From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry 10 phones get really real

This is a Dev Alpha photo, but the real hardware is getting shown off
By Kevin Michaluk on 27 Aug 2012 02:04 pm EDT

If you're an astute observer of mobile in the tech media, you may have noticed it's feeling like the tide is beginning to turn in favor of BlackBerry. 

I've written before that RIM is losing out on potential sales every moment that BlackBerry 10 is not on the market. That's true. What's also true is that every day that passes is bringing us closer to that anticipated day - the day where BlackBerry 10 phones *finally* go on sale (side note - when I think about this day I always hear AC/DC's Back in Black song playing).

For a period of time a lot of people out there, including a sizable chunk of the CrackBerry community, began to lose faith that RIM would be able to execute and get BlackBerry 10 to market. With the Q1 2013 launch date still a long way out and no real evidence emerging of BlackBerry 10 phones in action beyond the limited BB10 Dev Alpha preview, it's understandable that there could be some doubt.

But that doubt is beginning to fade way and is being replaced with all out excitement. Why? Because RIM is now -- in limited fashion -- showing off BlackBerry 10 software running on BlackBerry 10 hardware, including both full touchscreen and physical keyboard versions.

Over the past two weeks we've seen new reports that carriers who have seen BB10 are enthused. We've even seen positive articles hit the web and tweets on twitter from media people that have gone hands-on. Heck, we've even seen "tech analyst" Carmi Levy, who previously called RIM dead, do a complete 180 after seeing BB10 in action and say:

"It's as impressive a demo as I've ever seen for a product at this stage in its development. It's stable, it's solid, it allows you to do more on a mobile device than you thought it could." 

Awesome stuff all around, and it's the type of feedback that all of us fans who are anxiously waiting for BlackBerry 10 are excited to hear. 

Now I know what you're thinking... why haven't we heard from CrackBerry about this yet? Don't worry. It's coming. Several members of the CrackBerry team have now handled the hardware and we'll be posting our hands-on preview impressions soon. Stay tuned!  

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From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry 10 phones get really real


I just hope the new phones won't be rectangles with rounded corners or Apple will sue RIM's rear for patent infringement...It still boggles my mind that Apple can patent geometry now.

I don't think Apple wants anything to do with suing RIM -their entire OS is ripped off from QNX...they just didn't have the skills to keep it microkernal.
Also,who had the first metal bezel? Who had rounded corners first?
Hell, RIM could probably sue Apple for using icons!
So, unless they want to hand over the keys...I don't think we'll be hearing from them.

LOL, you just took the words right out of my mouth. The Apple-Samsung lawsuit from me seems like a defensive attack from Apple from there concerns of Samsung's rise. I was going to say the same thing about the icons but I think most tech savvy people will agree that the patents have gotten completely out of hand. The companies should be forced to use the patents they have or give them up, I mean some of the patents these companies have make absolutely no sense.

True story. Even Microsoft couldn't perfect the Mach microkernel so they had to turn it into a hybrid. QNX FTW nuff said

I'm curious to hear from an expert such as yourself (who couldn't even muster the mental capacity to properly spell kernel ) what YOU think technical merits of developing a micro vs monolithic vs hybrid kernel are.

Fan boy idiot.

A bit harsh for a typo? Maybe he should have left his phone tag-line for his post so we know to forgive his poor spelling while he was busy being productive. :)

The 'typo' wasn't my main beef. It was the invalid claim that a micro kernel is somehow technically superior. As with any fundamental of OS design, a micro kernel on its own is no better than a macro or hybrid kernel. Continuing to assert that a micro kernel is better just because it is the pattern used in QNX is foolish. That was the reason for my dismissal of his opinion. Clearly, it was beyond you as well. Watching the uninformed babble about OS design is like watching actors offer their opinion on political parties - they should just stay quiet.

No one ever said Linux monolithic kernel was inferior. It's far from it.

Each OS type has their merits in the case of a mobile device where reliability versatility and battery efficiency are needed QNXs RTOS is a great choice.

Monolithic kernels are powerful but if one seventh crashes the whole OS crashes and the open source nature in my opinion makes it easy to hack and crash out a server or PC but it is also easy enough to rebuild the kernel.

iOS based off XNU built around machs simple microkernel is not nearly as advanced as QNXs RTOS, so it had to be merged with a monolithic to give it the performance and versatility it has so in a way he's not wrong. They couldn't build a microkernel they had to bridge it together to get it where it is where QNX perfected it and built its microkernel into a real time OS giving it not only security/stability and versatility but performance also.

And I agree with you that alone a microkernel is no better then a hybrid. They all require underlying code to interconnect the whole system together.

Once again each has their merits there is not need to jump to a conclusion and eat someone's soul over a miss interpretation

I would also like to add for G-Bone, iOSs darwin underlay is a very good OS its does it all right what I have beef with besides apple as a company is the fact that OSX and IOS are cripple and made simple for the masses not really utilizing the power and potential of the underlying system. They could have easily done what they've done with a simple design and still had it pretty stable and fast

Appreciate the feedback.
Re: your question,
I'd explain it to you,
I don't think it'd get past your
'reality distortion field '...

You need to relax. Since when does a typo, or an inability to spell correctly, mean you dont know what you're talking about. As far as I'm concerned the english speaking western world isn't the planet's most knowledgeable/ intellectual one. I'd say a person bashing someone else on grounds of pettiness is an idiot.

The advantages are mainly security and resilience. A small bug does not necessarily permit a security violation to spread beyond the affected service. Similarly, a crash or memory leak can be caught and the service restarted with potentially no noticeable disruption. Of course the benefits depend on how well the interactions between the services have been coded.

Also, with a quad core processor a microkernel has opportunity to be smoother than a monolithic kernel since microkernel services inherently run in their own context.

Look I hate these lawsuits too but you'll agree Samsung crossed the line. It is one thing to copy the said 'rectangle' but to copy the home button, all those icons (this for me is unforgivable) and the bounce back thingy is too much. It leaves a bad taste in one's mouth. The earlier galaxy phones just really cloned the iPhone, honestly. Let's not take one thing in isolation but consider the whole. It was a tad too much.

RIM has nothing to fear from Apple, but that lawsuit they are currently facing from Nokia certainly is cause for concern. Apple lost to Nokia almost as big as Samsung lost to Apple. In the Nokia suit that Apple launched, it ended with Nokia winning $745 million. Now Nokia is after RIM. As RIM and Microsoft have cross licensing deals in place so Microsoft won't go on the offensive directly against RIM, so they are sicking their lap dog on them instead.

