From the Editor's Desk: I'm BacK! And want you to look back, before catching up and looking ahead

The video above is from July 16, 2012... following our trip last year to the BlackBerry AGM. It's a good primer, getting ready for our post AGM 2013 content.

By Kevin Michaluk on 13 Jul 2013 09:42 am EDT

It's Saturday morning, as I type this. Yesterday evening I returned home from my annual pilgrimage to Waterloo, where I attended BlackBerry's shareholder AGM and visited BB HQ.

As you may have noticed, other than our AGM live blog this week, I haven't personally followed up with any articles yet. The reason for this is simply a lack of free time. My itinerary had me going non-stop all week and I simply have not had the time to sit down and write.

The good news is, I accomplished what I set out to do this year - go to Waterloo armed with the collective thoughts, concerns and solutions of the CrackBerry / BlackBerry community and share them with everybody we could. And yes, we even managed to share them directly with BlackBerry CEO, Thorsten Heins. As you can imagine, everybody is working full tilt at BlackBerry HQ and sit down time with the media was not on Heins' calendar this week, but he came to the office even earlier than normal the morning following the AGM and made the time to speak with and listen to us.

Simon has followed up with a couple articles coming out of this time spent together already (PlayBook talk, Trackpad talk), and we have a lot more coming over the next few days. But before I moved on to doing my follow-up content, the first thing I did this morning was go back and watch the From the Editor's Desk video I posted almost a year ago to the day after I returned from my AGM trip to Waterloo last year (embedded with this post).

It's worth watching again (do it, do it now!), as I think it helps better put into context all of the content we're covering post-AGM this year. Remember, heading to the AGM last year we were at an all-time LOW point in BlackBerry history. After already waiting forever for BB10, it had been announced that the launch would be delayed until 2013. And given where the share price was at, BlackBerry sentiment was extremely negative in both the media and on Wall Street, with most people thinking BlackBerry 10 would never even come to market. Hell, even I was depressed about the state of things.

But after that trip, I came home and wrote a post titled From the Editor's Desk: Goodbye Waterloo, Faith Restored, Lets Get it Done! Given where things were at then, that was an extremely bold post to make (and a lot of people laughed at the positivity in it), but all things considered - it was on the money. BlackBerry did get it done and BlackBerry 10 -- against the odds -- came to market.

That all said, now that BlackBerry 10 is here it's clear there is still a lot of work to be done. The community has been vocal about that. And this year on our trip to Waterloo, I was very vocal about it too. This wasn't a week about fanboy CrackBerry Kevin standing in front of a RIM sign hopped up on BlackBerry-flavored Kool-Aid wearing a homemade t-shirt. Rather, it was CrackBerry Kevin -- champion for BlackBerry -- doing what he could to help BlackBerry users and fans ensure the company, brand and product they love will continue to meet and exceed the expectations we have for them. 

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From the Editor's Desk: I'm BacK! And want you to look back, before catching up and looking ahead


Most of the negative press against BlackBerry over the last 5 years has (if not exclusively) come out of the states and is essentially an effort to make much ado about nothing. It reeks of directed effort à la embedded journalism during the us invasion of (insert preferred invaded country here). Share price has nothing to do with how BlackBerry is doing, it's purely a function of what the press down there publishes. Even when good things are happening (bb10 launch) they spin in for low share price result. There's no actual reason to be down about or on BlackBerry, and if you own one, then you know why there's good reason to continue enjoying and expecting the best.

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False. BlackBerry sold 2.7 million BB10 units last quarter, well below expectations, and a large reason why faith in the brand plummeted even further.

I have a Z10 and I've had it since day 1. I really don't enjoy it at all. It's not a complete OS yet and it drives me nuts.

- Searching contacts is a nightmare. I try to search for my wife which should come up first (since I message her daily), but no, I have to sort through twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook contacts? Wtf is that?

- Editing text, copying and pasting is incredibly frustrating.

- The battery is really bad (on my phone anyway). Forget using LTE, keeping multiple apps open or playing a game if you expect to survive half a day without a charge or 2nd battery on hand.

- Phone restarts all the time

- no apps. And don't give me that side load shit. I want native.

- The keyboard is good but it's nowhere near as good as what people say.

- the camera is not good

- searching for photos is brutal. I don't want to move a picture into an album every time I take a picture. I just want to scroll through all my photos in the camera album from most recent to the last.

Shall I go on?

I agree American media and Wallstreet investors have played a roll in bringing the stock price down (prior to the 1st quarter results), but if BB10 was a winner it wouldn't have matterred. A lot of a people are not happy with their blackberry phones and that's the reason they've sold so few units.

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Wow.. welcome Mr negativity everybody!!

What OS Version are you on? By the sounds of your post you are still on 10.0.9.###

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228


It has nothing to do with negatively, I'm simply not happy with the phone. I've had mine since May 5th, the first day I could get it. I bought stock at $8 when it was rock bottom but believed in the direction BlackBerry was headed. You don't think I want to LOVE this phone?

I'm just giving an honest first hand opinion about why the stock is doing badly

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I'm coming from an iPhone ... bought a Z10 a month after it arrived .... and what a refreshing change.

- I was able to swap in a fresh battery if I wanted to
- The Z10 browser is the best around
- Very fast ... speedy
- I didn't have to exit apps in order to go into other apps
- A bigger size screen .... much clearer then the iPhone
- The list goes on and on

BTW - Book value on BBRY is suppose to be around $19.50.
Maybe Thorsten is building value in the company so that he can get you $30.00 per share.

