From the Editor's Desk: Hello from New York City!!

A video hello from CrackBerry Kevin, recorded at Times Square

By Kevin Michaluk on 20 Mar 2013 01:12 am EDT


As promised, the CrackBerry Show is going on the road to NYC as we welcome the BlackBerry Zee 10 to America. I arrived in NYC this afternoon, and we've been wasting no time in getting our new temporary HQ setup. Which means as I type this at 1am, I am wiped and in desperate need of a few hours of shut eye (I pulled an all-nighter last night getting ready to leave).

So watch the video above, and keep it locked to CrackBerry. The fun is just getting started! 



Have fun!

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First and great vid!

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So close!

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Close only counts when it comes to horseshoes and hand grenades.


I'd like to throw one of each at anyone who types "FIRST!" lol


Don't forget nuclear weapons. Close counts w/nuclear weapons too.


Haha Nerd. Not first!!! Space waster!

Stephen Hollowood


And AWESOME cant wait to get the Blackberry Q10


Lol. How do we have so many who consider themselves first?


Because they're NERDS. And spacewasters w no input.


Enjoy, I arrived in Winnipeg as you left,its sooo nice here (not) Good Luck in the USA


Hey Kevin. Stay out of the gentlemen club or maybe not. Have fun boys.

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Back to the room to enjoy...
Ok never mind. :)
Nuts for nuts, I love it. This is the time to be "nuts" for BB10 baby!


Excited for the next two weeks!


Kevin likes the nuts!



Hey! Don't grab his nuts ... and no reach - around either!


I wish you could throw flags for penalties in comment sections/threads like football refs do in games.


I actually think that's a great idea. It would make things more fun .

Simon Sage

How can you not? They smell so good!


You guys need to reach out to us NYers for connections while you're around town... especially if you're thinking about meets, etc. Could help a lot when it comes to securing solid venues, food, drinks...



Also we can get them out of that WRETCHED Times Sq area! I don't think people fully realize that us natives avoid that are like Typhoid! Must cooler spots to hang, Chelsea, Soho, Park Slope Brooklyn, DUMBO, TriBeCa...

Greatest city in the world. But I'm biased... ;-)


Why am I WAY more excited for this now that you're there? LoL


Anybody else having issues viewing videos from their mobile? Just a blank space on my 9900 regardless which version of the site I view.


That's because of the adult filter on account he was grabbing his nuts.


@Mathrin- Same here, just a blank white area in mobile view. Hmmmm???

@BruvvaPete- LOL

jojo beaconsfield

tap the full screen icon,enjoy.


Nice to see you in my backyard. Looking forward to all that Crackberry does in NYC.


Zee 10. Phhhttt


Enjoy chewing on those American nuts. You'll have to go out and find an American wiener to go with those I guess. Isn't NY famous for it's street wieners?

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I just hope when all is said and done that the Crackberry HQ is moved back to Canada where it belongs. Have fun while your down there though.

And I hate to say it but our money isnt worth more currently.


Gonna be EPIC. Enjoy.
Btw: may not wanna wave that Z10 around too much....... someone might steal it!!!

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Pam Pam Naraidoo

Get some rest. You got a lot of work ahead of you.


You're Nuckin' Futs!
Mmmmm... nuts...


That vendor looked like he thought your Canadian money comment was hilarious. I mean, I thought he was going to pass out he was laughing so hard. I was yelling at the screen - "Take a breath dude!"

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Mr Gill

Ahaha! That was funny. From my experience of when I went to New York, most people are a bit less...talkative I guess I can say.

R Field

Spread the word Kevin. Move that Crack-berry in the states ;)


Hey Kev there's an exchange of currency near you. Go to 47th/48th and Broadway (i believe) and change your Canadian Dollars to US dollars.

Detective M Downs

Yep! And, you can stop into Lace afterwards..



I don't think Kev is ready for Lace ^_^


Any other more scoop on skype being released for the US launch?

Stefan Blum

Kevin you should get a Crackberry orange Swatch!!
You need to look as fly as possible for the U.S. launch!


Ha. You just used the word "Fly". Way to "date" yourself.. you can do what you want to do.... In Living Colour"


Kevin - My office is just one avenue away from that nut stand. I walk by it all the time and it smells great but you're "nuts" if you eat that junk! Welcome to NY.


He's nuts if he eats HIS junk. Anyone seen Ron Jeromy?


Ron (aka the Hedgehog) is a very famous porn star who once gave himself a bj in one of his films.

I saw him at YVR once. He looked like someone who lives on the street, but he has boinked some of the hottest chicks in the industry. I felt like bathing after I saw him.


Hope you have a great time in New York. Spread that CrackBerry Passion all over the place. LOL!!!


I've had my Z10 for a month now... but I'm pretty pumped for this launch yet again! I feel like it's happening to me all over again!


^ This.. I'm happier for our U.S. brothers and sisters because they've waited so long (some patiently, some impatiently). It's like watching someone open a greatly anticipated present from Santa.


Well Kevin enjoy the "Nuts" and have a great launch of the Zeeee10.

It's gonna be an awesome launch!!

All the best to the CB Team!!


Go BB10 and "Keep Moving" up!

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Nuts for the nuts...

