From the Editor's Desk: Goodbye Waterloo, Faith Restored, Lets Get it Done!

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Jul 2012 06:50 pm EDT

A week ago today I delivered my From the Editor's Desk post from in front of the often-photographed RIM sign in Waterloo. Between attending the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders and dropping by BlackBerry HQ, it was an insanely busy couple of days. If you haven't checked out my interviews with RIM CEO Thorsten Heins and CMO Frank Boulben yet, you'll want to do that asap. I still have more content to come too, so be sure to keep it locked to CrackBerry.

In the meantime, I felt I should say goodbye the same way I said hello. On Video. So grab a drink, sit back and check out this week's From the Editor's Desk above. Enjoy the show! 

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From the Editor's Desk: Goodbye Waterloo, Faith Restored, Lets Get it Done!


Kevin, This is great video. I am very glad to see RIM has dedicated attention to a group of fanboys like us from high up. It was never before. I was with RIM until last summer (1 of 2000 let gos)· I was insider and now outsider. But I still have faith in RIM. RIM was a fair employee and stand behind their products and most importantly they have faith. They made mistakes and they were punished (still will in near term at least). I consider we are a lucky group because we are at the probably biggest technology comeback in this decade (even next decade). RIM needs our support and thanks for your great work. You make our voice to be heard.

I have a follow up question, QNX team is based in Ottawa and now they are working 6 days out of 7, How's morale there? Will there be a editorial in recent weeks to give us some indicator how things going there without disturbing their development team too much? Thanks

Great haircut Kevin, I like the "Let's rock n' roll this" style :)

By the way you should totally do more video-editorials, for example as a substitution of those extra-long text editorials from time to time. Don't get me wrong, I read all of them, it's just less painful to my brain to watch this laidback video even if it's longer than usual, than to get the same information black on white ;)

hey, Kevin, wasn't an entry in your notebook about Jagstard ? ;-)

More seriously ; thanks for reporting this, the second good news of the day with my wiped alpha back to birthday suit (I'm so happy) !
Now, I can go to bed and make sweeeet dreams ...

Great summary Kevin.

In alot of ways, I'm now glad BB10 has been delayed until Q1. I'm not 100% sure they'll get the full benefit being just after the Christmas period. Maybe more BB10 devices being taken out on contracts rather than buying outright/people thinking twice when money's more tight. But I completely understand not being overwhelmed by everyone else in the lead up to the Holidays. Plus 2013 will be the year the RIMpire strikes back, I'm sure ;D

Thanks for the the video post Kevin, being the BIG blackberry fan that I am, I admit to losing most of my faith with the Company. I've went as far as to sell most of my old blackberry's on Ebay because i thought if I didn't do so asap they wouldn't be worth anything. (miss my 9000, 9700 and 9800) I now feel as though Rim still is in it, thanks to you buddy. Informing all of us on whats going on with Rim is key. Keep it up man. I'm still using my 9900 and my Playbook on a daily basis and I Love them both. I'm ready for BB10!! Go RIM!!!!

I have felt all along if they build it well, folks will come, but there is some fox and the grapes to the "noise will be lessened in Q1 2013" and it's difficult to convince me that all things being equal - they wouldn't have wanted to have the software working 100% for back to school and Christmas and there will certainly be sales lost to folks who might have come forward, who will now lose a chance at an upgrade for 2 years in the USA and 3 in Canada, because they choose now not to wait.

That said the decision is made and I am looking forward to see more of BB10 in the future. I really enjoyed Kevin's reporting in his conversation with Frank B where Frank said they realize the need to whet our appetite just prior to release and I hope Frank and the powers that be will allow CB to be a big part of that as the true believers who live here certainly deserve it!

Of course they would've wanted it for back to school and Christmas but it wouldn't have been ready to ship until late November/early December and that's the point Kevin/RIM made. If you're not there by September (which they couldn't be), you miss carrier support anyway.

People become eligible for upgrade everyday and will continue to do so. BB10 may be coming late to the party, but the party is just getting started...

Awesome video post! I'm looking forward to the keyboard version!!! I have no interest in the full touch version and wouldn't even consider it. Glad they will be marketed together!

Cool. Welcome back, Kev. It's always good to see you leading the CrackBerry way...with confidence. Looking forward to BB10. :)

Kevin you rock bud. Im in the same boat as you its annoying about all the bullshit spread around RIM and i have a cousin thats head or manufacturing and shipping and he says dont lose hope in Blackberry as with all this bad reporting people are starting to loss faith and its simply just a shame thats what is focused on is the bad and the poor information out about the company and all i do is argue with people about the merits of BBs.

