From the Editor's Desk: I typed this with voice dictation...

By Kevin Michaluk on 21 Aug 2012 08:38 pm EDT

Be sure to watch the video and read the post...

Hey everybody, get new for ~2 birds with one stone this week. I'm Zyflo meet you unlock this week using his voice dictation, so I'm trying for myself. I guess you could say I just don't believe that it works that well, but I like to learn by doing. So this is my test. I hope it all makes sense to you reading

In the world of BlackBerry, there is a little bit of cool stuff going on. Blinis, both of his 4G LTE BlackBerry playbook review, which overall is really a faster like a plan. I've been having some fun on CrackBerry, writing some editorials to serve the ball. No this is for a black-and-white great news it's because I have a list of editorials and things I want to write about the dimensions are correct. I have some fun with the hospital symbol for BlackBerry which is call the BlackBerry/Barekman employees but we feel it should be renamed. So we ran a hole in a contest and a bunch of stuff, to get a new nanny Antonin we cannot weather is the BlackBerries for the relevant suggestions too, like the birds and the*questions Briones Budwalker as far as the winner. I also got some controversy about the iPad, and all templates for that matter, YouTube the signatures I get on emails here

Obviously I should stay away from voice dictation for a while, because it seems it hates me. Epic fail. Forelock. Check it out! 

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From the Editor's Desk: I typed this with voice dictation...


OK, so maybe that experiment didn't turn out quite as well as I had hoped. I thought since I was a day late in getting my From the Editor's Desk post up that I could save some time and turn it around quickly using Voice Dictation.

Earlier in the day our own Adam Zeis told me he used Voice Dictation to type up a blog post. He said it still needed some editing after he dictated it, but overall he thought it was ok. So I had to try it for myself. And then I figured this was an opportunity for a memorable CrackBerry blog post, so recorded. Be sure to watch both the video above to go along with the text in the post above.

On a scale of 1 to 10... I'd have to give this one a FIVE. I was impressed that it spelled BlackBerry and CrackBerry correctly! But it sure choked on a lot of my words. I guess I don't annunciate for Voice Dictation as well as I need to. Also, it has a limit that's not very long. By the time you start and stop and wait, I could have typed it much more quickly.

Ahh well.... better luck next week. Maybe I'll do some speaking exercises and try take 2 next week. If voice commands and dictation are in the future, I'll have to get better. Though I MUCH prefer typing on keyboards!!!!

Turns out you can type faster on a keyboard faster than a Mac's Voice Dictation... Same goes for Blackberry keyboards and iPhone touch screens.

Moral of the story: Keyboards always win

not always but very often.

voice dictation is useful when you don't have a hand free (e.G. you are driving, you are handicaped etc.)

I prefere a physical keyboard.

I'll give you handicapped, but while you are driving?? Surely you couldn't find a better way to put yourself and others on the road in harms way.

Bottomline is voice dictation is as many other things something that nobody needs, but it's there for your viewing pleasure only.

Obviously an exaggeration, there is an exception to every rule.

I also find it funny that you are playing devils advocate when your handle is "boldkeyboardholic". Just saying

after hearing what you are saying then reading what ended up actually being regurgitated by the tool i found the article absolutely hilarious... you could almost make a game out of trying to figure out what you were actually trying to say if you dont listen to the dialogue. i read the article 3 times on entertainment value alone lmao

I read the entire post before also watching the video -- made for a great laugh. Was a bit like reading politician speak -- it was real words, but it sure didn't make much sense.

Voice dictation is one of those pie in the sky concepts. It sounds cool, and when it works it is cool... But often fails and how...

Google for "would you like me to search the web for pictures of a stallion" (funny Siri fail in head to head with Google search)

And if you're into programming the classic hello world in Perl is priceless!

...Blackberry users roll their eyes at gimmicky stuff like Siri etc...etc...and get back to doing stuff that matters...but to look at dictation, that Vlingo app works very least it did for my on my Torch...I had a very very low error rate...

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BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Vlingo? I used it on my Samsung and I just about went insane!
BlackBerry voice command is so much better, I can't even quantify it!

Vlingo works for me too, at least better than whatever Kevin was using. Still with my 9930 I enjoy the keypad so much I just use that anymore.

...well that may have been your problem...Samsung...they don't have near the audio quality as a BB (esp a high end one like a Torch 9860)...all I can say is it was near perfect for commands, Facebook, BBM, texts emails etc...I don't think that I even had to 'train' it...Yes BB voice command is excellent though...