But that will take a couple more years to play out so no immediate threat to the launch of BB 10. Hopefully Windows 8 Flops and Nokia sinks before the case even gets to court. Though it saddens me to say that, as I am part Fin, I am all Canadian so gotta cheer on the home team. Plus, Nokia sold out, RIM is choosing to take the road less traveled and challenge the Microsfts, Googles, and Apples of the world directly. They got balls, and that gets my respect. BlackBerry by choice.

Windows Phone 8 won't flop hopefully. IF Nokia flops, Samsung and HTC still have phones running WP8.
And with the Apple victory, hopefully more people would consider licensing Windows Phone.

Windows phone is just a sign that it's unfortunately a two-horse race. And it also shows that no matter how great and smooth an OS is (even on single core!), if there are no apps, it fails.

This is why BB10 is going to fail imo.

That and the poor timing.

Hey, I know that if I have to take a side, if there really is only room for three large mobile ecosystems, despite my love for Nokia (and I will always love Nokia), I have to go with BlackBerry at this point because I don't love Windows Phone or don't call it Metro UI. I don't want to play in a sandbox. I want the freedom to manage my content the way I see fit that I get from BlackBerry. It's a war and I'm on team BlackBerry, screw Windows Phone, RIM has beaten Microsoft for 15 years in Mobile, and they're getting ready to do it again.


I don't 'know'. I was hoping. Because WP7/8 is a much fresher UI than anything else on the market. Very smooth too. BB10 doesn't seem like it would be very different from Android with a few gestures thrown in.
Oh and BBM.

HTC is not in any better position lately then RIM or Nokia and is struggling just to hold on in the market. So I doubt they will be the ones making the big splash for Microsoft. Samsung is virtually synonymous with Android for most non-techie users and is the default competition to Apple. Even with the loss to Apple Samsung still has no real incentive to make Windows Phone their lead Platform because no is buying it yet in any significant numbers and even if things go south with them for Android they have Tizen waiting in the Wings to deliver a similar touchwiz based user experience. So don't place your bets on Samsung just yet.

Plus, it's anything but certain that Windows 8 will finally be the tipping point. Windows Phone is going to be two years old in a couple months and it has yet to surpass RIM who is struggling to hold on to third with a fraction of the budget Nokia and Microsoft blew on Renting Times Square for the Lumia US launch that the next day just turned into a fiasco cause the Artist who performed the free concert tweeted about how great Lumia was from her BlackBerry!

RIM has millions of existing customers holding off for BB 10 and all it needs to get some extra momentum and get a few million people to take a pass on Windows 8 is an announcement of one big partnership from some one outside the mobile phone space to pick up BB 10.

Meanwhile, Windows 8 has to face stiff competition from Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Note 2, LG Optimus, a new Google Nexus, and the new iPhone. If Windows Nokia can't cut through the noise and outshine all the competition this holiday season, then RIM will really shine next year.

It's to early to tell what will happen, but I'm team BlackBerry by choice and I for one wont be buying Windows Anything running don't call it Metro UI this fall. Might buy a Nokia 808 Pureview from Amazon though just to keep as a kind of last pure Nokia phone keepsake though.

But if 1/4 of the current 80 million BB users out there jump on BB 10 at launch that's 20 million sales which is more then Nokia has sold Lumias to date. So don't count out Team BlackBerry yet.

Very very very intelligent post, I must say.

But you do realise that RIM would compete with the devices you listed above? And people from the 80 million user base would buy those devices while RIM twiddle their thumbs and take even more time to release the BB10 devices?

Another thing, probably half of the current 80 million BB users are using Curves. They most likely will not be upgrading to BB10. Unless there's a Curve BB10 at launch. Because alot of the 80 million users are in the poorer countries of the world, and mostly can't afford the Bolds and Torches.

With the Samsung fiasco, MAYBE WP can capitalize. MAYBE. With the upcoming DirectX support and Windows apps, it might be able to catch on, because suddenly it's beginning to look attractive.

Want to see what RIM can do. Just being pessimistic. Haven't counted them out yet...

Yes, RIM will have to compete against all those devices, but it will be after the initial holiday rush when things have quieted down. In other words the people who are bent on buying them will already have them and RIM will compete for the undecided users and hopefully convince a few million of their current user base to upgrade.

This is where RIM might look a little more favorable to new users then Windows Phone. RIM isn't taking an Apple-esque approach to their ecosystem like Microsoft did. You'll still be able to move media on an off your device using anything you want, you'll still be able to side load apps from both Android and by the time BB 10 launches iOS to from community supported projects. In other words, it's more like Android in that regard that you can tinker and customize your device and you're not locked into a walled garden ecosystem. So Android and the still also 80+ million Symbian users out there up for grabs may find more appealing then Windows Phone or iPhone.

That said, for the people who are drawn to Apple or Windows Phone for the consistent and elegant UI and smoothness of the devices, BB 10 will offer that in spades as well. It's kind of the best of the two current approaches.

It's going to have a fast, smooth, consistent, beautiful user experience like iOS or Windows Phone, while not locking customers into a kind of Razor and Blades or Printer and Ink Business model like those ecosystems have.

Like existing BlackBerry phones, users will be able to personalize it allot, and like the PlayBook, you won't need to root it to side load apps and load BBXOS App Center. It will not care if your friends want to share content with you over bluetooth or if you just want to mount it as a hard drive and drag and drop your favorite legally purchased (or not) media onto your phone.

It's the ONLY platform that will offer that winning combination of beauty + consistency and freedom to customize and use your device as you see fit. All while offering industry leading BlackBerry security and multitasking that is head and shoulders above anything else on the market. It will be every bit as socially integrated at Windows Phone (if not more so) and every bit as smooth and fast at accessing the things that matter to the user. It will be the Platform Microsoft doesn't want to take the Smoked By Windows Phone challenge.

Thing is, RIM needs to be able to effectively communicate all the advantages of the platform to users that are not currently in the BlackBerry fold. It's not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. But RIM should definitely make the unparallelled, best in class browsing experience a front and center feature because non-BlackBerry customers generally are of the opinion that the BlackBerry Browsing experience is garbage. The BB 10 Browser though really destroys that preconception and RIM needs to let people know and have store reps willing to demo the new experience.

Windows Phone is just like iOS, but looks different. That's why it's stagnant. It offers absolutely no compelling reason for iOS users to switch as it's just another sand box ecosystem. Android users don't like sandbox ecosystems and cherish their ability to manage their content how they see fit. Only BB 10 offers the best of both worlds and in that regard alone can draw from both the leading platforms.