Keep on fighting everyone, RIMs fight will prevail its just a matter of time :)

You say both touchscreen and keyboard devices will launch close together, have they released the necessary info/tools for developers to write apps for the keyboard device? If not, how will they have apps ready in time?

Thanks Kevin. I appreciate your candor and viewpoint. I think RIM has made a very wise decision to delay the release of th BB10 devices based on all that has been reported. I just hope that RIM really does have a completed project in BB10 and not a beta device again.

I Look forward to watching the progress and unveiling of BB10. It will be a long 6 months, but my BB9900 still has a lot of miles left in her.


Hey Kevin, don't mean to spoil the party but there is an article over at Engadget re: Quantas dropping BB for iP, 1,300 employees. So much for faith restored.

Its cocky thinking like yours that put RIM in this live or die situation. Unlike you I think loosing out on 1300 enterprise customers when ios android and windows are starting to show it can compete in the secure bussiness world is a major lose. At this point Rim cant loose any more customers then they already have.

I was wrong. It's 90% of the Fortune 1,000 companies. If making a factual statement makes me cocky, then so be it. You also fail to see that RIM is also attracting other customers in other areas and parts of the world. The reason a loss of 1,300 units seems like a big deal to some is because of RIM's position in the current market space. Did you applaud the fact that the PB is being tested with law enforcement vehicles?

Maybe it's cocky of me to even suggest that it could be successful, right?

And yet companies are still leaving BB for ios. Whats your point. Stop thinking like Jim Ballsless and Mike Lazytardass 5 years ago when iphone came out and they laughed them off. Who is laughing now. Its people with your mentality still working at Rim that will turn a 90 % control of the enterprise market to what 9 % in five years or less like they have currently with consumers. I am hoping with the new guard at RIM they finally see that doing nothing and being cocky fucks no longer is the way to grow a company look where that has got them.

"People like him"? How holy are you now?

Unless people are directly affected they will use whatever devices they feel they should. Look at Internet Explorer. It has more holes than a sieve but instead of using a more secure browser like Firefox, which most people don't even know about, they continue to use IE.

Your attitude is one of the stupidest I've seen. Go wash your mouth with bleach.

You have a right to think that. I do apoligize for the curse words. I was mearly stating the fact that no matter how well Rim is doing in other up and coming areas. RIM cannot loose out on current customers. Dont get me wrong I hope that Rim stays in bussiness stronger then ever before. However with ios becoming increasingly populer with the byod crowd and the possibility of win 8 truly becoming fully interconnected with desktop software. Rim will be in major trouble loosing alot of market share. I am not trying to be holy it just agrivates me to no end that the vast majority of BB fans and followers have their blinders on and cannot see that Rim has a very long and hard road ahead of them. Possibly failing and either going out of bussiness or looking alot different. Also how anybody with a differing opinion on rim getting attacket, and yes i am being hypocritical as I have attacket a few on this post because of my frustration. I do apoligize for that and will focus on being more positive and neutral to my replys in the furure.

I'm sorry, but I don't see how faith can be restored at this time. While this new regime at RIM wants us to believe things are different from the past, when it comes down to the core value of trust, they are the same as the previous. First a delay in Playbook OS 2.0 and now a delay in BB10. If BB10 was even somewhat complete we would have seen more then just demos. We have seen nothing of substance so far. And while RIM may still yet pull a rabbit of out there hat, there is no indication in their history of performance that they will.

I was just gonna say that releasing lots of tidbits of the phone's functions is a bit premature with the release being at least six to seven months away. If they did just that people will complain there's not much new since we would have already seen a lot of the functions by release day.

That amount of time is more than enough for other brands to copy their ideas. Leadup until close to launch is all about devs and apps and making sure everything is premium and glitch free. Thorsten's only promise so far has been the time frame for BB10 to be released. I believe any other promises were made by previous CEO's.

This new team deserves to be given a chance to execute properly because it does no one any good to release something that is not the best (which we can all agree has happened quite a few times - ie: "surepress"... that was garbage, imo).

No you wouldn't, if that happened BB7 sales would all but die. RIM needs BB7 sales in order to launch BB10.