BlackBerry Torch 9860 BBOS 7.1
BlackBerry PlayBook O/S 2.xx.xxxx

Voice dictation is nice on iOS/Android because they don't have an always available keyboard. You don't have to tap on anything to pull a keyboard/search box. If you have a keyboard, voice commands just aren't as useful (assuming you aren't driving).

That being said, Google Now is pretty sweet. The voice search/answer is okay, but all of that info readily available is nice. Scores of my favorite baseball team, time/directions to get home/to work, public transportation schedule, etc. I can get all of that by swiping up instead of to the right.

Back in the 1980s, Marconi was asked to develop a speech recognition system for the Royal Navy so that officers could just shout commands into it.
It turned out to be an awful lot easier to get people used to using keyboards and computers. They are actually an awful lot safer at sea.
Siri in particular strikes me as possibly the most annoying technology ever; another reason for twunts to annoy people in trains and buses, just because their iPhones have crappy virtual keyboards.

So the BB notification stood for Briones Budwalker all along...initials match and everything. It all makes sense now!

Yeah. Voice dictation is cool for quick things but like many other comments in the post has already mentioned, it's not fool proof. This was a great example by Kevin. Not to say that Apple isn't all what it's cracked up to be but to show the good and the bad of vd (yes you can laugh).

It's funny when people use voice dictation and it doesn't work but try again and again. They could have typed it by then.

If you really want a laugh, start voice dictation in a public area and watch how it analyzes every sound. Even funnier on a PC with voice -directed accessibility prompting.

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lol ..... that is so funny.

Kevin ..... maybe it's your lisp that is messing the entire dictation thing up. ( Just kidding ..... we all love you )

Yea ...... I think that I could have typed the entire thing faster.
Needs A LOT of improving. Is that an APPLE product ?

Quote "It's funny when people use voice dictation and it doesn't work but try again and again. They could have typed it by then."

Guilty - on a few occasions - mostly when using Vlingo for a web search. It's like i don't want to let it beat me!

But speaking of Vlingo - works pretty well for me for me most of the time for search, find, SMS, BBM, and emails. NOT BLOG length, mind you, but I use it while on the road, and have learned to simplify the grammar and words, I am learning the tricks to make her (yes HER) understand me, and have been successful spelling names or odd words in the middle of the sentence. Speak the punctuation you want (say period, comma, exclamation, colon, etc) Most times it recognizes interrogatives and adds a question mark as the sentence punctuation (only used that word because I just tested it and Vlingo got it right on the first try!)

I'm digging on Vlingo for the last few months - since the RIM freebies!

LMAO, Kevin I feel your pain back in the day when I used to game often my friends and I used to play Mario party for Nintendo gamecube omg so old I know. We'll everyone the speaking games came on I used to hate then and freak out because the stupid thing never understood me. I would say orange and it would say I said grape or.just wouldn't here me at all. It was super frustrating and needless to say I would lose stars because of it.

Very interesting how this voice dictation is absolutely no better than an IBM voice dictation demo I attended in 1992... and that was on a 33 MHz Intel 486 using IBM OS/2! Same mistakes, same speed, same pausing, same frustration.

I'm surprised this hasn't been improved at all in the last 20+ years considering computers are 100x faster.

its ok.. but a something cool...


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BB Playbook 32gb os

Short story about voice dictation and some of the pitfalls:

We have a half dozen folks in my office using voice dictation on their PC's and at first it worked well (they're using Dragon). Lately however things are going awry; it seems that the coffee shop below us on the main floor has installed wifi which has brought the laptop and tablet users.

In no time, all the Dragon users sitting above the coffee shop started to see random words being typed on their screens. It was voice dictation gone mad; possessed by some unseen apparition.

Upon closer examination, it seems that the signals from so many bluetooth devices were being picked up by the Dragon receiver (the users had bluetooth headsets). We never had so many people changing desks.

Yes, I know that this really has nothing to do with the current thread, but I thought I'd share (its sort of in a kind of way closely related to the overall topic. Sort of...)

You were talking about your "new nanny Antonin", but how come you didn't show her to us? I bet we all would like to see her! :D

I tried the ISpeech pro when BB offered it free. I thought I would use it for Text when driving. Did not work well. Someone pointed out the noise from the road and vehicle tend to mess it up. I gave up after a month of playing with it.

What is this ...iMore?

Kevin your diction if fine. There may be a a training setting for voice dictation just there is on all BlackBerry smartphones.