I guess cell phone contracts only get upgraded in the Christmas holiday shopping season and not many people using other platforms want to try out or come back to BB and use BB10 because they've already made up their minds.


Are you paying attention to this talented, enthusiastic writer? He should be on your payroll. I would definitely enjoy reading any blog post he sees fit to post.

Just my 2 cents...

Nokia's lawsuits against RIM are currently limited to Germany.
The hearings started 2 weeks ago but the case is not expected to end till atleast Dec. RIM has been trying hard to delay as much as possible,& has been trying to get it pushed March...probably wanting to wait till BB10 is released.

Claim 1 (one of the asserted claims) is short because the claim is, in its granted form, quite broad:

An antenna for a wireless communications device comprising

an antenna plate functioning as a radiator,

a feed element to feed the radiator, and

attachment elements to attach the antenna to a wireless communications device, which comprises an electrically conductive earth plane,

characterized in that the attachment elements comprise a cover structure for bracing the antenna plate on the wireless communications device, and that the antenna further comprises means for keeping the antenna plate at a distance from the earth plane.

~ I'm not sure what the 2nd Patent is...I believe it's also hardware

I really dislike that CrackBerry do not leak anything and it's always under embargo while other sites are able to leak more and more stuff.

Come back and say that when you actually see the first BlackBerry 10 device and then go look through some of the older articles here on CrackBerry. You'll see the difference between what was genuinely a leak and what was just "concept".

Despite what people think, I'm under no NDA. I've said it before and I'll say it again I'm sure.. the full touch London device is nothing to be concerned about, we've all, for the most part seen it. The QWERTY Nevada is where people should be focusing because that remains somewhat mysterious.

If you're not under an NDA, then why not give a somewhat comprehensive preview so we all have a better idea of what's coming, instead of this nonsensical "secrecy" and beating around the bush?

Waiting another 5+ months isn't fun, and knowing nothing isn't exciting at all. Having somewhat of an idea of what to expect will keep the excitement going, and potentially prevent many from buying the next iPhone and Nexus phones and Windows Phone 8 (you know, these upcoming little products that we'll actually get to see and buy this year, as in 2012).

Waiting five months isn't fun and I've delayed buying my new bb phone for six months now. Luckily however here in the UK in PCworld they've dropped the price of the 64gb PlayBook to £129 and in the 32gb to £149, so I bought me of each - ought to keep me busy till they drop bb10!

Rim better let something go before Xmas to make people want to stay. If there are no leak they will fall to the back of peoples minds and all the new winter release phone will be right there in their face. I just cant believe we have not seen or been leaked anything yet. BB10 is like Bigfoot. We see the tracks but where is the damn thing.

Some of you need to quit whining like a bunch of babies cuz you didn't get to peek at your present before your birthday.

Actually I can understand the "whining" because they were expected a present on our birthday only to find out we need to celebrate two birthdays to get one gift :/

RIM should preview as much as they deem necessary about the software, but absolutely nothing about the hardware. Keep it a mystery. 1) For competitive reasons. 2) It builds anticipation.

But what kind of 'preview impression' can you really give Kevin, since I'm assuming there's most likely NDAs involved?

Likewise, it'll be "limited" impressions as well. Which is OK. Limited or not, you'll want to read it! :)

I really like RIM's approach here. Look. We all know leaks are bound to happen (even though RIM has done a much better job of locking stuff down). But if you're looking at history, once phones start making their way out to carriers for testing, etc., stuff slips and it happens --> RIM can't control all of that. By doing this sort of limited preview earlier w/ select people, RIM is being proactive. It's smart. RIM has come a long way here.


The only thing I want to know from you Kevin, as the worlds number one BlackBerry fan, was the preview of the two devices everything you had been hoping for from them? No need to give specifics, just want to know your personal sense of enthusiasm and how you feel the devices met your high expectations. It must have been quite a moment to see them for the first time and actually get some hands on. Can't wait to read the article.

Agreed I'd like to know this also did they meet and surpass your expectations.

When I watched the video from blackberry world I was wowed by the camera and keyboard it was further past what I expected

Oh, and one more thing Kevin. Since we the masses still likely will not have seen what the new hardware looks like yet or had the full BB 10 OS experience yet, each time a major phone launches this year - think iPhone - you should do a post, in adherence with the NDA of course, offering your opinion as to whether or not you feel that BB 10 and the first two phones stack up. You've seen an touched them, so on August 29 when Samsung outs the Galaxy Note II, and on September 5 when Nokia and Microsoft announce Windows 8 Lumias, and Motorola outs its fall flagship for Verizon, we'd love to hear from Team CrackBerry with just a troop rally post that those are phones are good but just wait to see what's in the pipeline from RIM. Keep the CrackBerry Nation's spirits high this fall, let us know that in spite of the deluge of phones that are going to show up in the coming months that BlackBerry 10 has the chops. Those friendly reminders along the way will make it much easier for many to stay faithful and will be much appreciated. Thanks

I just want to know one thing... last blackberry I owned was the Bold 9000, when I got that device it was awesome, fast and did loads of crazy things I didnt know a phone could do... a year into using android I long for a blackberry that can give me this feeling again... Kevin can this Blackberry really bring me back from Android?

The Torch 9800 is rectangular, touchscreen, with rounded corners. The Pearl from ages ago was rectangular with rounded corners, no?

RIM showed the almost finished product L & N series to the Canadian Careers last week and also my cousin visited me two weeks ago said they have several meetings with Enterprise customers by group of companies shown off the units. (I trust my cousin more than anyone from RIM) the same cousin told me 2 year ago that the company needs a new leadership if not RIM wont be around too long.
Anyways, I would love to hear from someone who has seen the real handset (not the DEV Alpha) to get an idea of what is coming?

"(I trust my cousin more than anyone from RIM)". Meaning you trust your cousin more than his bosses or the CEO... The people who give your cousin info and tell your cousin what to do.

Or... Did I miss something? :)

Looking forward to some good honest crackberry previews. Above all, we gotta here CB Kevin tell us that it will be a game changer. Honestly though, these last two weeks have brought about a quiet buzz, and it is all positive. I'm almost waiting for someone to come out and say that the new devices suck, but so far so good. BB10 for the win!

This is continued good news and the excitement goes on...heck, I've been excited since the day I found out RIM acquired QNX!