It's funny, because many of these issues are 10.0.9 issues, not 10.1.0. You have nothing positive to say, hence "Mr Negativity".

You say that when searching contacts your wife' name doesn't come up? Odd because everywhere I search I get exactly what I'm looking for. I'll usually start with a few letters from the first name and then a few from the last and that narrows the field very quickly. This is from phone, contacts and the universal search.

Editing text is hard? I find the system great, there are a few threads on it here and many have learned a few new tricks. It works well, but a tutorial needs to be made.

Battery life is bad, I agree it can be short, but each new release is much better than the last and I expect that to continue. Have you called for support on this problem at all in case you have a defective battery or hardware? (if life is really really short I would get that checked out.)

Phone restarts.. I'm lucky because I never had this issue, but I imagine that there is some component that is slightly out of tolerance that is causing it, and they have reported that it is now fixed in software. I don't remember if this is fixed in10.1 or the upcoming 10.1 MR.

"No apps and I don't want native." That is your issue, not BlackBerry's. ;) allowing Android ports is frankly a brilliant idea, using the competition's own software against them... great idea! We would NOT have Skype or many other apps without it. If you chose not to load then, the that is by our problem... "I will not eat green eggs and ham", read it if you forget the story.

Any app can be Crap, native or android, you won't know until you try it.

Keyboard is not as good as ppl say... frankly the keyboard IS amazing, and as good as people say.. but it does need to be trained and used properly for it to achieve Jedi status.

Camera not good - all subjective personal opinion. I find it does take quite good photos.. but I use a dslr for my real shots. ;)

Searching photos - scroll most recent to oldest. I find file manager the best to view all files, but touching the photo in the camera app does show the latest to the newest as well.

"Pictures", "music", and "video" all need work.. and a lot of it, but not essential for app release.

As an investor, some of this you should have researched beforehand.. especially the Android app porting. ;)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

There are a lot of things that could be improved about the BB10 experience, and people should be willing to comment and bitch about what they don't like without being belittled. Particularly for people who have transitioned from BB7 to BB10, with a short stint on TOS in the interim, the way that BB10 handles certain tasks (such as highlighting and C&P text form the browser, or being able to move the cursor to highlight text you're composing in general) is less than stellar. I understand what they tried to do, and it works 'most' of the time, but not 'all' of the time, and that can be frustrating, particularly when coming form something like 9900 or even 9860 where the addition of the trackpad made fine cursor movement really useful and predictable.
BB is focused a lot on feaure improvement and I'm looking forward to the 'adds' in 10.2, but there are certainly many smaller things to do with the usability that could be addressed in a 10.1/2 MR or 10.3 or whatever.

I'm aware the “restart” problem is supposedly a 10.0.9 issue but I never had the problem until the 10.1 update. Any suggestions?
With regards to the contact search, maybe you can help me then. Is there a way to turn off Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn when you do a search? I know you can shut them off in the contact app, I’m talking specifically about the search. It’s a huge issue because I have over 10 thousand twitter, linkedin and facebook contacts so you can imagine the number of people with similar names.
The battery life on my phone isn’t really really short to the point I think it’s defective, but it’s definitely worse than the iphone 5 I use for work. I use the iphone all day long and my Z10 still dies around the same time with minimal use – probably from all the restarts now that I think about it.  Hopefully that gets fixed with the next update.
Speaking of which, I get a regular notification for an update (1MB worth), only to get a “Software Update Interrupted” notification shortly thereafter.  This has been ongoing for about 2 weeks and I never had this problem before the 10.1 update.
Another thing I’ve noticed since the 10.1 update is how laggy the settings menu has become. Have you noticed the same thing or is it just me?
I agree with what some people are saying, companies won’t make apps for BB10 until there are enough users, and users won’t buy the phones until there are enough apps. Blackberry is caught between a rock and a hard place.  With that in mind, Android ports are helpful, but they aren’t perfect by any stretch of the imagination.
If you want some positives, here they are:
-        DLNA compatible
-        HDMI connection
-        Being able to access your files with the file manager
-        Browser
-        The size of the screen and the look of the phone
I live in Waterloo…I want Blackberry to be successful, but as a user of the phone I’m incredibly dissatisfied.  I used to rave about the phone to all of my friends hoping they would buy it.  Now… I’m just frustrated with the product and I can’t honestly recommend it to anyone for all the reasons I mentioned. I'm clearly not the only person who feels this way if you've seen the lastest article on customer satisfaction with BB10.....

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I'm on STL100-3, running on Rogers and my phone resets abotu 2-3 times a day, usualyl while sitting idle or charging or whatnot. I have a second phone (also STL100-3, also running same OS revision) on Koodo, and have had zero problems with it. Same use cases (streaming video from youtube, charging, etc) totally different results on what is supposed to be the same identical HW and SW. Some 3rd party apps are different, but I don't really expect that is the issue (given how QNX works the apps are supposed to be sandboxed anyhow, and while the app may crash, the OS is not supposed to). Honestly I think my one device that bails frequently may have a HW issue as it also seems to get hotter than the other, so I will need to look at replacing it. Sadly since I upgraded both device OOTB I don't know if it would run better or worse on 10.0, but given my return /replace window I'm not going ot wait for 10.2 to see if that magically fixes it.
Seems I was mistaken, the Koodo (and thus, Telus) SIM gave an upgrade to; both Rogers and Bell (yes, I have both - don't ask) both upgrade to :/ backup; factory-reset; use Koodo SIM to upgrade to .2014; restore - will give this a day and see if resets have reduced. If yes, then if you're a Rogers or Bell sub I'd suggest harassing them to get a new MR, though seems there are some builds up in the .4xxx range now, so maybe there's one in the pipe.

