From the Editor's Desk: I forgot how tough it is to buy gadgets in retail stores in January

My Money is No Good Here
By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Jan 2014 11:53 pm EST

I had one thing on my must-do list for tonight... and that was to get out of my house and go buy our Community Webmaster @ttkaminski a Microsoft Surface tablet. He needs to get his hands on one asap for site testing purposes.

I thought it would be an easy task. But HELL NO. Turns out all those Holiday Gift Guides actually work. I couldn't find a Surface or Surface Pro tablet anywhere in Peg City tonight. While shopping and dismayed by the empty shelves under the Surface demo units, I messaged our Windows Phone Central's guys on their GroupMe group, and they informed me that "yeah... Surface tablets sold pretty well over the holidays".

Strike 1.

Giving up on buying the tablet I was running around store to store to find, I decided that since I'm already out of the house and in a shopping mood that I might as well buy myself something instead. I have no shortage of phones kicking around, so it would be a gadget of another flavor that I would go after.

I decided that I'd buy myself a Nest thermostat. With Google buying Nest for $3.2 billion, our Android Central editor @philnickinson just ran out bought one on Monday, and I've been meaning too, so figured why not, I'll get myself a Nest. Nope. Sold out. 

Strike 2.

Ok, Nest will have to wait. I'm going to buy myself an Xbox One. I mean, @daniel_rubino keeps telling me he wants to experience a cold Canadian winter, so he'll be visiting me in Winterpeg in a few weeks. It's in Dan's contract that if he's anywhere for more than 72 hours he must have an Xbox console with him (and a bottle of Laphroaig). So ok, fine, I'll buy an Xbox One. Errr. Nope. Sold out.

Strike 3.

Fine. I struck out on the Xbox one. Maybe a PS4? 

The sales guy laughed at me.

OK. I know who won't let me down. My beloved Sonos. I already have a pimp'n Sonos setup in my pad, but I've been thinking about getting Play 1s for the bathrooms. I knew Sonos wouldn't let me down. I'm always able to walk in and pick out what I want.

Empty shelves.

Apparently Sonos had an amazing Christmas season. I noticed a lot more *other* WiFi connected speaker systems on the store shelves, but the presence of new competition just drove more sales for Sonos, who's well established. The sales guy told me that 135 Play1 speakers were now on route to the store, but they had none they could sell me tonight. 

At this point another sales guy came up and asked if he could help me. I told him I wished that he could -- I had money burning a hole in my pocket -- but he was out of inventory on **everything** I wanted to buy. I ended up driving home buying NOTHING.

Now I'm going to do what I should have just done before. Kick up my feet, turn on some music, sip a nice bedtime tea, and do my shopping online.

Thank god for the Internet.

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From the Editor's Desk: I forgot how tough it is to buy gadgets in retail stores in January


I'm sorry but you live in Winnipeg. They have to let the stock thaw before they can sell it to you.

Pretty warm in Winnipeg this month actually, but maybe it is still trying to thaw from that deadly December.

Posted via CB10

That's it Bla1ze. You're coming here next month too. Punishment time..  Mobile Nations work party. Get you out here.. Rubino.. maybe Kessler.. Simon Sage and Rene Ritchie for good measure. 

Who knows, maybe get another site launched or something for fun. Will be too damn cold to do anything outside.

No Monster?

I'm qualified to say so because I own a BlackBerry and because I am the Black Squircle Samurai!

Still hoping for BlackBerry Jam Winnipeg in 2014 (Sponsored by Crackberry)... LOL

Maybe I can buy my way into the conference with a bottle of Johnny Walker Blue? That'll keep me warm...

HAHA Nice one! But I think the USA is colder than Canada these past few weeks! LOL The problem I see is him having a tea. After that outing and getting all frustrated, I would be coming home and cracking open a beer! LOL

lol, Oh, and I don't trust NEST at all, now that Google has something to do with it.
On another note,
Wish BlackBerry would release another PlayBook, perhaps in a 10" flavour. I don't see why they wouldn't just try a limited amount of them.


Where do you live I could sell you one to hold you over until you're able to buy a shiny used one.

Now back to: hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

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Google are one of the most innovative companies around. No one is forcing you to use their services or tech.
No company is 100% innocent or saintly.

Stop hating on a company, most are pretty awesome.

Nope. Not being forced. Making clear and conscious choices to not use their products. And yes, people are willingly giving Google every kind of permission possible when using products like Hangouts, to a company that is primarily interested in collecting PI for targeted advertising. I agree. If people want to 'give it away for free' (or even PAYING for some of the products) that's their special kind of stupid. The day Google offers me some coin for my PI is the day I start considering them.


Couldn't load your reply message but I got a notification... so I guess it works thanks.

I bought my PlayBook a Z10......

You live in Canada and you own an iPhone? Oh for shame. You should be out looking for professional help of a different kind. Just saying. :)

Posted via CB10

He has 1 current iPhone and 4 current BlackBerry10 devices. Just saying.

