From the Editor's Desk: The excitement, fun and lack of sleep!

By Bla1ze on 29 Jun 2014 11:52 pm EDT

So I guess this is my first 'official' From the Editor's Desk. Kevin did let me write one before, but that was just for a bit of fun and in hindsight, probably a small bit of training at the time. Looking back on that post, it's a bit funny to me because at the time I mentioned how Kevin was an insanely busy person with calls, tech calls, meetings and everything else that comes along with being Editor in Chief. I also noted he was likely to be slightly crazy and now that I'm a week into the position myself, I understand why. You sort of have to be as Editor in Chief so it's a good thing I'm not exactly 'normal' myself.

Before we get into some of the BlackBerry specific stuff, I just wanted to take a moment to say thanks to everyone who looked at Kevin's assigning me as Editor in Chief as a good thing and supported the decision. I know not everyone was on board with the idea and may never be and that's fine, hopefully the changes here and there along with the content going up speaks for itself and there's more good stuff to come. Just like BlackBerry, we're changing things up and going back to the core and having some fun along the way, even if it means less sleep for me (yes, despite rumors I do sleep) and I appreciate you all. Of course, that thank you applies to Kevin, Adam and everyone else behind the scenes as well. I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the stuff taught to me along the way and the trust they have in me to do good.

Enough of that though, onto the BlackBerry stuff and there's been plenty happening as you all may have noticed. The BlackBerry Passport is out there. The BlackBerry Classic is out there. The groundwork has been laid for the Amazon deal, BlackBerry is preparing OS 10.3, they're fighting back against FUD and that's only the stuff we publicly know. It's a good time to be a BlackBerry fan, the next few months are going to be hot no matter how you look at it and it's not just because it's summer.

We're going to keep CrackBerry specific stuff popping as well. We've got several contests running at the moment that you'll want to get in on and even more on the way and that's on top of our store sales.

That about covers it for now. I'm still trying to get used to this whole go to bed early and wake up early thing and as some of you may have noticed earlier this week by the amount of posts put up early in the morning or when Kevin called me out for sleeping in, I'm not so great at it as of yet. Like everything, I'll adapt and get used to it eventually but 6AM is still an ugly time of the day for me. Have some comments? Drop em below. Otherwise, stay tuned for more!

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From the Editor's Desk: The excitement, fun and lack of sleep!


Must be using a lot of crack(berry) to have that kind of momentum in the first place ;)

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It's a play on my sons name. Blaize. He's been featured on several posts over the years in photos and stuff, he gets a kick out of it.

Hang in there you will get the hang of it, the last week of you" officially "handling things was exciting, there seems to have been an air of electricity around here. Perhaps the ER,Passport etc, etc, helped but it has been enjoyable.

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Interesting, when he gets older you could get him the 2 Iron Maiden albums with Blaze Bayley as lead singer...they are both very good.

First time I saw Maiden was is a small club-The Rave, under the bigger venue-The Eagles Ballroom in Milwaukee ' was incredible. Blaze was singing, it was Maiden having to "start" over, couldn't believe I was able to see them on a tour in such a small place...went out the next day and bought the "X-Factor" album.

Good luck with your new "forced" sleep biorhythm...I have had/have trouble with this as well.

Murray Squire Marr

And I always thought it was short for "blaze one" because you like to.

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Thanks Bla1ze. You've given crackberry a major boost. It's become a pleasant addiction once again. Great job.

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What does it mean by crackberry is going to go back to the core? Are you going to get into more in depth enterprise related articles? Seeing as blackberry is putting a fairly heavy emphasis on the enterprise side

Swordsmanship & Western Martial Arts Channel C000C9AF6

Just making sure the content is good and BlackBerry focused, we've often linked to our other sites with the occasional cross-posting of stuff, and people have spoke loud and clear. If it's about something other than BlackBerry, they don't give a damn.

They know the other sites exist and if they want to read about it, they'll go there. They don't come here to read about Apple or Android, they come here to read to about BlackBerry and there's very few exceptions to that.

Sure, some stuff may still pop up from time to time but only when it's really relevant, especially with the Android Runtime and Amazon deal. Hard to ignore Android there lol.

This is great to hear. Super news. I was one of those who left in frustration and have now returned with a new username.

Amen to that Bla1ze! Thanks for listening. You have been doing a great job so far. I'm enjoying the ride. Keep up the work. The community as a whole is feeling much healthier IMO. :)

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Thank you!!! Saw the Facebook experiment article on the front-page and thought wth? This is CrackBerry, not Crackbook...geez...

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Well Facebook was doing a experiment against you're privacy so as BlackBerry fans we are very pro privacy so it belongs on cb to tell you to keep off of it

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Apple, Android, WP are very relevant to BlackBerry so I'm not sure why people would be complaining. Android Runtime? BBM cross platform? BES 10? QNX (CarPlay, Android Auto) ? BlackBerry is a company providing services for all major platforms. It's not just about BB10 and devices, both of which are struggling to survive.