There is no such thing as 'identical' hardware. ;)

Every single component in the phone has tolerances, and some will be at the extent of those tolerances. A certain combination of parts at the extremes of their tolerances can cause hardware issues... an this is likely what has happened. they have fixed it in the software, there is a kb article on it now I believe. :)

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

Valid points, but these designs are tested out 3sigma from nominal skew, so if the design is failing because of manufacturing process 'tolerances' then the phone is broken, sho nuff. bad reflow, cracked solder ball, etc. Now, if the SW release is, for example, not thermally limiting the operation of the CPUs so that the part overheats and forces the system to reset (because the silicon has a thermal watchdog that does this around 125C), then that's not a HW issue, it is just bad code. Since one device with a (note edits) later code release seems to not suffer the same issues, I'm more inclined to think it is a SW issue and not HW (now) but I'll wait to see if this has resolved the issue.

I have no idea why you're so disappointed with it. I've had mine since Feb and because my company has been slow to roll out BES10, I am only using it as a WiFi device and my legacy OS6 device as my actual phone and I STILL think the Z10 is a great piece of hardware. When someone's so negative, it's hard not to think they're simply trolling.

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Hi Anuradha. My name is Divakar, I was intrigued when I saw your post in the forum. Are you a resident of Srilanka. I'm from Wellewatte .

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Hey Kevin Michaluk, how was your meeting with Mr. Heins? Is he still optimistic about BB10 and its smartphones? The world smartphone market is extremely saturated now with every tom dick and harry being into premium smartphones. That is why the delay of 1 year was really disastrous. Is Heins confident of a strong profitable quarter soon?

Heins was clear at the AGM and with us that as they have things planned out now, they'll be investing per their transformation plan in this next phase (phase 2). I think if you're in as a shareholder, you gotta buckle in for it - turnarounds take time and it's not going to be an overnight thing. As Umi noted in our editorial earlier this week, Heins has been consistent in that message. Probably a few quarters at least before phase two turns into phase three as Umi and I have been debating it, and phase three is when it was indicated that you'll see start seeing the real returns on phase 1 and 2. So into 2015 I would think.

(edited for clarity)


I hate to ask this because I'm not a financial wiz, but I'd be interested in your view. Didn't they say the quarter z10 shipped that things would pick up? Then it was 'wait till we have a full quarter and q10 is shipped'? Now its '3 more quarters . . .' I really am not trying to be negative, but it just seems like everything BB throws out to us gets pushed out over and over . . but what's your take? you're much more connected and knowledgeable than some random guy like me from the sideline.

Do you mean FY2015Q1 or calendar Q1 2015?

Thanks mate and kudos for the job done so far for this iconic brand

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Talking Fiscal 2015 (not calendar) based on what I was thinking per above.. so three quarters from now until we're into F2015. 

Hopefully sooner! Maybe longer. Je ne sais pas. Based on the transformation plan presented, I wouldn't be surprised to see that. He was really clear at the AGM to the investors in the room on this. Lots of hard work to be done still, and no guarantees of success.

If Q10 numbers can surprise in the upcoming quarter then we may see a decent operating profit and a +ve EPS in single digits as well. Lets see the BES 10 traction as well.

I'm not terribly worried about being in the black over the next few quarters. There are better short term indicators of the company's path to sustainable growth:
- Reliably fulfilling their stated commitments.
- Showing that marketing can speak clearly to the needs of potential customers in key markets.
- Demonstrating improved relationships with carrier partners.
- Moving hardware, regaining corporate business (BES contracts) and gaining popular mind share with cross-platform BBM.
Market momentum and hard earned "good will" are what will set the right path. If there are no signs of these, then my confidence will be shaken.

Agreed, no apparent "Key Account" victories at all in the US market place to reference. No marketing push by carrier's and no excitement at all by sales people in any Verizon store I've stepped into. If BBRY Is supposed to be listening then why is there no IMPROVEMENT!!!!!!!! Wait for Phase 2, Phase 3, and Phase 4 of our plan????? I would like to purchase the Z10 but I'm not waiting much longer for my carrier to update to 10.1, nor am I going to wait much longer to see repeated issues addressed (at some time) by BBRY if this is the future PATH of this current management. Somebody grow a pair and make things happen and actually do what they said they would do!!!! SEVEN.....SEVEN months into the year of a new product launch and a new phone with a new OS still waiting for an update to known issues while other carrier's have released already!!!!

Why wait for your carrier? To me that is an indicator to change carriers.

#GetWithBB10 Channel @ C000D7228

The coverage this carrier affords over the coutnry and global is what keeps me with them. My comments are born from total frustration but of course nothing is perfect and I am not expecting it to be. But I am at a loss as to understand why VZW is taking so long and also no comment from BBRY addressing this issue. We can talk about quater results and phase implamentations as the day is long....however this does not address the issues at hand. And yes we all have choices but we also have invested in a company and it's mission to provide a working solid product for use.

When you recreate an OS and wait two years to introduce it, it's like starting a new business. Statistics for startup are clear. Don't expect a profit or growth until year three. Projections from TH are not unreasonable.

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To be honest the time frame doesn't surprise me at all and is rather realistic than what wall street is expecting! I also don't have the feeling that they are missing the plan.

OK, marketing is from a consumer perspective quite disappointing, but everything else would have surprised me. Their communication target has always been corporates not the end consumer. So to see sales volumes we'll have to wait until BES starts deploying in huge corporates, and I don't mean Canada Tires, I mean corporates with tens of thousands employees. This transition takes time! I work for one of the biggest wealth manager worldwide running still BBOS and hell yeah, Windows XP... from this perspective, even FY2015Q1 is quite optimistic...