The only reason at this point I see why your faith would be restored is because the high ups at RIM told you everything was going to be ok. What the hell else are they going to tell you, to shut down your site because they are dying a slow death? I've been hearing this same nonsense for years. Now NEXT year will be the year the RIMpire strikes back. Seems silly to me everyone buys in on these empty promises time after time.

Are you referring to that award the San Francisco jury awarded? The one that RIM will appeal and over turn? That one?

Not in the USA going against a US company they wont. Thats why they lost inthe first place but nice try. The only reason they are appeling is to buy time so they can hopfully get more profits from BB10 so that the penilty they have to pay and they will pay it wont hurt as much.

Funny. I can say the exact same thing about your previous comment about them getting it turned over. Again nice try dont be calling ouf others for supposidy stupid comments with even more stupid comments of your own. This is not the first or last time Rim is going to loose a lose suit. It happens to every tech company out their. This is the world we live in unfortunitly. I am not happy they lost but hopfully this will teach them to patent better and or licence already existing tech. Dont get me wrong I want Rim to make it and be a major player once more but a lose like this at this juncture is not good.

no cuttiing the hair man!!! u look good. dye it platinum blond though or something cool before you cut it

Wow...Kevin, just because RIM and Co. tells you that everything's going to be all right, that's good enough for you? RIM has a solid history of over-promising and under-delivering and they are still doing this. BB 10 was already supposed to be out by now, then got pushed back to Q3 12, now Q1 13. RIM doesn't have time. All of this extra time just allows competitors to get farther ahead. No OS is perfect out of the gate. Android and iOS have been refined over the years and look where they are now, at the top. BB 10 is RIM's Hail Mary pass and I expect it to be a fumble. Look at how the PlayBook was received. I love my PlayBook and the OS is the best I've used on a tablet but it's sold horribly, even at such low prices! Everyone but the BlackBerry fanboys are sick of RIM's empty promises and are jumping ship in droves. BB 10 is unfortunately going to end up like Web OS. It too was a great OS and HP had a great device in the Touchpad. It was just too late.

If a BB 10 device comes out next year, it's going to have to be the best hardware available. It will have to best the HTC One X, the Samsung Galaxy SIII and likely the iPhone 5. That will be a very hard feat to accomplish. Is it impossible? No. Is it highly improbable? Definitely.

Like the article title says and like I said in the video... Faith is restored... But RIM has to GET IT DONE.

Faith by definition implies belief without proof. Gotta have faith. Following the earnings call and news of the BB10 delay, I definitely lost a lot of faith... heck, I was even thinking maybe we won't see BB10 come to market (almost started thinking the trolls were right. lol).

Coming home from Waterloo, I have a lot more faith again. That still implies belief without proof, by definition. What changed my faith? The biggest thing wasn't the words said by the higher uppers, but more so myself reading between the lines...observing actions.. seeing the attitude of everybody at RIM. RIM isn't sitting there day to day doing nothing. They're working their butts off to get BB10 done and to market. To everybody working there, it's not a question of if... they're figuring out the details on the exact how's and when's. And to me that's a good thing.

Anyways... somebody's gotta have faith... call me a BlackBerry believer. It's all good. 



Let me gently correct your definition of faith. Faith is not the absense of evidence. Faith is the evidence of things hoped for and the conviction of things not seen. That basically means that you hope for RIM's revival and the evidence you have seen at Waterloo (all the changes taking place to streamline RIM, the recent proactive media blitz, the openness of the Management Team and the positive feedback from RIM employees, etc) gives you the conviction that they are doing everything they can to bring that hope to reality.

As mentioned in my post below, sure Kevin has nothing to worry about, he owns ZERO RIM shares...

If Heinz told him the next blackberry would fly he would believe it....

Kevin may own zero shares but that doesn't mean he has no investments in RIM.

They say you will be successful in life if you find an endeavor you loving doing, and do it well. Kevin has 10 years invested in and his future is definitely tied to the fortunes of RIM. Does that color his vision sometimes - sure. But why would we expect it to be any different? That much of an investment of ones self is just as valuable as money invested in a stock.

He probably has more invested in RIM that most people on here... if RIM goes under, this site is pretty much worthless, isn't it

All the (broken) promises of the past came from two people, Mike and Jim, including BB10 in 2012. This is new leadership now, we need to give them a chance to grow.

I think we are know BB10 will get to market, but RIM have missed the bus again.

Crackberry seems to be RIM's only real way of reaching the fanboys and that's why everything that seems to come from this site has a positive slant.

