sure what that is, but I really want to hear about this.

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Is it just a live podcast feed? I've never used G+. Hope someone has more info for us..

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Welcome back, can't wait for the show.


Vacation? Pics or it never happened :P


Yeah where are the pics. You have like 30 phones all with cameras.

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Welcome back Kevin!!! Which phone did you use on your vacation? It was the Z10 or the Q10? LOL. Please share.

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No, definitely a BBOS phone for the BIS - you can't beat it for international travel :)

David in Durham

Welcome home, Kevin. The place just ain't the same without you.


kevin tem vários puxasacos rsrsrs


Acho que o Kevin não percebe português....

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Your better half? So, you went on vacation with Bla1ze?


Hey, welcome back, Kevin !
Hope you both had a great time!
We've had interesting times here - too much negativity and jumping to conclusions for my taste.
The Mobile Nations Passport really seems to bring out the trolls and ghouls.
Looking forward to your thoughts and opinions on things.



Disappointed shareholder, user, adopter here ... realistic. Feel free to term me a 'troll' if that helps.

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You will must smile and agree with everyone....or be banned


I always enjoy the Crackberry podcasts.


I thought Adam replaced you!

BlackBerry for leaders, not followers.


Sounds like the BlackBerry #1 fanboy is not so anymore.

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Hey Kevin. Do you think you will get a LAST Call now from Thorsten Heins like back in Jan when he called to let you know he was the NEW CEO ?
I doubt it. This guy has taken BB no where and used little and or next to none of the $$ BB had to promote and Market the product. $55 Million to walk away ....and laughing all the way to the Bank !

*shakes Head*


Welcome back Kevin

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Welcome back Chief!!


You never did write that huge article after the AGM did you...?


Can't wait to hear your take on all the media madness.


Holiday in Italy..? Sure! Everybody knows that Kevin has been everywhere desperately looking for a new job ! :)


Welcome back fearless leader. Crackberry has been missing something without you here. Some "sparkle" maybe. Lol. It is good to take time away from work and pour your attention on your loved ones. Hope you had a great time.


In Italy these past two weeks? I was in Croatia myself. Just as nice (if not nicer) and super affordable.

Welcome back!

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Love you Kevin! (no homo, big fan)


love my playbook, but isn't it just time to move on....sadly tho

Jimberry Storm

Hope you had a nice time, getting harder to be positive on BlackBerry these days, but you always have a way of doing it, glad your back

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Welcome back! If you traveled already to Italy, you should visit Vienna the next time! I would show you the city.

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Kevin, why don't you post to your BBM Channel more often?. It's really quite infrequently used

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