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Lol just asked... this time it was dog sleds... last time a guy from Minnesota asked me about "the polar bears "... he wasn't joking... lol

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I prefer the Chinook wind... It's a joke how Calgarians where a bloody winter jacket in -5 (sometimes +5) weather... seriously Calgary lol... that's T-shirt weather in Winnipeg. Tablets and PS4 is sold out here too... not to mention Edmonton - Ex Winnipeg Person sporting a Z10

Posted via CB10

You guys wear t shirts in minus 5? I dunno but in Toronto I make sure I wear a winter jacket if its anywhere under 2 degrees.

When it rises to -5 from below 40 - it's not that bad... When fall/winter begins, -5 is maybe a good ol hoody and T-shirt.

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It's approaching midnight in Whitehorse right now and the temperature is above freezing. Something weird is going on when it gets that warm in the Yukon in January!

Sounds like me at most restaurants trying to order a beer I can stomach. It often ends in "Ok, I'll have a Dr. Pepper".

I just wish I could buy a AT&T compatible Z30 ALREADY!!!! I hope one becomes available at some point even if its directly from BlackBerry.....

Same happened to me in qatar when I was running shop by shop searching the flipshell for my z10.

Sold out.

Then I bought from

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"sales laughing @ you"

Sounds like many a BlackBerry purchase attempt. It only took me 3 tries to get my Z10 last march.

Not a good way to earn commission, as I just walk out of a store when it happens.


I have never been laughed at but on the day of the Z10 release I had to travel to 3 AT&T stores to purchase it because the other 2 supposedly didn't get the shipments in SMH

At my local Future Shop a girl in cell phone section asked if I needed help. I asked if they had any Z30 cases. "No sorry," she said, then added, "You're probably the only one who bought one."

Why I oughtta....

Posted via CB10 from my new Z30!

Hope we can see a similar thing some time in the future, once all the Z10s are sold out and the marketing campaign for BB10 has kicked off successfully.

"Z30 - sorry, all sold out, on backorder. Z10 - too bad, long gone, Q10 are getting replaced by 30, so no more, but wait, we can still order some Q5 over night."

My name is Prem, I'm using BBM ... from my QuZe10 ...whatarhyme...

Why haven't you bothered to order online? Retail stock replenishments are only now coming in full (in Toronto anyways) to retail stores.

You clearly don't understand the needs of an impulse buyer.

Online purchases just do not provide the fix we need!


Home Depot has tons of Nest thermostats. As for the other stuff..... well nothing really beats shopping online ;)

Now if only we could get a future shop and visions app for BB10. Mind you, then I'd probably need a second job......

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Its a sign from a higher being that thou shan't spent tis' night. LOL. Well I know that feeling when you planned to buy something and ended up with nothing. At least you saved for that day to spend more on another day.

Kevin, should check play station Bbm channel asking for inside info 1st. They might tell you where to get PS4 and plus a cup cake if they like you :-). C000171C8

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Did you try and get one of the fit bits or any other fitness tracking bands? That's my next gadget.

I've always wanted to get a sonos setup running in my condo. I'm wondering if it works with xbox music or zune. It never has before as a source for music.

Should have tried and get a lumia 1520. That thing looks like a beast

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Internet ruining your shopping experience in a "real" store.
Mark my words...retail stores are on their way out, and the consumers are doing it. Reason you had a hard time is that the stores are not stocking like they were ten years, or even five years ago. The Internet is a great tool, but it's also the devil disguised.

Sorry Kevin, hope you do end up ordering a ps4. when you do grab one for me too! :) and don't forget to add my psn/justin_shane_DT

Enjoy :)

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I find shopping on Amazon Prime more fun than store shopping. You get to search all the possibilities, see other things you want, stick them in your shopping cart and poof - they are on their way. 2 days later all these packages arrive, you forgot what you ordered, and you get all these surprises!! Double fun!!!

Posted via CB10 on my Q10

Man, online shopping is the way to go. Stores are only there for you to demo stuff :)

Posted from my CB10 via the power of "Q"

Who still goes out to a store to buy electronics? I always buy online or at least buy online and just go and pick up at the store.

I had some rewards certificates about to expire and went to Best Buy here and got an XBox One fairly easily looked like they had at least 10 others. I think they are starting to repopulate the inventories after the holiday should see them soon.

Well if you were in Edmonton you could have went to the Microsoft store in the west ed mall. Ya Alberta rocks heh heh heh

Swordsmanship Channel C000C9AF6

Bought my old man a Surface on Black Friday for $199. I should have got one for myself to replace my playbook, because wow, what a cool device. Having a full sized USB port alone sells me. I know the RT version is more limited, but I would go for a surface 2 pro in a heartbeat

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Sounds like you live in the sticks
. A sold out xbox one hahahahshahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

Delta Champion

Microsoft online store. They work with referral sites (to get like 1-2% cashback), free shipping, and they don't have extra MFG crap installed on them. I've ordered from them twice (BF and BD), and not only were they below "cost", they gave me $25 credit towards next purchase. Shipping was fast, but not overnight. First thing that arrived after the big sales, though!

Nice Kevin. If you really want to do some shopping I can give you part of my tech list.

Tim Smith from my Z10 on Rogers

Bought my Z10 from now I wish they would offer free sim cards like Vodafone, or Telkomsel.

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Hey, I just had to let you guys know that you're friggin' hilarious! I was rollin' on the floor reading about the winter(s) up in Canada!

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