From the Editor's Desk: HELLO BlackBerry Jam Americas!

By Kevin Michaluk on 24 Sep 2012 06:38 pm EDT

No "editor's desk" this week... we're live on location in San Jose for BlackBerry Jam Americas! Hit the video above for our official CrakBerry hello.

Things are going to be CRAZY on the blogs here tomorrow morning, so be sure to tune in for all our coverage, which kicks off with the keynote live blog at 8:30am PT / 11:30am ET. Don't miss it! 

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: HELLO BlackBerry Jam Americas!


Looking forward to seeing CBK, azeis, Bla1ze and any other Mobile Nations team members altogether. Have a great event!

Those BlackBerry sumo/bean bags look great and would make an even better CrackBerry give-away *hint hint nudge nudge*

Kevs rocking a mullet. Conservative in the front and rocking in the back. You seriously need a trim. We are all excited about BB10. #TeamBlackBerry 4 Evah.

I go through quasi mullet phases as well. Just means he's to busy to get a haircut and get a real job:)

He could braid it or put it in a pony tail!! Never mind Kevin, we love you no matter what.

We're all looking forward to the Keynote. I'm hoping Thorsen will tell us that BB10 will be ready ahead of schedule and that CrackBerry Nation will be able to get one for Christmas.

Let's Rock 'n Roll this!!


Kevin you lucky dog!!! Please tell us all you can about BB10. My Playbook is crying for this hot new OS.

Tired of hearing about all the new iPhone s***. Lets show Apple what BB10 can really do!!!
Tablets are incredible

Just wait till January rolls around. Who wants to bet he won't be seeing any nooky at Christmas time.

Please tell us some amazing things that this phone will be able to do.
This way, people will wait for it instead of buying some sort of other garbage that is out there.

Kevin .... while you are down there.... don't use your iPhone.

1) It will cost you an arm and a leg in data fees.
2) You might get lost. The maps on it are all messed up.
3) It doesn't have unlimited BBM.
4) It's the tool of the devil. It will curse you.

Thorsten doesn't sound right when saying "let's rock n roll this" I hope he came up with something else like....."let's kick azz and take names"

Bla1ze is still in route because he used ios 6 maps to get to San Jose and he ended up detoured at the Grand Canyon...smh

holy hair...

and I couldnt wait till janurary before, NOW Im DYING for it. My 9900 just breathed its last...

ur so lucky the company i work for is still on the 9780. we are renewing contract in November and the IT manager is giving people choices from a iphone5 and blackberry 9900. I'll choose the blackberry 9900 for for sure. although i wish i had the body of the iphone5 and the blackberry 10 as the OS, that would be something.

iphone hardware is nice because its solid, with bb10 that'd be interesting...9900 is a great phone..i am honestly dying without it right now..this 9800 can't keep up..although, battery life does. :D

What did you do to the 9900? :eek:

Reload the OS and do a selective restore, clean out any unwanted apps. Mine is super smooth, fast, rock solid stable!

Am I going to be able to wake up, remember to tune in on my blackberry and see this? I'm going to force myself to wake up exactly at 10 and be tuned in at 11 on the playbook with the coffee. If I forget... Ffffffuuuuuu, that is going to suck big time. Not trying to bypass the profanity thing, that long two letter phrase is a meme of some sort. :P

Kevin, seriously you look like a Crackberry bum... Raise the bar, trim the mullet, put on a tie and go corporate dude! Apple won't know what hit em!
Go BB10!