I was the same was working at RIM at the time soon as I found out QNX was bought up by RIM I was branded RIM and BlackBerry for LIFE

Kevin, you say:

"Awesome stuff all around, and it's the type of feedback that all of us fans who are anxiously waiting for BlackBerry 10 are excited to hear. "

and I say:

"Awesome stuff all around, and it's the type of feedback that all of us fans who are anxiously waiting for BlackBerry 10 EXPECTED to hear."

I think I will go buy stock in Post Cereal (makers of Alphabits) and Franco-American / Kraft (makers of Alpha-Getti or should that be Beta-Getti hee yuk) because a lot of ANTI-RIM "pundits" and "analysts" will have to EAT THEIR WORDS.

I'll wait and see how the phone will shape up - in the meantime the Galaxy Note 2 will be my next phone.

Hope that thing won't have 3.0 on it like it's predecesser. 2.3 sure wasn't meant for it. Just look how damn fast and fluid the Note is... It deserves jellybean or Ice cream sandwich.

Aside from that... DO TEST OUT the BB10 device when it hits carrier stores as an actual functioning unit. I'll be doing the exact same thing when it hits, I'll be extremely excited too.

Rim has been showing the finished product (I bet they will add more before released to public) to the VVIP enterprise customers and Careers. I am sure CB team is VVIP team in RIM's eyes so I wonder Kevin took a secrecy oath?

Crackberry team is VVIP for sure.

Is there any other blackberry fansite on teh internetz? lol

I don't want RIM to show off EVERYTHING before completion.

Play Apple's game - Reveal once completed, and ready for shipping within 1 week.

That will be BOLD.

I think we are hoping for a happy medium between virtually nothing and something........RIM has a steep hill to climb and forward spin will be essential to creating anticipation.
Spin depends on something to write about outher then speculation, which can only go so far.

Its so sad that patent law can be twisted to give one company a monopoly over rectangles with rounded corners... could you imagine if a box with 4 wheels was patented? Apple, you suck more than ever - way to kill competition with lawsuits.

So can you tell us if the touch screen you saw looks the same as or significantly different from the dev alpha phones?

According to the Verge, it looks a lot like the Dev Alpha. I'm very curious to hear what Kevin's impressions are!

You already know what it looks like for the most part, you just don't know you know and it's not as close to the Dev Alpha as some would have you believe. You'd be getting warmer in this general area. 

So the London pics are pretty accurate then. I can dig it if that's the case. Maybe the soft touch plastics of the playbook/devalpha that would be cool too

Hmm, if the real BB10 looks like that London, I'm wondering whether Apple will claim the shape is close enough to an iPhone and sue. It's rectangular with rounded corners - they probably will.

Personally, I was hoping for a design that is more innovative and a step away from rectangular slabs we see of almost all other touch devices.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

Kevin, if you could get your hands on a picture of the new Bold BB10 with keyboard, that would be awesome. That's the only device that'll pry me away from my Bold 9900.

"I'm a typer, not a tapper"....

I did not ask my cousin, But I can ask next time but what I am hearing is its slightly thicker than S3 but amazing screen

In my opinion, a preview of these devices should be Crackberry's TOP priority for obvious reasons. I'm surprised an article hasn't already been put out (the Verge wrote about their hands-on time 10 days ago). Frankly, what the hell are you waiting for!?

"the Verge wrote about their hands-on time 10 days ago"

So, in other words.. RIM has had 10 more days to work on things that others may not have seen? In this case, a race to be first is NOT the best.. :D

The idea of the Preview is to let the Key customers to know the BEST phone is real and it is on the way. and do not get crazy about iphone 5. I am sure the careers will hold their energy for BB10 release. Also the enterprise customers wont swithch theirs to IOS servers.

No need. BES 10 servers now work with iPhones. Soon there will be no BBs on the BES servers. lol

BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!! BB10!!

And, BB10 definitely should have a theme song. (Nice one Kevin)

I really think it will be difficult for the casual iPhone user to switch over to BB10 especially if they are going to lose support for certain apps that they have grown accustomed to on their iphones, ie. Netflx, Skype, etc. Or even just simper user functionality.

I work in a hospital/academic environment and I can tell you hands down 90 percent of the smartphones i see are iPhones.Most folks here are way too busy to switch over to a different platform that doesn't have a track record. In our translational meetings with clinicians and academic researchers, almost all have iphones.

I really don't know how RIM would convince them to switch platforms unless they unleash a massive, and I mean massive advertising campaign here in the US. People need to know about BB10 before they go out and get the new iphone...and BB10 needs to deliver. And as I've said before, if it is anything like the PB OS2.0 experience, we will be in trouble. More so than we already are.

I work in a similar setting. I don't think RIM should even try to get these people to switch. They are basically too old to change (I include myself in that age group,a lthoug being a tech fan I'd switch but most people won't).

RIM needs to keep the base they have a look to younger generations, that can easily switch. But I agree to do even that you need the big name apps.

I wouldn't call us our late 20s to early 30s. Lots of education, income and ideas to change the world. This is exactly the demographic that RIM needs to target!

Haha..thanks. Still think this is the market that RIM needs to convert..not the teenagers with ADHD that need a new cellphone every 6 months and scrambling to save their allowances because they don't have a job.

As stupid as they are RIM needs to convert these kids that tweet that they are taking a shit. They ALL are heavy cell phone users and talk about cell phones with each other

Oh,absolutely - the easiest people for the Nazis to convert were the intellectuals. They did their own rationalization.

Kevin, what are you hearing about the big name apps RIM needs?

I have no doubt the folks in waterloo can build a great OS. Given the old OS blackberries should be junk, but OS7 is actually pretty good, this is a testament to the programmers at RIM.

The big BUT for me is that this things comes out with all the basic bells and whistles and the media say it's very good BUT look at app world, and then go buy an iPhone.

Too bad RIM didn't have the foresight to patent the timeline camera! Would say rookie mistake but since they practically invented the smartphone I will say poor management decision.

They can't patent that because they didn't make it. They're licensing it from Scalado who was then purchased by Nokia.
So it's not a poor management decision. They're just borrowing the technology.

Marko you troll so much I don't see how you missed that. Classic fail dude. Day pass revoked. Back to the institute.

There is 0 buzz for this company and phone...going into 2013 RIM will be having a fire sale, by Feb maybe around but under a amazon or samsung...RIM failed greatly with plenty of time they did nothing and now one cares..the pulse of the nation is not beating for another BB phone...and this is the gritty, honest truth.

Please please still be on this forum in April 2013.


Even better please publish your email now, so we can get ahold of you then.

You again breached your conditional sentence order. You're not allowed around a computer or to use the Internet.

