From the Editor's Desk: Cheers to Team BlackBerry on this Victoria Day Long Weekend!

Cheers to the Freak'n Weekend!
By Kevin Michaluk on 20 May 2012 12:43 pm EDT

It's a holiday weekend in Canada. Victoria Day. That means no work on Monday. Hopefully our BlackBerry making friends in Waterloo, Ottawa (QNX's hometown), Toronto (the Torch team) and elsewhere in Canada are getting a short break from their busy work schedules and are enjoying some R&R.

As RIM's CEO Thorsten Heins would say, Research In Motion is "laser focused" on bringing BlackBerry 10 to market. I know all of RIM is 100% committed to making sure the launch of BB10 is a success and I *know* everybody at RIM is working their butts off to make sure they follow through on that goal.

But everybody needs to recharge their batteries once in a while, so on that note I'll keep this FtED short and just say cheers to #TEAMBLACKBERRY this weekend!

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From the Editor's Desk: Cheers to Team BlackBerry on this Victoria Day Long Weekend!


Kev Kev Kev, where are the real drinks in there?.....It's called May Two-Four Long Weekend for a reason and I see no two-fours in that cart! Tisk Tisk!!

Light weight!!

Kevin, don't you think it is time the Temperance Society pays a visit to RIM management until such time as they deliver on this "laser focused" strategy and deliver tangible product? By the way, the employees at RIM are powerless to influence management otherwise I am certain the company would not be in the present predicament. From speaking with some of their technical support staff there are a lot of very top-drawer, talented people left withering on the vine. Thor needs to slash 75% of the management across the entire organization and that includes the screw-up front-line management too. Now where did I put my bottle of Tequila? ;)

There are no "off" days when business is bad.....get the flock back to work. They can drink when BB10 is kicking' ass....until then, assholes and elbows....nuff said

WOW... Kudos to the British in general and the English in particular, after almost three centuries of stealing land from its righteous owners they still manage to have their descendants convinced that it is great to have an English monarch as head of State, gotta love the Commonwealth mentality... neo-colonialism is still alive and kicking, Anglo-Saxon style.

ha ha ha ha ha ha

I thought that was Kevin in my Liquor Store filling up a cart!

Have a great weekend everyone!

yeah.. happy holidays!! but yeah.. we here at the land of Down Under have been struggling with a crippled BBM service from Sat afternoon (19/5) to this morning (21/5).. sending BBMs were very difficult and they weren't sent through until this morning (21/5)..

You too Kevin! and I like your choice of Beer (esp. the Hoegaarden). if you like that, I'd highly suggest trying Paulaner.

And go go BlackBerry