From the Editor's Desk: Get ready for THE NEW CRACKBERRY.COM!

The New
By Kevin Michaluk on 11 Feb 2013 01:08 am EST

Get ready for it CrackBerry Nation... THE NEW CRACKBERRY.COM is almost here. When I drop my next From the Editor's Desk post on the site a week from now, assuming things go to plan you *should* be looking at it.

To be dead honest, we're still probably three weeks away from having the new site polished up to where we want it to be for the BIG unveiling, but I just cannot wait that long to pull the trigger. I've been using the new site on our development server for a while now, and even with some finishing touches left to be made by our tech and design teams, it's just SO MUCH BETTER than the current site that I feel guilty holding it back from all of you one minute longer than necessary. So we're going to put the new site into the community's hands a little early and rough around the edges, and we'll all work together to make it perfect. I know you can handle it.

If you've been on CrackBerry the past few weeks, you likely have noticed we already have begun to introduce design elements and pieces of the new CrackBerry. The CrackBerry logo has been punched up, as has our photo watermarks and the bumper on CrackBerry videos. Version 1 of our kick-ass CrackBerry 10 app for BlackBerry 10 is now also available for download in BlackBerry World. It's a must-have download for all Z10 owners - it's just an amazingly fast way to consume CrackBerry.

If you jump over to, you'll also see we've already themed the store to go with the new design language. And if you visit from your mobile device, you'll experience our new mobile-optimized storefront. We've even introduced a new service too with our new store for BlackBerry unlocking (this will be getting update to the new look this week too).

As we roll out the remaining changes, we'll do it in phases. The biggest change is to the homepage / blog / galleries section of CrackBerry. Here we are not just rolling out a visual update, but rather a massive upgrade to our content management system (which we've been running for over six years). We recently updated the CrackBerry forums, and we'll be rolling out more changes here as well to bring things in line with the new site look and also address the feedback we received from the community since the last forum upgrade. A new mobile forum template is also in the works and will come slightly after the main site relaunches and we work out the kinks and refinements there.

With BlackBerry 10 now here, the layout of our uber-popular CrackBerry forums gets a little more complicated as well - so we'll also be rolling out a reorganization to our forum structure this week that will help optimize things. We need to cater to new BlackBerry 10 device owners, our existing hardcore BlackBery PlayBook owners, and of course still support the 78+ million BlackBerry OS device owners out there. We want everybody happy and getting what they need from the forum community.

As for a little background and to set some early expectations for the NEW CRACKBERRY EXPERIENCE, when we begun work on the project I gave our Design Director the following broad goals: 

  • Deliver a website experience that is optimized and awesome across displays - computer, tablet and phone
  • Clean up the user experience, give it a WOW factor and do a better job of presenting relevant and current content to visitors across every page of the site
  • Make sure the site loads Fassssst
  • And for god's sakes, don't screw anything up! 

I think our user base will be happy on all fronts. We've defintely retained our crackiness while taking things to a new level. The site is more friendly to new users and casual readers, and we're making sure that our loyal members get the power user experience they demand. 

Ok. I've already said too much. Let's save a few surprises here. That all said, GET READY FOR IT. The new CrackBerry is almost here!! 

Reader comments

From the Editor's Desk: Get ready for THE NEW CRACKBERRY.COM!


I've seen the theme on, and I like the design!

Look forward to it, and good luck with the migration :-)

So it'll be just like all of the most recent things having to do with BlackBerry...finished enough to work, but still in need of tweaking. Sounds like a great way to start. Maybe you should give it a new address and redirect:

Seriously though, great work and I can't wait to see the new and improved site!

It is nice to see purple has been eliminated in the new design. The combination of orange and purple clashes in a uniquely ugly way.

Anyway, I look forward to the change!

Looking forward to this, I do hate to say it but I don't like the current setup. Those screenshots of the new site look much improved.

Kevin! I'm sorry but please don't rush the site and pull the trigger on something plagued with bugs. We can wait a little longer for a site that will work well.

That being said, I am really excited for the redesign and thank you for being so awesome!! #TeamBlackBerry

go team go!!! break it out already so we can bitch about the stuff you need to fix,,, ;-) ,,, have you given it the playbook test yet??? volunteer here...


I think maybe before you release it Kevin, set up a stickied topic in the forums titled "report site issues here"
otherwise the forums may explode with people complaining about minor bugs that you guys are likely to be working on, and maybe that way a few bugs that could have slipped through may actually surface and be squashed as a result :)

Looking forward to it. I like the new mobile nation login. So if that's any indication, it'll be awesome.

Great! The new mobile look on is so much better than the mobile site of the main page :D is a nightmare to use from a PLaybook. So slow !

I hope this will be solved before the website is launched....

Looks awesome Kevin! I was poking through the mobile version of the shop with my BB just now and I think there may be one area that may need a tweak. When I clicked on the photos of items in the shop for close-ups I had a little trouble chasing the "floating" display box on my 9810 and keeping it still onscreen so I could click on the "X" to close it. What worked for me in the meantime was to keep one finger on the touchscreen to hold the box in place and then with the other hand use the trackpad to scroll up to the "X" and click it to close. That wasn't enough to stop me from browsing the site for products for my future Z10!

I'm hoping for a US Z10 release in time for my birthday on March 14. THAT would make for an awesome #BBirthday. :-)

Hi Kevin, sry i couldnt find the "contact us " option to contact you directly. do you have an affiliate program for your crackberry store? when i click on the affiliate, it just says redirecting........forever. could you pls let me know at . thanks

Hi Kevin

There maybe better places to ask a question, but I'll take a shot. I was excited to get my new Z10 on release day (First Customer at a Bell Store, while on a 3 hour layover in Calgary).

Super happy so far, but I find the key pad on mine has a little bug and was wondering if it's me, my phone or a common issue.

When I press the "L" key it is acting almost like a sticky key on a regular computer keyboard. When I press the the "L" it pauses and the key goes to the "CAP" and stays open until I hit another key. It doesn't do it all the time but enough that I am concerned.

I am not holding the key to long and the other keys around it do not give me any issues.

Can you or others try their Z10's and see if it is an issue.


It is always good to keep making changes and improvements so I am looking forward to the changes. I know you need these ads to provide funding but I am hoping that we will be able to load this site much quicker on our pc and our new BB10 (when it finally arrives in the US). I am sorry to say this site is the worse site that I visit for ADS. If it wasn't the best site for BB news and discussions I think some times I would avoid coming here so often.

Just from seeing this post I can see that the new design looks WICKED... I also checked out insanely awesome stuff!

Wishing you the best of luck with the new site.
It takes a lot of work and commitment and I, for one, really appreciate CB Nation.

I really hope the new site has is as great on mobile devices as the current one. CB loads better on my 9850 than any other site other than the Washington Post, which makes it a pleasure to read on the go.

VERY happy to hear of the coming new site design. This site is very annoying to access on a Playbook because there is almost no white space to grab for scrolling! Sure, I can use Remote Control, but again, annoying.

Of course, the *content* is never annoying.