I've also seen a shift on social media to a positive note on BlackBerry.

If there is one thing the public loves is a "crash, burn and then the come back story", RIM is that story in 2013.

This positive buzz is nice, but lets hope that Nokia doesn't make a huge slash in a few days with their preview of Windows Phone 8 and that Thor's decision to sacrifice the holiday season does not allow Windows Phone 8 the opportunity it needs to seize third place away from RIM. I want RIM to launch BB 10 still as the worlds third largest player and I want to see them keep Microsoft and Nokia down in the "Others" category.

RIM needs to demonstrate that they are the future of Mobile Computing. RIM has to get some partnerships in place. RIM needs to do better then a pimped out Porsche and a pimped out Jeep. They need to get automakers on board supporting Car 2 and using it. RIM will not have the app ecosystem, so they are desperate for a value added proposition that will make users choose BB 10 in spite of not have hundreds of thousands of apps. Home integration, car integration, and a unique OS and compelling User experience are all a MUST for RIM to go against Microsoft. Windows 8, while not entirely compatible with Windows Phone 8 and Windows RT, does offer people a value added proposition in favor of Microsoft. It works with your Xbox, it looks like your PC, it talks to your tablet. RIM needs something to counter that. An Amazon partnership for the next gen of Kindle products to use BB 10, or some cool gear from Harmon, or Car 2 in 2014 VWs, or something. If RIM can't get the finished product out the door, they need to get deals signed and announce a major partner or two this fall to steal some thunder from the competition as twitter and facebook buzz about BB 10 alone won't stop anyone from buying a competing phone this holiday season. RIM needs to give people a reason to wait.

No stopping it? It has yet to start after two years in the market. Number one in 2 to 3 years?

You're joking right? You realize the only thing that kept Windows Phone alive this long is Nokia and they are in far worse shape then RIM.

You realize Microsoft has been pushing Pre-School Chik (cause I can't call it metro anymore) UI for like 5 years now with absolutely no success right?

You realize consumer feedback for Windows 8 on PCs has been luke warm right? It's not exactly setting the world on fire and Microsoft has resorted to practically giving it away to anyone who buys a Windows 7 PC from June of this year till March of next (I guess they think allot of people will still insist on Windows 7 this fall since the offer runs through March)

Don't get me wrong, if you love Windows Phone and don't find it insultingly juvenile and lacking in capabilities and customizations, good for you. I'm BlackBerry by choice though so I'm gonna stick with what works for me. I hope your platform manages to maintain relevance next year for the sake on Nokia though.

Silly man MSFT has to "give away" win 8 on win 7 machines because the anticipation of win 8 is so high that sales of win 7 machines risk falling to very low levels as everyone waits for the new win8 machines. If no one cared about windows 8 or thought it was a flop, no incentive would be needed, eveyone would keep bying win 7 computers as normal.

Actually I find the metro UI a brath of fresh air. Although I do not own any win phone at this time.

Actually, the incentives for Windows 8 are larger then any previous iteration of the OS in its storied history. They did NOT give Windows Vista Users free upgrades or $14.99 upgrades for nearly a year surrounding the launch of the OS. Plus, PC sales may be slowing, but many analysts (and Apple) would argue that it is because of Mobile Phones and Tablets.

That's great if you love the no longer called Metro UI, but you can't argue the fact that it is a POLARIZING esthetic that people either love or hate which rarely bodes well for a mainstream consumer product.

Plus, I don't want to play in anyone's sandbox, I want an open ecosystem like BlackBerry that allows me to actually have a wallpaper and allows me to manage my content without some nanny software like iTunes or Xbox Music + Video (formerly Zune) telling me how to get stuff on and off my phone. BlackBerry by choice. The only platform that takes the very best of the closed systems like iOS and Windows Phone and the very best of Android's openness and truly empowers consumers to be successful and becomes an indispensable tool that helps people get stuff done and achieve their dreams.

Everyone I know where I work is waiting for windows 8, and each person on average buys about one computer a year.

Listen, I'm lookng forward to BB10 as much as anyone here, but that doesn't mean windows isn't going to make a big splash come October and through the holiday season. Win 8, Win Phone 8 Open Office and by a computer get an XBox. It is coming and if Surface can kick the iPad in the teeth that'll be fine by me.

It's better for RIM if Apple is put on a defensive posture and the press wakes up to the fact that there are other companies out there besides Apple.

Hey, I don't mind if Surface puts the iPad on notice but I would much rather see it be an all new series of BB powered PLaybooks that are the future of mobile computing.

I know a few people who are looking forward to Windows 8 to and I even filled out the offer form for the $14.99 upgrade but I am not likely to bother upgrading unless something really changes as I really don't see any advantages for laptop users like me with Windows 8. That and I personally don't care for the UI. But others love it.

the thing is for BlackBerry to be successful they have to become the next Microsoft or Google or Apple. They are trying to be a post PC era mobile computing company and that means that they need to try and take BB 10 to the major leagues and just like Windows, get it on Phones, Tablets, in Cars, in our homes, and appliances, even on our TVs if they can. They really need to make BB 10 a full fledged OS. They need to take Docs to Go to the next level and make it into a product that can compete with Office RT. They need to step it up in all areas and I really do believe this was Mikes vision with BB 10 and what RIM means when they talk about the next 10 years of growth.

RIM may well shape up to be Microsofts largest competitor in many areas. They already are in MDM, and embedded systems. QNX is the more popular choice over Windows Embedded. RIM just needs to take that UI they put on top of it in the form of BB 10 and convince everyone that it is the future of mobile computing. RIM has the pieces of the puzzle in place and they need to really shoot for the stars. If RIM pulls off BB 10 then they have no alternative but to become a software giant on the scale of Microsoft, Apple or Google. They must play in the big leagues to stay in the game and I know that they have the talent and the platform to make that goal a reality. they just need to sell it to a few other big name companies.

So yeah, I'm team BlackBerry and I want my next car to say Powered by RIM on the dash instead of Powered by Microsoft. BlackBerry By Choice

Most companies using Win7 wouldn't spend $ on Win8 just because it's new. It'd be a bad financial decision and a waste of money in this economy. For me as a consumer Win8 may as well be Vista. To each his own.

Bottom line?
Once we all buy BB X we are going to see a stampede of devs to BB X like you have never seen before...
If you can't infer the reasons,
Then you are too lost to count.

I'm hoping so with the devs even though I feel the stampede has already started. iOS and Droid already have a tonne of apps and this would be a great way for devs to create stunning apps for BB10. I can see devs huddled in their labs cooking up some good ish. I like the fact that they'll create for one platform for the next ten years.