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Yep, it's like that in NY.

Detective M Downs

Just like Garrett's is to Chicago!


I stopped watching after buddy said he doesn't take Canadian money. America's largest trading partner and that's what we get from a vendor in such a tourist rich area.

On another note... Swatch still exists???


Happens in Canadian tourist areas too, where they don't accept US currency. People don't want to deal with getting it exchanged themselves, especially small businesses.


Kevin could be E!'s next reality tv star. Actually, the whole CrackBerry gang is pretty entertaining to watch when they're just doing normal stuff like this.

Or maybe I'm just delirious and anxious as my wait for the Z10 is coming to an end?!


Was this recorded with the Z10?

RP Singh

Loved the overemphasis on how it will be called the "Zee" 10 over there. +1 for making me smile, Kev.

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Spread the BB love, Kevin. Are you going to do any random street shows demoing the BB10 to people?


From Hollywood Los Angeles go FireUP BB10. Is about time. Is gonna be crazy!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Lets chase all those iFive :) or what ever they call them out of town. You know who I mean. FireUp BB10.


Good hunting, Kev!
And seriously people, stop harassing Kevin for retreating with his purchase. There is nothing wrong with a man going back to his hotel room to hold his nuts firmly in hand and telling them how much he appreciates them. We've all been there.....

Bran Winterfell

That's very exciting... Not to say it is MINDBLOWING!!! (missed this word in your article above). Rock the city, have fun!


From Z to U via CB10


A famous elf once said, "watch out for the yellow ones. They dont stop!"
Have a good time, Eh!


That's same Whiteberry Z10 as mine Kevin :D


Good luck with your work, Crackberry Kevin !

jojo beaconsfield

you know the mayor is a health food advocate be sure to tell him blackberries are good for you,you know antioxidents,go,Kevin,go.

jojo beaconsfield

stocks up 6.79% in pre-market 6:11 am.keep up the good work Kevin.


make sure to set up near wall street a couple of times and show the Z10 off and prove lots of people wrong. Have fun Crackberry USA.


Good call. Set up near Wall Street. Best way to pump the Zeee10!!

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Excited but anticipation has killed my thrill......

jojo beaconsfield

take it easy,I know u just got off the plane and must have been tired but u could have had 3 bags for 50 cents must have an effect on u already,ha,ha


New York baby! Whooo! Let's go Z10!


Your enthusiasm is catching! Have fun Kevin and good luck BlackBerry!


You picked a great time to leave Winnipeg for NYC.....although the "snow" white Zeeee10 does seem to fit in better in the Great White North!

ps- make sure to wash your hands after handling that guys nuts......don't wanna smudge up the screen on your Z10


Seventyth. Good Luck in New York guys, hope you have a great time of it. Terrace on the Green has the best tuna melts in the world. Now go harass the apple store.


hey bro TAVERN ON THE GREEN is out of business,couple of years now,you need to come on back it is bigger and better in NYC now lots of new spots and now CRACKBERRY is here


Did you film this using a BlackBerry Z10?!?

Detective M Downs

Looks like Kevin is staying at the Marriott Marquis.


There's probably a dozen nice hotels within 2 minutes walking distance of 45th & Broadway where that was filmed.

Jimberry Storm

Hope you enjoy your stay in our little modest country

Newfangled Gizmo

A great big WELCOME to New York, Kevin!


Where is the hangout spot? I wanna pass by to say hi and maybe take a few pics with the gang.


Don't know if it was done on purpose or not, but I like how your camera angle misses the big Windows 8 store on the other side of 45th Street.


Have fun in NYC Kevin and Team CrackBerry! Go nuts! :-)


Finally you here!
So Z10 will Finally be here TOO!

Have a great time in New York.


You need to hit up 53rd & 6th Halal Guys!

Detective M Downs

Indeed, the BEST street meat cart in city! I work in building next the cart - sweet.



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Once you are done sight seeing, can you get me a hot dog please? Actually no, make it a polish dog

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Living in NYC I'm curious if there's going to be any types of gatherings, to promote BBRY publically or otherwise. I'd definitely partake to help get the word out :)

Monica Buruato

Sooo excited for Friday...and will continue to be looong after I have my Z10! Now I just need a Crackberry Spark sticker for my car!!!


Hey Kevin Welcome to N.Y.C my neighbor to the north.As one of the the faithful we have endured all of the B.S that we get over our choice of BB4LIFE,but now we got backup CRACKBERRY NYC style .
P.S bring on the swag bro

Rasec Blanca

It's Zed 10!

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Have fun in NYC! Kevin, careful with your luggage!


Welcome to the greatest city on Earth. And yes, those caramel roasted street nuts are delicious. Good choice.


Days away till the USA gets the Z10 and MTS ( Manitoba Telecom Services) STILL DOESN'T sell it..Frack.


Thanks Kevin, but where's the Podcast. Next one better be awesome to make up for the last few weeks with none after you promised one per week (not counting the the week you said it nor the week after-because of the CrackBerry site redesign).

Can't wait for it (almost as excited for the next Podcast as I am for the US launch of the Z10).


Hoping to feel the #BB10 vibe while in NYC Friday doing testimony in support of paid sick days.