Let's see, I am a realistic long term Bull

Thanks for your reply Kevin! Take care!

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I really hope to God you brought up how horrendous the US tv marketing has been? Did you tell him we're not in the magic carpet market (see US tv ad) but in the smartphone buying market?

Posted with my amazing Z10

Sorry Kevin but I call BS on any claim that Heins understands the betrayal felt by those of us whom gave BlackBerry a clean slate when Heins became CEO. His goose is cooked as far as my organization is concerned.

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Hopefully 10.2 to will add auto start/shutdown modes for the phone to save power. Even making it an auto airplane mode or power down the radio to just GSM (minimal power) would be great.

Glad you are still positive, you must have saw and heard some good things to come

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Why not have solar power on phones like calculators? Sure they look ugly now but I'm sure someone can figure out to make it look better.

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It would do nothing...
A calculator uses very little power, look at the small battery in most of them and it will last years.

Solar Power is VERY limited in the amount of energy it will create. If you put in on the entire back of the phone, it might take a whole day in direct sunlight to charge your battery....

Why not give us a cable to plug it in a potato... Download a battery app and look how much Watts power your phone needs!

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This doesn't really make sense. If you are not connected to the network then you don't receive data - if you don't receive data then you don't receive your push mail, etc. On BB7 the bedside mode let you turn off radios while you slept, and honestly I would like to see that come in 10.2, since 10.1 only lets you mute phone calls / alerts but does not (from appearances) turn off the radios.

From a pure tech standpoint, both GSM and UMTS are inferior to LTE when it comes to power of the air interface. You may find that when running on UMTS or LTE you burn up more power, but that has more to do with the frequency range you're operating on - for example in Canada since we haven't auctioned off the 700 MHz block, you need to run in the 1700/1800 MHz range, which requires higher transmit power to go the same distance. Your GSM is sitting down in 850 MHz range (or 1900) and typically gets better use. However, both GSM and UMTS require that when you are associated ot a serice cell, you occupy a channel 100% of the time. If you're just idle, you listen periodically to the paging channel for all of these technologies, but if you're in a data session or voice session you use the assigned channel all the time. For LTE, you onyl connect to send your data (up or down) then you disconnect again and wait. This means that your transmit power is much more 'bursty' on LTE than UMTS and more efficient in the long run.

Been waiting for Kevin's ten cents and exclusives all week!

Let some details out brother!

Swiped On My Zed10


a) We will publish those survey results from the mega survey... I want to get them into a nice interactive infographic sort of format though for posting, which takes time. 

b) That podium I'm standing behind was custom built for Thorsten because he's so damn tall. Even though I'm 6'1", I felt tiny standing behind it! ! :)

Damn Kevin your 6'1? I wouldn't have ever guessed that. No offense but I always thought you were shorter lol.

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Your work in this regard is wonderful Kevin. Despite the understandable passion and emotions that fill comments and forums, in the end this is about business and you get it and share it. This is one the most rapidly growing and changing industries on the planet with little time to make decisions and no time to look back. Thanks for being on the front lines and reporting as well as advocating. I know why BBRY makes time to listen to you. Thanks for what you're doing.

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Also Kevin the biggest catch 21 situation for blackberry is that developers want more people to buy the BB10 phones for then to develop apps and the users want to see more quality native apps on BB10 before they select BB10 phones VS Androids and IOS of the world. How will BB team solve this issue?

It's seems like the timing has just been off with marketing, release schedules, software updates. Did he talk about the need to rectify this in a timely manner? It just seemed to kill all of the momentum they were building.

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Hey Kevin Michaluk, I have a request and would really appreciate if you could convey this message to Blackberry product management team and the CEO of the suggestion for phone design per below:

Option 1: A 4 inch screen Qwerty phone. I hear many Q10 users loving the qwerty nature of their phone but hating the 3.1 inch screen size as now the world is flooded with 4 inch plus screen phones. Its always a great feeling seeing a bigger display screen than the age old small screens. By big I mean 4 inch or max 4.5 not the 5 inch plus as thats bulky. A blackberry 10 phone which has a 4 inch screen and a qwerty keyboard would be one of the best phones out there. If designed smartly and nicely this could create a HUGE buzz and we may start seeing long lines for it like we used to see for the iphones.

Option 2: A slight modification in the option 1. Can we have a detachable qwerty keyboard which fits perfectly and efficiently to the base of the phone. So they qwerty keyboard is a nice accessory for all BB10 phones which fits well and streamlines greatly with the rest of the phone. And when removed the phone is a great touchscreen device.

How are your views for the same? Can you request some designers to show such designs and have a poll at crack-berry? Firstly what are your views which I respect the most for Blackberry?

Many Thanks,
Parthiv Shah
MS In Telecommunications
University of Maryland

I would like a BlackBerry official bluetooth keyboard slider attachment for my Z10 that takes the place of my battery door. If engineered properly, you could have it charge with the phone without extra cables and have it automatically turn off and on when you slide it open so it's not wasting battery. Would be nice to be able to snap it on during the day for business and put the regular cover back on if you're going out "casual"

I agree also. Let me recap my BlackBerry experience:

1) Used BlackBerry up until iPhone came out.
IPhone gave me the browsing experience I was looking for. Wasn't really happy with it as a business phone, but trading stocks on the fly using that tiny BlackBerry screen was not fun.

