From the Editor's Desk: Getting ready to write a 4G LTE PlayBook review!

By Kevin Michaluk on 7 Aug 2012 01:20 pm EDT

Better late than never! This week's From the Editor's Desk is coming at you via video. Hit play to watch it above. And yes, I know, the hair is getting lonnnng. Hurry up RIM and get BlackBerry 10 to market!

I'm pretty stoked I'll have some new hardware to review shortly. The 4G LTE PlayBook got announced and will be available in Canada this week. I'll do up an unboxing video the second I get it and I *promise* I'll keep my 4G LTE review shorter than my original BlackBerry PlayBook Review

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From the Editor's Desk: Getting ready to write a 4G LTE PlayBook review!


It's been and will continue to be a painful wait for BB10. But it will be worth it. * BlackBerry by choice *

Long weekend in Canada rocked.

Its spelled IOS but pronounced BALONEY...and we want BB10 yesterday
Playbook, the one and only

re: playbook 4g review. Please do a side by side website loading comparison. I'm curious to know how much the extra 500mhz affects the usability of the playbook.

What's the difference between non-LTE and LTE devices rather than Internet access speed?
Does it make device (and OS) more reliable and its UI more snappy?

Kevin, I believe PlayBook 4G will be the connection between BlackBerry and the world. Consider the PlayBook 4G as a new device rather than an upgrade. The 4G cellular connectivity is going to take load of Bridge (Internet transmission) which will smooth out the Bridge functions and give access to innumerable apps with enhanced performance.

Cellular Connectivity is priority to RIM with NOC access directly embedded into the security systems of BlackBerry Tab and Phone.

The review of PlayBook can be nothing short of positive one, but it's the consumers who do not realize the BlackBerry NOC dependence.

BlackBerry PlayBook 32GB & Torch 9810