From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry Nostalgia

By Kevin Michaluk on 16 Oct 2012 11:53 am EDT

CrackBerry Kevin circa May 2007 

BlackBerry 10 will mark a new beginning for Research In Motion. That means for many of us CrackBerry users who upgrade to the latest BlackBerry phone as soon as it's available, it will also mark a fond farewell to the legacy BlackBerry OS.

All of us on the CrackBerry editorial team are really looking forward to BlackBerry 10. Change can often be scary, but in this case it's all excitement. Research In Motion has milked just about all they can out of the legacy BlackBerry OS, and in order to keep moving forward they need a new platform to build on for years to come. 

As excited as we are, at the same time all of us on editorial team are being hit with feelings of BlackBerry nostalgia. Lately, whenever we jump on our editorial planning calls and start talking about The 10, somehow we inevitably get back to talking about the good ol' days of BlackBerry and CrackBerry. So on our last call we decided instead of talking about the good 'ole days, we're also going to spend the next few months leading up to BlackBerry 10 writing about them too.

The second video I ever uploaded to the CrackBerry youtube account back in 2007 - an impromptu OtterBox drop test for the BlackBerry 8700r...

No, it won't be everyday, but between now and the launch of BlackBerry 10 we'll be working in some of our favorite old bits of content into the blogs where we can and we'll do some looking back articles.

For those you of who are newer to BlackBerry, it'll be a chance to discover some BlackBerry and CrackBerry history you may not have been aware of. And for those of you who have been here since the beginning, you'll be like us and remember the day we first posted that story, video, photo, etc. And if you are, be sure to shout in the comments.

Ok, that's it for this week. Be sure to check out that video above... and yes, I realize I got the year wrong :) 

Source Article: Best of WES 2007: OtterBOX

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From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry Nostalgia


Considering B is the 2nd letter of the alphabet. I think February 10th would be a perfect date 2-10 (B-10)
...scratch that. October 17th would be an even better date

never wanted something as badly as i do a BB10 and getting the option of both i will be getting the L for my personal and work can give me the N so i can type when needed lol

Wow lol that otter box could have survived a 24 mile jump from the edge of space!!! Good lord that thing was ginormous!!!

lol i just thinking how i missed the kevin that would get a haircut lol. i still love furry kevin though lol.

That was an awesome video. The thing that shocks me is how much mobile technology has come since 2007. It wasn't that long ago!!

Oh my... Is that a Canadian accent? (You sound like the guys that they make fun of in How I Met Your Mother.) I live in Toronto. We don't sound like that--Is it a Western Canada thing? o.O

Ah, just a fresh faced young lad!
We're you really born in 1980? I thought they had quit making people by then...

I know many of us here are waiting for BB10 - it's been on my radar for well over a year. However, I think the lack of critical analysis on BB7 in comparison to other smartphones (the actual utility) has only driven potential RIM customers to other brands. Now, I know this has been said before, I'm not introducing anything new – RIM began talking about BB10 before BB7 was released. But Why?

I don't have a blackberry smartphone, but I would be interested in hearing more about their current offerings. What does BB7 do and not do well? What are the common features people use day to day? What are the features people want that the other phones offer?

While I can understand that promoting rumours on crackberry excites, hey I'm cracked - I'd like to see articles about the ‘here and now’ – such as, how people use their blackberries?

Maybe the focus on the here and now will occur when BB10 arrives? Anyone hear anything about BB11?

Hey that was great to see. Why did you say it was May 16th, 1980? You weren't a few days off the actual date but 27 years! I found that to be very interesting.


What exactly is "'ole," Mr. EDITOR? Do you mean "ol'" as in "good ol' days," or are you speaking Cockney and trying to say "hole"? Do you understand what apostrophes actually do?

It is preposterous, PREPOSTEROUS, that you are the paid editor of a massively read tech blog and yet, in every single one of your posts, you misspell words that a grade five student would be required to know. You still have not learned how to spell the word "its" and yet your byline is "editor." This pattern is inexcusable.

You embarrass yourself, your readers, and the BlackBerry brand, and you do it every day. Your writing is shoddy beyond description. Unbearable.

I understand you are embarrassed, jfmanzo, but you're getting it on everything.

You could stand to learn when to use a comma, and when to use a semi-colon.


You're completely missing the point of how we run these sites. The Mobile Nations way is REAL TECH, BY REAL PEOPLE.

We don't just hire polished writers / journalists who are great at writing and then try to get them to become tech experts. The web is full of that. And it's not great. We take people (myself included) who live and breathe this stuff... passion first.. and then we blog. And we keep our personalities intact. We don't kill off our indvidual personalities for this generic boring voice.

I actually hate the title of editor or EiC or any of that. I'm Founder and Fearless Leader of CrackBerry Nation, BlackBerry Fanboy #1, and have more passion and knowledge of this mobile game then well... most. 

That foundation of passion first, not writing capabilities first, is what has propelled us to having over 9 million visitors and 50 million views per month.

That all said, you're right.. I'll slow down a bit and give things a third read through before I hit the publish button. Passion + Quality Writing is greater than just quality writing. What's funny though is I do catch many of my mistakes (its / it's / etc.). I know the rules. I still make them when I write though. I catch lots of them. Not always all of them. For me personally I couldn't give a rats ass about those kinds of mistakes. But if there's people out there who care *that* much about them, I'll aim to have us do better. Though when it comes to comments and forum posts I'll never proof them. Here's the deal... I wanna be playing with my tech. Not just be writing about it. So when I take to the keyboard, I go fast and hard. Always.

How's your availability though? You're obviously anal about this stuff... I'm always on the lookout for grammar / punctuation police on the team :)

jfmanzo Hi!

Me person always hate person you that every time make issuing so big with english grammar and english punctuation also english apostrphes.

Me person dont' care very much about that english bad or mistake. Just me understand the sentence its very good. Website CrackBerry is no news firm. CrackBerry is a blog, so bloggers like Kevin can blogging with mistakes because its understanding they are not writers or journalist.

You embarrass yourself along other people who always give the fucking deal about this kind of errors. People tend to make mistakes even the best writers need editors to check their work tens or even hundreds of time. So just shut the fuck up and enjoy the article or get the fuck out because grammar nazi like you are unbearable in the community.

Frankly I prefer to come to crackberry and see bad grammar, with the correct story rather than go to other sites with perfect grammar and skewed facts.

I honestly believe, these guys would get news and in excitement type and post it as fast as possible, with emphasis on the news. These are real guys who give their own story not tech blog writers that are fed their stories and write without in-dept knowledge of the topic or the facts.

haha, the 8700. (mine 8700g ;) ) I hated that thing.

It was the first BB I replaced in less than one year.

Could never write good with it,replaced my 7230.
(but when you have to replace a broken device... ;) )

The 8700 was the fattest BB I know of.

Nostalgia, indeed.

Nostalgia, looking in ~8 Years BB and thinking about it is really real that I will not use one maybe next year...

Success of BB10 and BIS (costs) will decide.

That otter box is HUGE!! And plus older BlackBerrys were built like bricks! I'm sure they never had damage lol

Sometimes, I really miss that good old days!
It was a lot more fun having a smartphone than having one today!

-with Otterbox case, YOU WILL definitely stands out, that thing is HUGE!!!! but dependable.... its HUGE..!!!!

I forgot the last oldest 3G blackberry with a trackwheel that t-mobile had. Now if I could get me hands on it, I'd unlock the bastard and use my WIND sim in it for old times sake and bridge it. But it HAS to be full qwerty and not condensed like the pearl series is. :P