2) Changed to Android a little over one year ago, first Samsung then HTC. Didn't really care for Android. Rather than go back to Apple, I waited till Feb 5th and took delivery of the BlackBerry.

3) When we could get a Q10 from Telus, I had one brought in. Beautiful keyboard, but I am not going back on screen size - Mr. Heins please take note.

Shock the market! Give us the screen real estate we have all become accustomed to with a physical keyboard. No flip outs, sliders etc.

If Samsung can flog phablets, so can BlackBerry. Just make ours with a keyboard.

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The problem with this would be with the software (OS + app). Now you have an OS which needs to work with keyboard , full-screen and hybrid mode. What if the keyboard is detached? it would instantly need to switch mode. This would mean OS + application modifications. Think about it. How would an app which is designed to work with a physical keyboard work when all of the sudden it is taken out? Try getting all the 100K applications modified to work with that. Most probably will be fine (touch interface only), but others could have issues (keyboard short cut not working, resolution/UI layout change from a square to letterbox).

+1 on this!

I have said the Q10 was playing it safe. I personally wanted a big screen with a qwerty keyboard! Similar to those designs by Digitalhomeboy everyone was excited for!

To me, this was an example of BlackBerry not listening to the masses. Or at least, this guy lol.

Posted via me on my Z10

Yeah. The Q10 should have had a screen the size of an iPhone 4 (3.5") or larger.

Posted via CB10

I never let other people speak on my behalf, but this time I'm glad someone did and I'm glad it was you Kevin. Thanks for your efforts.

Posted via CB10 on a Z10 root device!

Completely agree with have continued to do a wonderful job day in and day out, and I think TH sees how dedicated you truly are to helping and assisting BlackBerry anyway you can. Keep up the great work Kevin, it certainly doesn't go unnoticed.

Posted via BlackBerry Z10

Thanks Kevin - it's all we can ask from your or Crackberry. I don't believe any longer that TH or the executives and directors at BB are really listening. I'm glad they can hear our voices through what you are saying to them, but it's clear that whatever voices are in their own heads are far too loud to hear ours.

6 months post launch and RSA is still not available for enterprise users - - meaning most BES administrators can not adopt BB10 and shutting out tens of thousands of potential users and destroying any good will and word of mouth that might be created by having large swaths of influential folks carrying BB10 devices.

Every time BB takes a step forward they take 2 back - or more accurately, by the time BB takes a step forward the competition has taken 3. This has not changed since the 9500 was launched, and changing the figure head is not enough to ever turn things around. I remind folks of the ex-RIM employee who wrote about the disfunction several years back and was widely written off. Seems like he is owed an apology.

I have been around other platforms and joined #TeamBlackBerry last year (when bought PlayBook) . Than, pretty sure the first on my country to get a Z10. Waiting for Q5, to offer to my wife (her birthday is in August :)

I must say, by any means or even close, there is such a strong user advocate and charismatic as Kevin.

My solute to you, Kevin! Maybe I am bit exaggerating here, but you are the #blacksheep shepherd of the BlackBerry fields ;)

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Kevin, as much as I respect and appreciate your great work with Crackberry, I hope you'll take the job when they offer you one at Blackberry. Your humor, hope and heart are great beacons of clarifying light in the periodic darkness of media (social and popular) misinformation and misdirection. Whether you are inside or outside the company, we all benefit--gratefully and gladly--from your evangelical efforts.

I think that Kevin's BlackBerry devotion and his talents and charisma will best serve BlackBerry and the BlackBerry user community best from the outside i.e. CrackBerry.

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One of the best thing with today's BlackBerry as opposed to others companies in the market (including past RIM), is the fact that we feel that they are listening at us and making developments as per our wishes and suggestions.
One main reason that this makes it possible is mainly because of CrackBerry and the devotion of CrackBerry Kevin.

A special Thanks from all of us...

Posted via CB10

Totally agree!!! Thanks to Kevin and his team over at Crackberry and it's community BlackBerry has a great opportunity to listen to feedback on its products and services. Just wish they would consult more with them. They should do survey s on a regular basis on where they can improve to get the best BlackBerry experience!

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Kevin, While I can appreciate your optimistic view regarding BlackBerry I cannot overlook the elephant in the room...namely OS10.1 update for Verizon BlackBerry Z10 phones. I'm not feeling a warm and fuzzy commitment from this reinvented company. All this talk about OS 10.2 and 10.3, what about those who are struggling with disenfranchised detachment? I guess the exclusivity of the white Z10 and Q10 phones was to pacify the tortise like updates we can expect from BlackBerry for the Verizon network.
So Sad!!!!

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Settled in for the long haul. Used significant chunk of retirement fund, and scared s less. But in it to win it.

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I'll have to disagree with your "BlackBerry did get it done" statement. When my Q10 can do all that my 9930 did and more I'll consider "it done". I appreciate your fanboy optimism, but on my Q10 I can't create contact groups, adjust my snooze time on the pop-up menu, charge my phone on a desktop dock, two-way sync with Outlook, set a time block for charging bedtime mode, I am missing at least five Apps that I love on my 9930 and I can't check my text messages (BBM etc) on my Playbook.
Speaking of that Playbook, I don't need BB10 on it, I just need an update to keep it relevent for one more year. A better browser is a good start... Then I want another BlackBerry tablet that isn't launched as a half-ass side project.
My Q10 is smooth, it looks very nice, it feels good, and a few things as far as function (not many) have improved. Apps are all that really matters though. You can have the pretty OS in the world, but if BofA and Amazon won't make an app for you then you are out of luck in the U.S.
I have had a BlackBerry on my hip for a decade and I am getting tire of the "it's coming" attitude. I don't want to wait for an update to have my new phone work as well as my old phone. I don't want to keep my old phone active just to use the apps. I don't like taking steps backwards.
Kevin, nice bit of reading, but it is what I have read for the last couple of years. I know what you're saying though "don't worry, it's coming."