Everybody reporting is bad besides Crackberry.... perhaps others are reporting what they are seeing and experiencing from RIM.

Why are people who have invested in RIM or are keen for RIM to be successful trolls because they are fed up with all the broken promises, and each time they break the promises the same mantra is rolled out "RIM should take the time to get it right." even if they keen breaking self imposed deadlines MOST OF THE TIME?

The pattern has to be broken, and once RIM delivers BB10 and is streamlined and made themselves a more efficient company, they have to execute because they have no other excuses.

If RIM are constantly the target of negative reporting, it is self imposed, they need to stop giving people the ammunition to report negatively about RIM.

I'm no expert but action speaks louder than words and no amount of playing up to the Crackberry site is going to convince me that RIM on the right track until they prove it consistently and start to regain the ground they are losing.

A good balanced editorial speaks volumes bash RIM when they need to be bashed and praise them when they should be praised.
BB10 will be awesome no doubt, we just want it sooner rather than later.... and not another Playbook fiasco.

BB Curve 8900
Iphone 4s 32GB
64GB Playbook - OS 1.0.8

Kevin, two things: 1. The Newsroom is great, and thanks for acknowledging that journalism needs a kick in the ass. 2. You don't need to cut your hair to be taken seriously as an Internet blogger. You just need a ponytail. Keep up the good work.

Nice job on the reporting Kevin - from the geographical center [including the ice caps over the north pole ;) ] of North America. Thank you for the update.

The last 2 minutes was the best.
Tell it like it is Kevin. There is way too much misleading reporting about RIM out there. I look to you for an honest answer.
I think that you should be the first one that RIM shares its information with before releasing it to the media. You should be given the very first BB10 when it comes off the line so that you can give your non bias report.
BB10 is already being tested by employees at RIM, and from the reviews, I am hearing that this phone is a HUGE step up from current BB. It's going to be a game changer.
Waterloo misses you, and we look forward to having you back.

Kevin, why are you saying people losing hope are trolls. Some of the members on this site have admitted to holding 20K+ of RIM shares. Last time I checked, you had 0 shares. So give these guys a break... Is it so bad to think that this crap company has no hope? Dude, let people express themselves.

In case you didn't notice, your language is kind of out of place in this thread . . One can express oneself intelligently without the unnecessary potty mouth.

And btw . . It's Heins, not Heinz

1) I did not edit it
2) I will express myself the way I want to express myself
3) As you can see, I am not the only with this opinion

so my "seriously dude" response still stands. As in seriously? do you have nothing else to do but going around telling people they have a potty mouth? what are you a pre-k teacher? buzz off creep

Well somebody edited it because in your original post you called someone an f-ing douche bag . . and of course you have the right to express yourself however you want, as I also have them same right to comment on it. You guys crack me up, you argue about the right to speak your mind, then whine and cry when someone else speaks there's. Believe it or not you are much more persuasive when you engage in constructive and mature discourse rather than unintelligent slang; seriously, can you imagine a well-respected person calling someone who disagrees an f-ing douche bag?

I didn't say people losing hope are trolls (or if I did say that, didn't mean it to come across as that as the message). There's a difference between a troll and a ticked off shareholder. They could be one and the same, sure. That's always possible. But most often, and by my personal defintion of it, trolls are just straight out there to trollll (they ain't holding stock, they're just stirring the pot on a site like this and getting a kick out of it. It's an ongoing, continous thing). When it comes to shareholders losing $$$, I completely understand why there would be anger and frustration there. 

As for shareholder interests, etc. etc... I have some posts more tuned into that coming (hopefully) later this week. Worst case next week. Putting some good research effort into it.

As for letting people express themselves... I'm pretty sure that's all people do around here. Lol.

Thank you for the quick response. It's just that I really feel like a lot of people who are pissed and giving up and bitching are shareholders. That is why I wanted to make sure they were not being called trolls.

I found something interesting onTwitter. If you search "I miss my BlackBerry " you see some interesting comments. There may be some hope after all.

LOL how many times have they restored faith only to mess up time and again?
My faith will only be restored once the BB10 products are out and selling well.

loved the video as well. lot's of hair play near the end. had a feeling miss crackberry would show up and begin playing with ur hair for you, but no lol. great vid. do it more often (minus the saw mill there lol)

A couple of things here, if RIM launches their marketing program prior to the actual sale of each phone, they will do extremely well. Apple will bring out iPhone 5 (4S plus) in August or September and that thing will die or they'll dry up selling phones to the faithful, by then, RIM will be in a perfect position as "the other guy". I plan/hope to see leaked pictures and specs on the new BB 10 in the Fall, that will help many around the world decide if it is worth the wait until the first of the year.