If they do not have the app ecosystem out of the gate - and a substantial one at that to at least match the competition - they will be in deep trouble no matter how good the software. That's just the way it is. Example: Playbook. I don't think deals and partnerships will be able to disguise that.

this i cant wait for and the rumors/confirmed guesses of the snapdragon s4 pro is just making it the ultimate peice of tech. by far on my top of top wants when this comes out.

I'm excited but very frustraited also. I want now not in 4-6 months.

I really hope Q1 does not turn out to be March 31.

It does not appear at this time that will be the case as Thor has said that the delay realistically from the previous target launch is only 6 to 8 weeks, so even if the original launch was supposed to be December, we're looking at February at the latest. That said, since we never got an original launch date and all RIM will say is Q1, they could launch in late March without having to admit to another delay. I'm with you in hoping for early Q1 rather then late Q1.

As an ex bb user, I got to admit I am getting excited again about Rim and blackberry. Hope the bb10 is truily great and comes with an amazing ecosystem. As that is still my biggest gripe, not the hardware or os but the lack of good ecosystem. Please dont see this as trolling just my personal opinion.

sadly the eco system was failed due to the OS with the problems of old OS being resolution style display and actual java platform a developer was not allowed to make just one version on an app he had to build the app for each device in a specific way. The thing RIM has finally fixed is this 1 single OS 1 single resolution per touch and per kb device, with this in mind things will shift its not going to be instant but it will shift.

APPS WILL COME every system no matter what it was BB, Android, IOS, windows, all started with bad ecosystems but thats not what defines it the ability to change it defines the truth of a sytem.

Well, i'm an Apple user now but in my heart i really REALLY love Blackberry.
The only reason i switched from Blackberry to Apple was because of the lack of an offline navigation app for the Blackberry Storm 9500 because i live in the Netherlands and i go a lot of times to germany and belgium etc. and with the mobile internet prices down here it's not fun at all having an online navigation. On topic : BB OS10 starting to love it and i do really hope that app developers like Garmin etc make an offline navigation app for the newly Blackberry devices and then i'm ready to switch back to the Blackberry life!

Well the french are on board anyway lol as TomTom will be doing all the native Mapping via TeleAtlas. I agree though that I hope RIM makes the native BB Maps and BB Traffic apps offline in BB 10 and I hope to see some great 3rd party options as well.

There are Millions upon Millions of former BlackBerry users like you out there that still have fond sentiments towards BlackBerry that for one reason or another left for greener pastures. I really hope BB 10 delivers what you're looking for and I hope RIM does a great job reaching out not just to us current BB users but also all our friends like you who once were BB customers to win back your faith in BlackBerry. Hope you check out BB 10 and I hope you love it.

All I want to know is this: How many times is the word "Career" going to be used in the place of "Carrier" in this thread?

It baffles me that some self proclaimed "Armchair CEO" can give all kinds of advice on how RIM can succeed and where they failed but can't distinguish between Career and Carrier...

Just sayin'... ;)

Hey Kevin, another thing I would like clarified is if the first all touch BB10 is gonna be the flagship high end device we thought it was gonna be. Because there was that article a couple weeks back that said there would be six devices in total and the high end device was coming later in 2013.
I would hope that RIM would launch a brand new product that they are hoping will make a big change for them with the high end flagship all touch and the high end flagship qwerty.

For the last 3 years, I have attempted to leave BlackBerry whenever it came time for me to renew my phone; an event that occurs every year for me. But I always found a reason to return the Droids that I considered in favor of the latest BlackBerry. The Evo was too big, the Photon 4g had a glitch with the calls, etcetera.

For the first time, I can actually buy a different phone with no buyer's remorse, since BlackBerry has nothing new out, and I have the latest on the Sprint network. So come September 21, my 9930 will be replaced by the new iPhone. My PlayBook will cease to have much value for me, so I will be replacing that with an iPad. Hate that it has come to this, but it is finally time to part ways. Good luck to RIM, and of course, when BB10 finally materializes, I shall be taking a look at it to see if it will pique my interest.

Well good for you. I never understand why people feel the need to proclaim that they are leaving BB. Why not go post that you're coming to iOS on iMore?

Yes, good for me, and uhmf for you. I feel the need to proclaim that I am leaving, since I have been a member of this website for the last five years, and up till now, an undying Blackberry enthusiastic.

If I have posted commentary about everything to do with Blackberry phones within that time, why should I leave out the most important post about me leaving? Sorry if that scares you, or makes you feel somehow dimnished, but I am sure you will find oxygen in a sinking ship. I won't begrudge you that.

Scares me? What do I have to be scared of? I'm waiting patiently on my new BB10 device to come out next year.

I simple stated that I didn't understand why you tell us you're leaving. There has been so much negativity toward BB, if you "were" and undying enthusiast, you would have more respect for BB and leave quietly and enjoy your new prducts.

But, no, you'd rather come and add to the negativity by making sure we all know you're leaving for a new iphone. Seems kind of self serving to me, like everyone HAS to know you're getting and iphone and an ipad, becasue you find them better. But hey, whatever gets you through the day, right??

Or you could wait a few months to see what BB10 brings. You can always use your upgrade to buy the iPhone 4S+ if you don't like what BB10 has to offer. Nothing worse than buying something, marginally liking it, and then seeing the product you really wanted released after you already spent a chunk of cash (and locked into a contract).

He's already made up his mind. Why waste your keys trying to convince him to stay. Peace out bud enjoy the device of a company with no ethics, enjoy being herded into the barn with the rest

Look who is talking about herding. Your myopic eyesight should refocus on yourself. I am done making excuses for a company that has failed me again and again when it comes to making a satisfactory phone and/or tablet. Peace out to you.

mhockeycoach, I have considered this possibility. If I like BB10 enough, I'd probably be willing to shell out the full price for it. I also think it will probably take a while before the BB10 ecosystem has all the essential apps and whatnot, so I can probably afford to wait.

Barredbard, I for one respect your honesty and find myself in a similar situation with my love for BlackBerry and Apple. I comment and visit CrackBerry almost 2-3 times a day, and recently just joined iMore. I find that BB10 has promise and I'm definitely excited to see how the new BB's will perform as well as when the PB gets updated to BB10. Some will call you a sheep or question why your even here, but honesty and constructive criticism is the only way to change for the better. I've started to notice that some on CrackBerry are becoming everything they "hate" about others who talk down on other platforms. I've been an owner of BB's and Apple mobile products/computers for about 15yrs and feel they both have their ways of "stealing" me from the other every so often. There is no "sheep" or shame in that.