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Well said bro. I love my z10 and am team BlackBerry until otherwise. But that's all I've heard for years now. It's coming. I'm very thankful that the z10 is here and BlackBerry 10. But an amazon app would be super among other apps and other Os tweaks. Headless apps, silencing the camera shutter, espn apps, and so on. But I'm in this for the long haul and it has barely been six months since the launch so I'm down to be patient.

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At last someone saying it as it is. There's blind faith and dumb hope. The way the comments go on CrackBerry, it seems the everyone lives in some parallel dimension where blackberry is still king and the poor will inherit the earth or something to that effect. Well wake up and smell the coffee

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

Great to see you at the AGM, Kevin, unfortunate that a longer chat or even lunch wasn't in the cards (we're both busy, I get it).

TWO points for you about this article:

1: DID you question Herr Heins about his very vocal assertions that Z10s were "selling beyond their most positive expectations" and that "device returns were in-line with industry averages" (both are paraphrased) ... because between the "1 million unit order" they announced and the 2.7 million devices they recorded, something doesn't quite jive.

2: You sounded surprised that "carrier upgrade b/lock" would be an issue keeping me from going to BB10.
Like I said, I absolutely REFUSE to fork over ANY more $$ than is absolutely #$^*@! required to my phone Co. who already takes me for about $200/mth for various phone & TV services - NONE of which are 'above average' - and that doesn't even incl. internet service (separate provider!).

I know you and many others don't deal with that because you "get" promo or demo devices, and can just buy the remainder (for business), but "Jennie & Joe Average" aren't in that lucky boat, especially in this economy.

So,when I'd have to pay "the phone co." another $70 right now "JUST" for the privilege of ditching the Torch 9800 I STILL LOVE for a Z10 that (REPORTEDLY) doesn't have half the features I've grown to LOVE & rely on in BB devices and service/s ... well, I gotta say "X-nay on the Upgray" - "just" for now.
(ESPECIALLY when there's still TWO more devices in the works, one being the A10 and the other for which I am invoking every voodoo spell to be a "Torch-style BB10 slider" device. Sorry for the "No apologies:" I just WANT me a compact FULL-TOUCH screen PLUS hard QWERTY Keyboard. On ONE device (like my beloved 9800/10) and I've been vocal about that for a good year or-so.

Now, I have a feeling I'm not alone out here in feeling that (I still see MANY Torches in use right here in Waterloo).

Although everyone is technically able to upgrade their device anytime, depending on how far along users are in their contract, sometimes a heavy fee will apply to any early subsidized upgrade from the phone co.

Since you guys are pretty good at AND authoritative on BB and user surveys, let me suggest & ask you to run a Website survey asking people about their plans (or not) to upgrade to BB10:

1) what device they're currently using (drop-downlist)
... if it's not a BB10,
2A) why they haven't upgraded yet
- select top 3 reasons about "that" decision/situation (ie: "cost" vs "device reputation/reports" vs "device features/functions" vs. "marketing" vs. "carrier lock" vs "1-3 more choices" + "other")
... if they HAVE apgraded to BB10,
2B) whether they were free from carrier terms OR bit the bullet anyway ... or even outright purchased the device to get around an upgrade b/lock.
3) if there are any other reasons that are keeping them from upgrading (waiting for technical fixes, perceived lack of apps, want the OS/ecosystem to evolve further first, etc., etc.)

Make this user-name eligible to prevent multiple survey-submits (i.e. registered users only) or provide a device PIN to receive a temporary 1-time-use login to complete the survey.

It would be VERY interesting AND helpful to get a meaningful data set about how many users are still device-locked, because THAT is NEVER mentioned or considered in ANY discussions about why the new device uptake is so ... umm, "pathetic" so far.
Probably ONE reason no-one's standing in line outside a store on launch day (IN JANUARY!!!); what's the point if you can't upgrade for 8 or more months yet ... am I right?

Just my2 cents worth from our penny-less land

Cheers & Keep moving!


Thank you for being the focal point and expressing our concerns to BlackBerry management.

As a loyal shareholder I very much look forward to the evolution of BB10, I for one believe it has a very bright future that will take time to come to fruition. I have no problem waiting for that time!

Posted via CB10

Welcome back Kevin!! Great post... It is good to hear that you gave Thor insight on what the BlackBerry community wants and needs. The fact that he made time for you shows that this is a very different BlackBerry than a couple of years ago. They are listening and want their fingers on the pulse of their users. Keep up the excellent work!!!

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+10 Need a refresh on the browser, music app (multiple play lists), and the bridge (whole lot of people miss the functionality).

"This wasn't a week about fanboy CrackBerry Kevin standing in front of a RIM sign hopped up on BlackBerry-flavored Kool-Aid wearing a homemade t-shirt. Rather, it was CrackBerry Kevin -- champion for BlackBerry -- doing what he could to help BlackBerry users and fans ensure the company, brand and product they love will continue to meet and exceed the expectations we have for them. "

best thing you've written in a while,,, welcome back...