If you saw something in BB 10 in the Fall, you are going to put off that purchase until you can get the phone that you mant. If it takes a couple of months longer so be it. RIM knows this, they have to get people fired up about the launch in January by dropping information months in advance.

I'm buying a new Mercedes in 2013 as I have finally found the vehicle I have always wanted. I could buy anything I want right now but that vehicle is new, it has everything I want in a vehicle , and I'm prepared to wait and then pay top dollar for it.

The same thing goes for BB 10, let me know what I can expect and if it rocks, I'll wait to buy it too, and so will many other consumers out there. RIM isn't behind on BB 10 as long as it is everything people want in life.

As far as I'm aware, this is supposed to be a fan site. When people sign up and constantly put down the brand or its followers they're trolling and should expect to get cap thrown back at them. Don't hate because we're giving you what you're dishing out.

Next Monday is the beginning of the fifth month that RIM has been unable to meet demand for its little Bluetooth keyboard for the PlayBook. Five months late on a frigging *keyboard*! Yes, let's all have confidence in RIM. Once they find the magic pink unicorn, all will be well, and they are pretty sure they'll find it real soon now.


Becarful on what you post here. You dont want to be called an uninteligent troll for having a differing opinion on Rim. But seriously the keyboard aside I truly am gunning for Rim to finally get things right and start executing properly on time with great products. But i agree on the keyboard point, that dose not instill alot of confidence in many.

Well it's not so much the grammar and spelling as it is the attitude that you can rip someone else but get defensive when someone rips you. I would never correct mistakes of a person who is gracious . . .

Sorry . . Must be having a bad day . . Carry on

Somehow some way RIM needs to get greater visibility on forward product demand to allow better supply management. It's tough right now, but at least as far as the keyboard is concerned, that's the right problem to have. Gradually ramping supply to meet demand allows for margins to be maintained.
From the virtual keyboard of my Neutrino powered Playbook

Everyone has a bit_h, here's as good a place as any to crank when you're frustrated I guess. My preference would be to see substantiated beefs but I'll continue to wade through the useless stuff as well since I there do seem to be some honest and even commentaries posted. I am here often enough that I have begun to recognize who most of the unhappy people are and can easily skip what I know will be a pointless diatribe of baseless opinion. Of course that can go on both sides, but since I am a fanboy, who has waivered over the past while, I don't skip the positive notes of support.

Thanks for the positive and reasonably even approach, it seems RIMs future is in a delicate spot at the moment, on the cusp of something, the fanboys want that underdog recovery and return to viability, others would like to see them fail (I can't understand why, who will they pick on next?).

Faith has been restored for me as well, I am hoping we start seeing concrete evidence and lots more of the same kinds of communications as we've been getting over the past couple of weeks. Silence from RIM is nerve racking and would cause further degradation of the brand.

I will stick it out, for what whatever that's worth to RIMs future, I truly want to see something good happen as a result of their near death experience, hopefully they'll have seen the light! RIM today is already different than it was in 2011, so let's clear the old track record it's pointless dragging that in all the time.

RIM is supposed to say everything is going to be ok. Anyone who doesn't take that with a grain of salt, shame on them.

Kevin i know you've become an extended arm of RIM but pls pls pls don't overhype the BB10 like you all did with BB7(we all know where it stands in the grand scheme of things).
If they are able to address the major issues people want in smart phone(smooth web experience,no hanging and restarting devices,no hour glass, super apps) it will be a winner.Rest all is side show which just fades away if the product in not good.
PB is no match for iPad no matter how you want to slice it......the sales speak for itself and so will be BB10 vs iPhone 5.
Hope until then you won't be posting sugar coated over empathy for RIM articles.They are not a motherless child.They should buckle up & take up the challenge rather than giving interviews to bloggers like you to gain votes of readers.

until march this year they didn't have twitter app for playbook let alone other stuff.........i sold my PB within 5 days!