True that. Some of these silly folks almost take it personally when they see someone else leaving. Almost as if that somehow threatens their very existence or fanaticism for Blackberry products. I will keep an eye on BB10. But I don't want to wait until it makes its debut before trying out other pastures. I owe it to myself after all the recent disappointments.

Some may take it personally, I think others are just tired of the RIM bashing.. and hearing about people "jumping ship" because RIM didn't do this .. or the iPhone has that.

I'd get a Samsung Galaxy S3, and a Galaxy tab 10.1 with a pen that actually works, otherwise come 2013 you'll be sitting with the oldest phone and tablet on the market. Apple can call there stuff new but it just isn't sorry Apple :(

Gah! I can't wait for BB10 to come out! I switched from the BB Tour a few years back to Android, and my next phone WILL be a BlackBerry. I want back in, but I want to wait until BB10 is out and not just grab an older BB7 phone.

My BB lust is so bad I had to get myself a PlayBook to tide me over until BB10 comes out. (It arrives in 3 days).

The comment about the app ecosystem rings true to me. Fewer and fewer multiplatform apps include a BB version of late. Hopefully that will change with BB10 providing a single platform, rather than the multiple versions required at present for BB7, BB6, BB5 etc.

I agree. Ecosystem is absolutely crucial. I just hope we don't have to wait much longer to find out if RIM puts as much stock on ecosystem as I do.

The Apmosphere is all about courting the devs and they're reportedly very excited about it. With the tools they're given, when you can develop a simple app in under 10 minutes, imagine what they can do with a few weeks or six months. :)

When I think about the day BB10 goes on sale I hear either Kool & the Gang's Celebration or The Thompson Twins' Hold Me Now.  

Torch 9860 & PlayBook (Life is good)

Management is totally responsible for everything RIM does. It was their fault for not reacting to the ever changing market and the new management team is responsible for what happens today and beyond. Management in other companies love to reap the benefits when the money rolls in but when something goes wrong they seem to act like they don't know what the company is doing and get out of any responsibility or blame. It was RIM's problem to fix and they didn't. Now they are almost non-existent here in the USA with a few die hards (me included) waiting for a turnaround. I can't even buy any Blackberry accessories except for online. Not one commercial, not one ad and not even any signs in the carrier's stores......I can't get away from my Bold experiences and would just love to see BB10 begin to turn the company around.....I wonder what they will look like in 10 years? RIM had the capacity to totally bring around the smartphone a few years ago, let's hope this time, they have the ability to see farther than their own nose.

As Kevin noted, Back In Black would be such a great song for their BB10 launch, although something's telling me that's been done before - not sure.

I think theme song for bb10 should be "we are the champions".

"I've paid my dues -
Time after time -
I've done my sentence
But committed no crime -
And bad mistakes
I've made a few
I've had my share of sand kicked in my face -
But I've come through"

The last few verses hold meaning to the fight that RIM is putting up. A company that doesn't stop fighting dispite the media and analysts constant dismissal of this company.

Personally I think it really speaks volumes

How can you call yourself "CHAMPIONS" when they haven't sold one fkn device? How have they come through? For all we know, for right now, this is all talk. OOOH a few media types and carriers saw a device. Everyone gets excited about the new thing, like the playbook when it came out, and FLOP. You just jumped off the bridge and didn't make it. Record stores when they were alive, used to only order 5 copies of a new record so they could say "it sold out" . Blackberry will wind up doing the same thing.

Call me a troll, but in the "REAL WORLD" I'm just a realist.

You're just stating the obvious. I think Kevin is a little ahead of the curve on this one. The tide is turning in blackberry's favor? Really? The thought of this cracks me up.

If they really want to make an impact they should use

The Bitch is Back

some lines would work nicely:

Times are changing, now the poor get fat
But the fever's gonna catch you when the bitch gets back

I can bitch, I can bitch
`Cause I'm better than you
It's the way that I move
The things that I do

I don't like those, my God, what's that
Oh it's full of nasty habits when the bitch gets back

Remember crackbery started as a reference to a nasty addiction.

I'd save the campaign specifically for the keyboard version.

Oh and if the phone turns out to be a flop we can all get high in the evening sniffing pots of glue.

BB10 might be the holy grail for RIM but until consumers can actually touch it and see it in action - not just witness pre-canned video loops shown in a controlled environment - the public is not interested.

It's funny seeing how lathered up some people are regarding Kevin's post. I remember the exact same sentiments being expressed when BB6.0; BB7.0; the Playbook; the TAT demonstrations, and the RIMPIRE Strikes Back campaign were launched. And look at how well those turned out.

At this point it is simply too premature to suggest that the tides are turning in favour of RIM. Perhaps in a year from now, this statement will be proven to be correct. But right now, no way.

Not that they are the champions but the lines "and bad mistakes I've made a few, I've had my share of sand kicked in my face But of come though"

Media has spat in RIMs face left them for dead and they are still building BB 10 and still pushing through the doubters and fighting to regain a spot in the market. You're reading to literally into my words

Yup. You and garment are trolling. Oh ye of little faith should turn your backs on anything BB (including CB) and just walk away and leave us to die in piece. Take the other trolls with you. Pray for us. We'll miss you.

Just a little suggestion on photos. You should be captioning photos so we know what we are looking at. For example, the photo in this article should be captioned that it is a Dev Alpha device.

Vaporware is a product that is promised and promised but keeps missing it's release date ala Duke Nukem Forever. ;-)

Hate to break it to you but DNF was finally released...

It's success or lack thereof is another matter entirely however...

Interesting analogy though. Hopefully it's not prophetic.

as an iPhone user. I plan on jumping to BB10 as soon as it becomes available. However, i'm worried about other users who won't make the switch because they invested so much buying iPhone apps. I think the best way to make it an easier switch is if RIM, through the sale of each BB10 device, give app world credits between 20 and 50 USD. what do you guys think?

+1. This is an absolutely brilliant idea. IMO, as long as the hardware and UI is solid on the new BB's, this would work like a charm. I believe the only way for this to work, is by offering a money amount like you mentioned, without any restrictions on what apps the credit can be used for, unlike some of the promotions RIM has run in the past.

RIM gave away apps before. I don't think they should do it again. Giving credits, to me, would seem like begging for people to return, which can be seen as pathetic imo. The platform should be able to stand on its own if it's so great, and the apps should be good enough people shouldn't need to think twice about shelling out dough.