Anyway great job, your a good respectable writer that has passion for your work....Now move to Waterloo already so I can buy you a pint for a job well done!! Lol


I think the reason that is Bla1ze, is because like you said, most know the others exist and we just don't give a damn, and Crackberry is special to us BlackBerry fans. Lame Apple news is "peppered" everywhere sometimes. We want to hear about BlackBerry :)

Lovin that your in charge. This is the Crackberry it's supposed to be :)

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Exciting time are coming
Keep up the good job, Bla1ze! Kevin did a great job handing over to you, you'll never let him down

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I think the challenge for Bla1ze as new EIC is keeping the Crackberry hopeful stay positive when blackberry is down again, just like last year. I think Kevin did a good job in putting things in perspective despite all the turmoil blackberry faced last year.

I don't want Bla1ze to go through that, as I don't want blackberry to go through that again, but i think that would be the test for Bla1ze as EIC.

nevertheless, i fully support you Bla1ze. Keep it up!

Z10 STL100-2 / running official

Hey your off to a great start. Keep up the good work. It's starting to be fun around here again.

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So far so good, good luck waking up at 6am. I used to do 5:13 (random alarm time that I never bothered to change for years), when I first started working... I prefer my 9am alarm now.

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Man, I remember picking your brain a few times.

Several times about Ye Ole Pearl (8130) and once I think about Android phones.

You're gonna do great. CB is gonna be great with you at the helm. Different, yes, but great.

You have been amazing B1aze - fantastic EIC and a pleasure to see a sole focus on this role!

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Best of luck, Bla1ze! Crackberry is one of my most visited and favorite websites, can't wait to see what y'all got in store for us!

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You're doing a great job! Just don't overwork yourself!

Looking forward to read up on 10.3 info. Really digging the updated design and ui! Plus of course the new features.

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Hey Bla1ze, congratulations on your new position and on this great and informative post! As for the going to bed early and getting up early, I empathize. Well, I've got the "getting up early" part down, as I'm usually up between 4-5AM. Unfortunately for me, I'm a night owl, so getting to bed early has been a terrible challenge. Your body will either get used to the early mornings, or you'll find yourself crawling under your desk for a cat nap! Coffee is the key. But you'll probably still opt for that nap!

Not ashamed of the 'Berry I carry. BlackBerry by choice!

Eh sleep is over rated. You only live once and you have plenty of time to sleep when you're dead!! Haha but as usual great job. I don't doubt the choice that was made here. You guys are all great as far as I'm concerned. Anyway enough a** kissing!

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Congrats Bla1ze.. Haven't taken the opportunity to say that yet, so there it is. Been with you guys since '08, and I definitely feel like you deserve this one.. So congrats on the win. I'm sure you'll make us all proud as the new EIC. Here's to 6 more great years on CB :)

Congrats Blaze. You'll do well in your new assignment and don't worry, you wont loose any sleep on the new profile ( pun intended). Live to see more coverage on india and an orange Z10 back panel with the CB logo in the CB shop. Cheers...

CB10 on my Z10

Zombies, we own the night!!!
Once again welcome and all the best as EiC, Bla1ze! And echoing one comment I saw in the forums, you should have been made EiC earlier because as soon as you got the job everything started happening. :-D

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I completely understand you when you say 6 am it's a terrible time of the day... but yeah you'll adapt, keep the good work!

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Your well deserved promotion was a godsend as the site has been revitalised, but just don't get prematurely burned out, you have a family outside the CB one! :)

No criticism of Kevin (no offense intended) but he was getting too thinly spread and in his wisdom he recognised it and relinquished his baby, although he is still Master of the show! :)

Bla1ze, Just as things change in mobile technology everyday change is also welcome at CrackBerry. All of BlackBerry users owe Kevin a debt of gratitude for all of his work as EIC but speaking for myself I'm excited for the changes that you'll bring. Don't let the negative people or their comments distract you from moving forward. Best of luck and I personally can't wait for the BlackBerry Classic to arrive.

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Thanks for the hard work you have put in and the commitment to the community you have shown Bla1ze.

Congratulations, you deserve this position and I wish you and CrackBerry all the best for the future :)

Thought's on the fly C001C21C1

Welcome aboard blaze1. I just picked up a z10 last week and I am super excited about it. A dream phone is in my hands right now and I am loving it everyday.
Having said that, this passion for BlackBerry wouldn't be the there if crackberry wasn't around.
Keep doing the good work team blackberry.
Cheers from India.

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All the best for your early morning posts...I love them as that means early evening posts due to time difference, so less time without CrackBerry posts ;)

CAUTION : MAJ On Z30 Now!!!!

Congrats from NZ Bla1ze! Your posts are great. I check CB throughout the day and it's usually my bedtime reading as well. Thanks for keeping us updated.

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Man up; I wake up at 4:30am for an hours drive to work a 12.5 hour shift so you should have no problem getting up at 6am.

Z10 addict, waiting for the next flagship Z...

I have to say that with you being promoted to EiC and all the excitement surrounding the Passport, a whole new vitality and excitement has been injected into Crackberry! Well done Bla1ze and well done BlackBerry.