kevin, i have different definition of trolls. trolls to me are those who put more negative emotion in the sentences which have no other purpose than degrading morale/spirit/moods/atmosphere/whatever the term, and keep on doing it in regular base to get what they want. what do trolls want? expressing anger/lost/disappointment/negative feelings? no. people who want to express those are obligated to wait for the result before giving any more same negative comments. if the result hasn't been there yet but they keep on giving negative sentiments, they fall to troll category. what do trolls want? they only want to degrade the morale. why do they do that? so anyone who happen to come here will see even bigger negative sentiment in positive articles. so those who come here doing a research before using/continue using blackberry will think twice to do so. so people who come here will be discouraged to use blackberry. that's what a troll in my definition here.

if you have lost money on RIM shares then do the right thing. sell it, and never come back. if you are staying and keep on giving negative comments, then i think you have an agenda of lowering RIM's stock price so you can buy it again way more cheaper. you, are a troll.

if you are a disappointed customers, you can always show your dissatisfaction in a way that can make you get what you want. if you're only voicing bad comments (whether it's true or just an opinion) without any encouraging/hope/positive suggestion, then i say you only want blackberry to go bankrupt. you fall to troll category.

i don't like what happened to RIM/blackberry too in the past. but they are doing something right now, and the result is not there yet. but i like using blackberry and i want RIM to continue exist and provide more and better gadgets for me. that's why i am willing to wait and give my support for them. now if you don't want RIM to continue to exist, i can understand why you're giving so many negative comments in a blackberry fan site. if you are giving negative comment just so you can get lower stock price, you should be ashamed of yourself. if you are disappointed then please just leave and use better phone in your opinion. you don't need to come here again and fueling your disappointment seeing encouraging articles/comments here. this is a blackberry fan site. if you are disappointed but still want to use blackberry, please show hope in your comments, so people who come across this site won't get wrong idea about your comments.

(uh..maybe i should work for

+1 VERY well said. Unfortunately, those who troll will most likely not heed your wise words. After all, they haven't listened to anyone before. So sad.

yeah, of course they won't listen lol. but we (who want to be able to continue using blackberry) need to say/write that everytime, to ensure whoever come doing a research don't get the wrong idea and can see what happen with clearer ground, so they can see that there are people who are willing to do anything to make RIM go bankrupt and stop producing blackberry anymore. or there are people who want to lower RIM stock price so they can buy it way more cheaper :p

it's different story if RIM doesn't do anything or not showing any progress at all. if they didn't show their intention to stay on the bussiness (if they didn't build bb10 from scratch that should be last for years as a new and better OS, if they didn't listen to what people say and not trimming down bb type to only two types, if they didn't cut their expenses, if they didn't make bb10jam world tour, if they didn't listen to devs and not making it easier to make apps, etc) then i won't say anything to defend bb/RIM. i'll save my money and buy a sony (cos i like it, sony ericsson was the first phone i ever bought lol).

im not a fanboy here....i want a product better than any phone in the market as my BB10 but little bit here and there will not take you anywhere.Produce solid stuff.atleast take care of the basics.
Batterry,web surfing which people use all the time.

Faith?? WTF, it's 5:30PM, RUSH hour, jammed with potential buyers... as I am walking through Grand Central Station in New York City, one of the largest and busiest train stations in the country and there's a pitiful BlackBerry Playbook being marketed. No one went near the display booth or one of the five screaming mimis yelling "Blackberry playbook want to try one". Someone in RIM marketing really has their heads up their ass, because just pass this one ring circus is one of the largest Apple stores, teaming with fuck'n roaches... sorry but, face it, abandon all hope and accept despair! >>>

Kevin I am a new poster been observing about 6 months. New to Blackberry, been an APPL guy for 15 years. Treo was my previous smartphone. Got interested in RIMM earlier this year. Bought a 64GB PlayBook and paired it with the Bold 9900. Love the PlayBook despite some very annoying unresolved technical issues with POP email. The typing experience is superior than the iPad. Liked the look and solid feel of the Bold but switched back to the iPhone for MS Exchange compatibility and the large screen. I hate typing on APPL products. I appreciate your coverage of RIMM although I feel we may be a little delusional. I understand why RIMM fans are so fanatical they make a superior product in so many ways however RIMM has failed to deliver results in several years. Talk is cheap and very few people believe anything they say and as a result the market values RIMM's assets for roughly half since BlackBerry World and for roughly 5B less than when Thorsten took the helm. That is pathetic. RIMM acts like they are running scared and the shorts are having a feeding frenzy. If they want to inspire confidence in the brand, act like the believe their assets have value, leverage up at these stupid low rates and do a massive buy back. You tell them that the next time you get a chance, please.