From the Editor's Desk: Hello from Waterloo, the birth place of BlackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jul 2012 03:57 am EDT

Hello CrackBerry Nation! This one is coming at you from my hotel room at the Waterloo Inn in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada... the birth place and hometown of BlackBerry!

I decided last week I'd make the trek again this year for Research In Motion's Annual General Meeting of Shareholders, so here I am. Check out the video above for a quick welcome (the future of BlackBerry 10 is so bright... I gotta wear shades!).

The AGM takes place at 10am EDT on Tuesday morning. RIM will be webcasting the event, so you'll be able to tune into it here on the CrackBerry homepage (we'll pipe in the live feed). The first part of the AGM is corporate process stuff - nominating directors, approving minutes, etc. Where it gets interesting is when the microphone opens up to shareholders to ask their questions. Last year the AGM was packed -- literally standing room only -- and a lot of shareholders took to the microphone to ask a lot of questions. I'd expect given the current state of RIM's share price that it'll be even more full this year, with even more questions getting asked. 

Following up the AGM I'll be crossing the street to give an interview to BNN (Business News Network) who's doing a live special on RIM starting at 11:30am ET. I'm following up that Vic Alboini guy from Jaguar Capital who's always pushing for RIM to get split up and sold off, so hopefully I'll finally get to meet him (must constrain myself). That'll be *interesting* to say the least.

Beyond the AGM, I have a few other meetings setup while in Waterloo. Any questions that are still unanswered by the time the AGM is over I'll work on getting answered before I return home. Though honestly, at this point I really think it's less about Q&A and more about RIM just executing and getting BlackBerry 10 to us. The past is the past. We know how RIM ended up in their current position and we know where things are at today. We also know the all the changes they've been making within the company. All I care about now is results and seeing RIM hustle and get a BB10 phone into my hands pronto. That's it for now. Keep it locked to CrackBerry! 

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From the Editor's Desk: Hello from Waterloo, the birth place of BlackBerry!


I tend to read CrackBerry on my laptop, get to my bed, grab my Bold 9900 and hop on CrackBerry yet again lol.

Hey Kevin, so which Tshirt design did you decide to wear afterall? Shareholders meeting Q&A should be crazy, gonna take my break at work and give a listen!

Hey Kevin, so which Tshirt design did you decide to wear afterall? Shareholders meeting Q&A should be crazy, gonna take my break at work and give a listen!

OMG KEVIN! WELCOME! Can I meet you in person or get an autograph?

I have classes from 10-1pm but I'll be free anytime else!


*ouch* you may need a prozac take before meeting the jaguar guy.
Hope you can relay the message at the end of the interview (guys, plus under if you agree) : "get the fuck outta here you dirt bag." (self-moderated dirt lol).

you clearly don't know that its been known to snow in Canada in May and June the cold fronts up there are crazy....I know from personal experience, I went to college 15 mins on the NY side

I'm from Toronto and I can personally does not friggin' snow in May and June! LOL. Where the heck did you get that from?

Never occurred to me before but who's your camera person? Now that they have a voice, it made them stand out to me.

I think we're all interested in which t-shirt you decided on for the AGM. Glasses where a nice touch though. Maybe the PB chain will make an appearance?

Honestly, I think anything that needed to be said in regards to Q&A has been said and I'm sure this will just be the same questions worded differently. It's a time thing now til Q1 2013 arrives so I think this AGM isn't going to be much other than the corporate process stuff... Hopefully

Glad you're there representing the people who still love and understand RIM during these times Kevin. Make us proud


One question that I would love to get any sort of answer on is, Is RIM going to partner with an existing Multimedia marketplace to offer the content users want? If yes, will this marketplace store and offer BBOS 4, 5, 6, 7 & 10 applications as well as Music, Videos, and Books?

It would be ideal if they partner with an existing Marketplace like Amazon where they can transfer all the AppWorld purchases to the Amazon Store and store all the BB apps and Android apps. We might even get an official Kindle App for BB10 out of the deal.

Hey Kevin,

It's so great to hear you sounding so positive about BB10 !! The doom and gloom about RIM/BlackBerry that was so prevalent in the forums was starting to wear me down. But it's a new day and the tide is turning!

Enjoy the meeting. Am looking forward to your comments.


A working mans Scott Disick because he is always dressed to the 9s (no offense Kevin, but I don't think I've ever seen a picture of you on the site in a suit)..

ps. I think the Scott lounges around his house in a suit and

What hair? I thought he was going to grow it out till BB10 was released? That's some slow growing hair dude.... :)

Once again, the webcast isn't viewable on the playbook.

Why tunnel the audio through windows media when they are using flash to send the slides?

OH! WAIT! It does work. The playbook just doesn't pass the system test

The BS is so bright I have to keep my eyes closed. Give it a break, what a crock. It is becoming so tiring, I read this morning RIM is selling their corporate jet. Gotta get to those stores in India FAST, since they are going to have to save us. Wouldn't want to fly commercial and maybe keep a few more of those engineers they let go to save money. What a f'd up company, from every angle. OS10, not in this lifetime.

"urp derp derp...RIM sucks"

Thanks for the gibberish and for stopping by.

Let the door hit your rear on the way out.

Guess we'll have to put up with more of this today.

Kevin... seriously think about cutting your hair....your starting to look like a homeless man.... I understand that you won't cut your hair until BB10 but a little trim wouldn't hurt

Just watched Kevin's interview with BNN. Gotta love the end of the interview when she says, "Kevin Michaluk he's the head of"

Why do people want to wear the Days Of Thunder sunglasses now? Most of the kids now probably don't even know where they originated. It was cool in the 80s because of that movie. Now it just looks douchey.