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Lol im in the opposite boat of you now!! I head to bed when your waking up!! Well western time zone im off to bed at 6am...dont know what time zone your currently in lol but im very pleased with the decision and the site in the past week has gone from a snore house to a very active site that keeps me coming back more than once a day now! Thanks for all the hard work and dont forget we give our 100 percent support and I cant wait to see what tasty articles you bring to us this year :) it almost feels like 2008 again (good year for crackberry lol)

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Thanks for the late night posts. Insomniacs appreciate you.

All typos are from my Z30 BlackBerry

You rock Bal1ze! : ). Just don't burn yourself out my friend.. and if you do, oh well, we've all been there at some point. You're awesome. :D)

Q10 on T-Mobile

You'll definitely get used to it. Hell I had to get up at 6:00am for a few months until the job layed me off, which totally sucked. They layed 6 others off too. But heh, now i'm back into that bad sleepless or oversleeping habit. Gotta smash it sooner or later.

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Congrats on the position, did it come with a pay raise ?

Don't let the haters get you down. There's always going to be people who think they're more qualified for the job. Prove them wrong.

Good luck

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Kevin who? Bla1ze, you are doing a great job with your writing and are reviving CB back to the way it was (not that the progression has been bad). Thank you and hoping you do a write up for August 23. Make some BlackBerry faithful into Whovians.

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Thanks bla1ze for the great work so far can't wait for more of it

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You'll rock it Bla1ze! Are you going to be moving of staying here in HFX?

Posted on the go with the CB10 app

Congratulations! I enjoy the site and think recent changes will benefit us all, readers and staff. This is exciting times for BlackBerry and you are doing a great job of keeping us informed. Thanks.

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Congrats Bla1ze, great job so far. Keep up the good work! FUD could use the description before the acronym as I thought you were referring to the Passport as a FUD ( as in F'n Ugly Device) until I read more. It growing on me. But it takes some getting used to.

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Why 6am start? Everyone reading tunes in from all over the world so it's either super late or super early depending where you log in from. I enjoy all the amazing new articles you've posted in the last few weeks - almost like Christmas everday! Why didn't they ask you to do this sooner? Your efforts are much appreciated!

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I've been getting up at 6am for work for years and I still can't get used to it. Nor am I good about getting to bed early :)

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Congratulations on the job, you earned it! And I'm looking forward to Dr. Who cross posts on those slow BlackBerry news days. Maybe you can get Peter Capaldi to try a 'Classic' BlackBerry since he's evoking a Classic Doctor. :)

Don't worry, I used to be a nighthawk as well but circumstances changed that and getting up early is only painful for the first year or two, heh.

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Congrats on the promotion. It's well deserved.
Best of luck and keep up the great job.

And as many others have said; don't forget to get enough sleep :)

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One week in and you are doing great. Maybe its the content, but probably its you. I think Kevin was being pulled in to many directions. Keep up the good work! and thanks

Thanks for the much bigger time commitment and great start as EIC, Bla1ze! Hope you have a lot of fun. Best wishes!

Posted via CB10 will get use to it. But rest when you can, it is essential. teasing : ever heard of Alastair Reynolds ? British writer, excellent, well known for his"inhibitors"suite of (great) books. Well, his new book is happening in the Dr.Who universe, and is damn good. When things will become more smooth, I'll be glad to offer you a copy of the book. Until then, rest and work, a promotion is a compliment that comes with more responsibility. But people BELIEVE In you.

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The early to rise bit?  Easy to fix.  Just move to the West Coast!  You'll be able to start your day at a decent hour and still be pushing out the stuff in a timely fashion.

Hi Bla1ze, forget Waterloo and move to the uk, you'll get a decent lay in before the rest wake up!. Good luck, I enjoy reading your posts and you will keep the fun in CrackBerry

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Nah. Move to BC. That way 6am comes way later! - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

Good luck in your new position and looking forward to you moving in my neighborhood. KW area has a different feeling and I hope that you'll like that.

Posted on my awesome Z10 (STL100-3,

I think you're doing a great job! Also, since I work overnight, I'm still awake at 6 am... I just go to bed around 8 am, so I catch up on all the CB news when I wake up in the afternoon!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

For those that have been here for the long road got to see you bloom and move up the ranks. Kevin was always great but some times change is needed to move forward and I look forward to the next wave of Crackberry.........And I can't wait for the PASSPORT......

Bla1ze, You're doing an awesome job! Crackberry is super exciting these days with all of the news and updates you're posting about the Passport, etc. Great content all around, and I love your posts. Even if you're new as the Editor in Chief, you're familiar to all of the Crackberry faithful, and it seems like a smart, logical step & a great fit.

It's funny to notice a difference in your 'old posts' and your posts since you moved up. It's like you're more careful about what you say, yet you dare to take an opinion on things. But the way you describe everything is more careful recently. Which is a good thing, but noticeable if you read every post, as I do.

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Here how I broke my sleeping in pattern after 30 years. Find a sports partner (any sport, I play squash) and meet once a week for a game at 6 am. I never played sports before but I had to do something drastic to change my life pattern. Now I love getting up early.

Good luck in your new position!
Get a coffee maker with an alarm timer. Always helped me get up at un- godly hours smelling fresh coffee!
Look forward to your fresh input!

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