Imho I don't think they will need to, when the early adopters get the product out in public (along with a good marketing campaign) and people see what it can do they will be more than willing to reinvest in the new ecosystem of the future; just like apple was many moons ago. If bb10 is everything its supposed to be I think it will sell itself . .

As good as they are (and I think the 1st 2 devices will be amazing), it's all about the apps at the end of the day. That's why the iPhone is a beast, even though it's barely changed in almost 3 years (and since 2007, actually). If BB10 launches with a very weak app ecosystem (like the Playbook's current roster), it will not be a huge success.

And how many apps did apple have in their store when they first launched? Did they launch with a fully mature app store or did it develop over time as devs liked what they saw and wanted to get on board? . . Just sayin' . . .

Everytime I hear something remotely related to BB10 it makes me giddy. Can't wait to see the finished product and then finally hold one in my hand.

Don't disappoint us RIM.

Buy Stock NOW or wish you had- when this launches, look out. I switched to Android a year or so ago, and look forward to coming back to Blackberry- still the best messaging, the best security and the best email integration with the O./S- in fact\, the best integration - period-

I left as I wanted a bigger screen and some other features, GPS, etc that the 10's will offer-... Blackberry is NOT tracking my every move !

And I have a lot of stock !

My friend has handled the new hardware and while he did not go into specifics he did say the specs were excellent / top of class and that the screen was amazing. He compared the all touch phone to the size of a Samsung Galaxy S3 and the Qwerty device to be thinner but slightly longer than the Bold 9900 due to the larger screen.

Look...RIM likely shipped out another 7 Million plus units, likely made money on an operating basis (though likely will show a loss etc. with other writedowns / costs) but should be in a good position if the product is excellent. There are enough BB or former BB users who will consider the new phones if they receive good reviews and are backed up by a substantial marketing push by RIM and the carriers.

The lack of Cloud / Integration into the home that Apple and perhaps Microsoft can do is the one thing that will hurt Blackberry but come on......with a kickass Browser half of the "Apps" are redundant and useless and while they are missing a couple I would like to have on my playbook mostly I use it to browse the web....something it does just fine!

I will likely have to wait longer as my ideal form factor is a slider......similar in size to the full touch screen but thinner and lighter than Torch if possible please!

like your comments about the kb version. Eveytime I think I'll go for the full touchscreen, comments like these remind me that I just love to have a kb phone.

It's going to be extremely gratifying to see RIM back on its feet. So much hate out there. I really don't know what RIM did that created so many haters. Is it because its a Non-American company like google and apple??? lol. Well, RIM is due for a comeback so all you haters get out the way!


Think about it for a minute. Who has their identity and worth as an individual tied into what kind of mobile phone they have? Teenagers, that's who. A bunch of hormonally imbalanced Junior High and High School kids. The downside to the internet is that you can rarely attach a face, or a person to a comment, so you have no real sense of who you are talking to.

I know that it's hard not to get drawn into these little hate competitions, but if you sit back and watch the antics for a bit it's hard not to notice the school yard rivalries and tactics that have developed around the various OS's. Now the vast majority of internet Tech sites, whether it's a Blog or a Forum or what have you, generally make their living based on the number of hits and clicks their sites get and it didn't take the less reputable ones long to figure out that encouraging this rivalry is good for their business. The really unfortunate part, is that what used to be an excellent resource for evaluating the various manufacturers products has become nothing more then an adolescent pissing match.

I'm not saying that all tech sites are guilty of pandering to the irrational angst of teenagers. Many sites, such as this one, offer extremely good product evaluations that are very insightful. On the other hand, there are sites like BGR that, in my opinion, are classic examples of "Yellow Journalism" at its worst and are well deserving of my distain and contempt. What seems to have suffered almost universally from these outbursts of teenage insecurity are the user comment sections on almost all sites.

Even after having said all of this, I still have a hard time keeping myself out of the fray whenever I read some particularly uninformed comment. So I keep reminding myself of a saying I once read: "There is no point in arguing with stupid people, they'll just drag you down to their level and beat you with experience."

RIM has pur a tone of work into BB10 phones, that much is clear. What's also clear from the comments about it it could all be for not if they don't have the top of the line Apps from all the big names. I really hope RIM is putting as much effort in on the Apps side as everything else (and I don't mean BB Jam I mean the real apps, like NYTimes, Skype, Spotify etc. Basically whatever the top 100 apps are on iPhone/Android at the time of release BB10 should have them.

You want us to wait for your review?
Come on ...... you should be the FIRST to post ..... not the last !!!!!

I'm ready for the release already! I'm kind of glad that I'm only a week(if that) with my Bold 9900...this should certainly hold me over until...

There appears to be a lip at the bottom of that phone in the picture. Is that what slides out the physical keyboard???

I'm thinking this will be a slider.

Can't wait to have BBM friends back...well I have some but they don't even stretch the length of my devices screen. Wow video chat via BBM along with online gaming via BBM along with whatever else they have up the sleeve via BBM....Oh they have something good,I saw it all over Franks face in the Bgr interview :)

hey RIM,do not persuade us with some prototype only...please launch the new device and start selling it before all of us will buy others..

Rim should organize a launch party for BB10 with major artists and kick it off with ACDC and Back In Black! just an idea though, i think it would attract tons of attention if done right

I'm going off topic a little.
Samsung lost the patent case because it was held in California, if they held it anywhere else the patent would have been dismissed. US protects apple because its made in US.

Sammy lost the District case which is a battle not the war. They have the Patent and Federal case if they want to appeal which we know they will for some type of settlement or future co-op licensing agreement. It is not about infringing on patents it is about slowing down advancements from your competition without you being a part of it all. Apple is great for slowing down advancements from their competition while they figure out the "next" item. Additionally, it has nothing to do with where it was held or because it is a U.S. company. Lawsuits help the bottom line. The bottom line is getting to market. RIM has lost getting to market somewhere along the line.

These same companies just fought a patent battle in Japan and the decision went to Samsung... No patent infringement. The US decision shouldn't really be a surprise any more.

by the time BB10 comes out all of the other competitors will be way more advanced,
RIM is just catching up to the technology that's already available, maybe not exactly but RIM is BEHIND current technology,RIM just update your phone line up and come out with BB10 ASAP
or else you'll just be playing catch all over again

i will always be a Blackberry fan/user had one since 2002, nothing else compares

Brand loyality. Now that's something I wish we could get back to. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't but many a Company have failed because they thought brand loyality would get them though. If we had brand loyality maybe the CrackBerry site wouldn't have an LG ad on it. ???