Thanks as always Kevin for championing the blackberry cause my first phone owned was that bold 9900 a few years back and I've loved blackberry since but now things are headed in a downward spiral the phones produced are still amazing as my z10 is the most addictive phone I've ever used but marketing is needed and we need more efforts in terms of the overall product for eg if the rumors are to be believed about the a10 specs wouldn't that be regressing instead of our slogan move forward now it's not about how many fans u can keep but about how many fans u can pull from the other operating systems so it can just appeal to die hard blackberry users but to everyone to make them migrate so please our next device is the a10 it's either ride or die with this device so make it count make it spec heavy so the rest of the people has a reason to leave every other device behind blackberry forever

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Good Luck BlackBerry. I wish you succeed and prove the world that there is nothing called "Too Little Too Late". I Wish you all the best. Though you have broken my heart by breaking your promises and doing in-justice to the poor PlayBook. I have always supported you, I am not sure If I will buy a BlackBerry product, may be I will or may be not. But I wish you good luck, Hope you can treasure your loyal customers, so please listen to them as they are real well wishers who put hard earned money based on good will and trust!

We are right behind you Kev. It's gong to be a tough rave back to the top jut I'm so glad we have the crackberry community working in overdrive.

I've been on android and iOS and I can clearly say there is no other community as close as the crackberry ones. Let's gets BlackBerry put the again!

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Please jesus BlackBerry bring an option to stop your screen auto rotating it's the most annoying thing for me on the z10 its extremely annoying and the proportion is off so if I tilt it slightly to the right the whole screen rotates! It is barely even tipped and the screen changes, the most annoying thing when in bed messaging!!

Posted via CB10

True. I hate that. If I opt for screen lock in landscape mode, it should remain in landscape mode. But for some reason it goes back to portrait mode and that just pisses me off.

Posted via CB10 from BB Z10

I'm really surprised by how many people on here thought BlackBerry would be totally turned around within 6 months, and were shocked to see that it wasn't.

Posted via CB10

I'm not getting that impression at all.

People are disappointed in the product lack of readiness when released, multiple late releases, and broken promises. BlackBerry needs to under promise and over deliver.

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Kevin, you know your stuff man! The ins and the outs.

Good to hear a video of an older talk! What a service you do for this company (and this country). Canadians and the American BB lovers should fight for this company tooth and nail.

It is too bad about the media. I think the media in the States in particular and Canada to a certain extent is quite hostile towards this company. But I believe what doesn't kill you will make you stronger. They have been calling for the death of this company for years, and BB is still around. I hope they are still around for many years to come.

I urge everybody to think outside of the box and don't believe everything you hear about this company.

What was said about the apparent lack of Verizon carrier support or timely update to glaring problems? Why is that not responded to as this is costing both companies sales!!!

Good job Kevin. I'm curious to know what the average day was like in Waterloo. What was your schedule like? Did have meetings with BBRY people?

I'm really curious to know what the trip was like.

Thanks Kevin, as a die hard I appreesh all your tireless work on behalf of our community. I still remain optimistic. BlackBerry does have a killer feature in the keyboard and needs to make it all about that. I think they overemphasized the hub and flow even though I think it's great, kids here in the US can't relate to hubs and flows. IKS - it's the keyboard stupid!

Posted via CB10

Glad you made the trip. Whether we're happy, sad, angry, or still skeptical about what happens now to move BlackBerry forward.......we're still here. Also, let the hair grow, man. It's a Sampson thing!!! :)

My more loyal than a dog Z10/ os PIN PM me(~_*)

"... it was CrackBerry Kevin -- champion for BlackBerry -- doing what he could to help BlackBerry users and fans ensure the company, brand and product they love will continue to meet and exceed the expectations we have for them. "

What the hell does that even mean?

This years visit speaks for itself last year while down you were still optimistic...why? Because you knew there was something lurking in the horizon...this year it's a lot more serious...even so to the point that it brought "serious kevin" out... like you I am a big fan, however, I can't help but notice the urgency you and everyone on this forum expresses..."when is blackberry going to step up and WOW us, yatti yatti yatti, etc."
Urgency should be reflected in everything blackberry does going forward, as it has certainly been lacking...otherwise the talk might be a little different next year And not on the optimistic side of the street.

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Well done. How would we get our griefs to BlackBerry without you!

I am sure being an clever man, Thorsten well understand and appreciate the feedback you bring him. In fact having the crackberry community supporting him must give him some confident and strength to continue the path he chose.

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You should have hung out for a couple days of LPGA action in the BlackBerry tent at the Manulife LPGA Classic while you were here.

Posted via CB10

If you expect Heins' responses to Kevin to be anything else but "we hear you, and we're fixing it. Just be patient. IT is coming..." Then you are mad. How long can this dude drag you all along??

I was watching the video and 2 things made me chuckle..

1) CMO Frank said that there was carrier support. Not in the US. When the z10 first came out, I went to the local stores and the odds of finding a blackberry easily was 50/50. Now, when I go in to check the stores, I have an easier time finding Waldo.

Maybe they should've got rid of Frank instead of Richard Piasentin. Maybe get rid of both. If you have bad marketing sales is going to be tough.

On a side now, I follow Frank on twitter. I know more about where he is or what he eats than anything about blackberry. You figure a CMO would use his twitter account to let people know what he's doing.

2) The blackberry delay was so that they they could get the software 100% right. SO WRONG I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHERE TO BEGIN. It's so wrong they had to backtrack and say that they had to come to a point and release the software. If they didn't release the software, they would be in constant development mode.

Ok. I agree with coming to a point and being forced to release a software. Nothing is perfect. Especially, a new OS like BB10. I'm definitely willing to roll with the punches. However, it goes back to what I call blackberry essence. That's what was missing from BB10. It seems like a new os was built without what blackberry users love. I'm not going into what was missing, you can check the forums for what was missing.

I wish blackberry would get rid of this "if you build it, they will come" mentality. BB10 is built and nobody came. Two quarters ago, we lost 2Million subscribers. This past quarter we lost 4 million subscribers. I'm not being negative. Facts are facts.

Now there's more layoffs at blackberry. Great idea. Get rid of people that do the work, because that's the solution. I've worked at companies like that. What happens as we all know is that all the work gets thrown to the people that are still there. Now, people are extremely overworked and frustrated, and leave themselves.

What really should happen is a cleaning house of the executive team and middle management. Blackberry went from a company that had potential with BB10 to a severely bleeding patient in the emergency room.

If Thorsten thinks he can continue to operate with his current plan, then I want what he's smoking. Losing 6Million subscribers is not a joke. In 2 quarters the loss was exponential, I just don't want to see it happen for the next quarter.

Thorsten and the rest of his "C"-level execs should, "Sell like Hell". For his job, for the jobs of everybody at blackbery, for all the investors, for all the small business users that depend on blackberry, for all the individuals that love blackberry, and most of all for THE RIMPIRE!

While CrackBerry is doing bigget events, and more articles, the quality has been declining for some time now. Waking up every morning to 3 videos about apps no one cares about from James Richardson doesn't provide for much in depth well written articles.
On top of that it seems like every post from Kevin in the last while has included some sort of blurb about how busy he has been.

Work in higher quality articles boys and girls. Work on putting yourselves on the same plateau as real news sources like the Times and Globe Mail instead of posting everything that comes to mind.

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id like to know his responses for the individual questions answered in the survey hopefully those responses or the majority of criticism was given upfront

Great to see you at the AGM, Kevin, we are waiting proper solutions, not projects or ideas, Thor has a wonderful speech but its not working.
About PlayBook, OK no BB10, at least they are thinking in a way to bring Bridge Back? Better Android emulation? Skype?
My daughter iPad 2 have half of the juice of my PB and still working like a champ ... iOS 7 on the way!
According to Thor ideas, they should work if he was alone in the market ...
A massive offensive from Google/Motorola, Apple, Samsung and Nokia are in the pipeline ...

And i'm still asking were is mine 10.1 update?

I was reading a lot of reviews. Was wondering if BlackBerry 10 is a work in progress, why is BlackBerry hell bent on introducing new models in place of developing BlackBerry 10. Does it feel good to port android apps in place of native BlackBerry apps. At least all function of legacy os should be in bb 10. Everyone complains of lack of ecosystem
And porting is not an easy one . With confusing iP of development and Wi Fi.

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Kevin, thanks for passing on our thoughts and concerns to mr.heins. With any luck he will act upon them .this company pissed me off with killing off the bb10 on PlayBook, but BlackBerry is still my brand, come hell or high water.

Posted via CB10

Kevin is so full of it, stp carrying TH & Blackberry's water.

You were there as a shareholder, why aren't you asking why you lost money & how they plan on getting it back?

If you had articles of any substance why didn't you post it instead of your puff piece on TH being sorry for not bringing BB10 to the playbook.

All I see you doing is spinning news in Blackberry's favor just like your accomplice who spun negative analyst report to discredit them.

You guys were certainly smart to launch sister sites to crackberry!

It also looks like BGR is scooping you both on breaking news & images...

Your relative year over year AGM thoughts mean nothing, last year close to death; this year still in intensive care? And you think that's enough to turn water into wine?

How many Z10s were sold should have been question 1, without that your access to snr. mgmt is meaningless... They throw you a couple bones, have you play w/ a new devices, pat you on the head and send you on your way.

Please stop, it's beyond embarrassing.

@ialogan Don't bother posting any negative comment concerning BlackBerry devices at crackberry forum. I understand you are just trying to give your personal opinion and it happens to be negative this time but I can see that many fanboys here are very defensive and very difficult to accept any negative comments otherwise they'll response with sarcasm and treat negative poster as a troll.

I personally love my z10 and my battery life increase dramatically after i update to from 10.0.

About the native apps, it is indeed frustrating because as easy as sideloading is, it is still very inconvenient to separately download and sideload using pc. Hope BlackBerry will find a solution on this.

Posted via CB10

Optimistic news indeed, however, unfortunately not everyone is capable of seeing that the glass is half full and drops are steadily dripping in every day...we are still very much moving forward is the way that see I it.

Those blinders are on tight... & Kevin is nothing but a free mouthpiece of BBRY for free advert.

What good is access if you get nothing & give nothing.

Yes please roll out another puff piece Kevin... I need some more pastry w/ my ice cream thismSunday afternoon.

I want an answer from Mr. Heins why the Facebook app and the Browser and Bridge on the Playbook aren't updated yet. Those three things would go a long way to calming peoples screams.

Also explain to him that people want a separate tablet and phone so they can be used in two separate places at one time.

This combined unit is nice as a separate option, but not as practical for households with more than one person.

Posted by CB10 on my VZW Q10

Sad to say but BlackBerry is regarded as a joke, a loser and is basically dead in the imagination of the US. Just this morning on a national US news show the new BlackBerry was equated with New Coke (a product introduction that was a complete failure and has been used as a metaphor for failure for over twenty years) and laughed at derisively. I've only seen one Z10 in the wild in the US and I travel a lot and airports are the best place to see what phones people are using.

It grieves me to say, and I've been a big time supporter of BlackBerry, that the company as we know it can't survive much longer. QNX will live but BlackBerry, unless things turn around fast, is taking on water faster than the pumps can handle and will sink beneath the waves.