From the Editor's Desk: Back to work... Let the silly season of mobile begin!

Tablet Time!
By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Sep 2012 04:10 pm EDT

I love today. I've always viewed today -- the Tuesday following Labor Day Monday -- as the first day of what I refer to as GO TIME. Summer is over. Holidays are finished. I'm rested, rejuvenated and full of energy and ready to hustle. Over the years, whether it's been back to school or back to work, the next four months leading up to the Christmas break (where I recharge my batteries again) tend to be my busiest and most productive of the year. And today is the day that kicks it all off. 

In the world of mobile technology, I mark today as a special day too. It's the start of the silly season of mobile, where news and rumors tend to get BUSY once again.

Over the summer the news tends to slow down a bit, as do all of the events us tech bloggers have to cover. But with summer behind us, things usually ramp up big time. Heck, even today things are dropping as if on queue. On the rumor side we just saw a long-awaited first "real photo" of a BlackBerry 10 phone surface. And on the event side, Apple has sent out the invites that their iPhone 5 event will be taking place next week on September 12th (kudos to our sister-site iMore for calling that day right back in July).

On CrackBerry, last week was already busy of course as we tackled our In-Depth First Impressions of BlackBerry 10 piece. If you missed it, READ IT.

Over on Android Central, the crew was reporting back like crazy from the IFA conference overseas. Heck, things are so busy for those guys that this week I'm going to be pulling some extra Mobile Nations World Tour duty and am flying to Santa Monica tomorrow to cover the Amazon event for them. The inspiration for the photo above came from my packing my suitcase for the trip... I have to take a pile of tablets with me for all the comparisons to the next generation of Kindle Fire, along with whatever else Amazon may announce.

The Kindle Fire sort of bridges platforms across our Mobile Nations sites. Even though it's built upon Android, it's not just Android phone owners that buy it (and it's so differently skinned that most people don't really think of it as Android). Being the #2 tablet out there currently, there are a lot of Apple and BlackBerry owners who also own a Kindle. So when it comes time to Thursday's event coverage, I'm thinking since I'm there we'll fire it up the live blog across all of Android Central, CrackBerry and iMore. Why not, right?! We like to keep our audiences informed, so even if you're not interested it's worth getting the Mobile Nations take on the news. It'll be a short trip more to California, but I'll be back there later this month again for BlackBerry Jam Americas. I wasn't joking about being busy.

BlackBerry 10 may be lined up for an early 2013 launch, but with the silly season of mobile now upon us I have no doubt we're going to be kept BUSY between now and then. We're ready for it. So bring it on! 

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From the Editor's Desk: Back to work... Let the silly season of mobile begin!


I said the Kindle Fire is #2 tablet... #1 you can define for yourself however you like.. it doesn't have to be by sales... soo fo sure, PlayBook #1 :)

And I said BlackBerry PlayBook is #1!
Based on sales? I bought a BlackBerry PlayBook. So ya, based on sales, it is number #1. Woooo! Inyo fACe!

#1 BlackBerry PlayBook
#2 BlackBerry PlayBook
#3 BlackBerry PlayBook
#4 BlackBerry PlayBook
#5 BlackBerry PlayBook
#1 BlackBerry PlayBook
#1 BlackBerry PlayBook
#1 BlackBerry PlayBook
#1 BlackBerry PlayBook
!!!#1 BlackBerry PlayBook #1!!!


Speaking of the Mobile Nations World Tour, where is that report on you using an android device for a specific period?

Still need to do it. I have a massive list of bullet points to cover. Need to get the time to write it down. Maybe on my flight back from this Kindle event.

I will say this though.. it's amazing how much the HTC One X slowed down over time with use. Was fairly quick when I first got it. Now it's laggy as all hell. 

Silly season of mobile indeed:
- iPhone 5 and new Nexuses from multiple manufacturers launch
- iOS 6 and WP8 release
- Surface and Kindle Fire 2 release details
- Facebook and Amazon phone rumors
- more...

Hopefully RIM will do enough to keep BB10 relevant until it is show time.

It's good to have an opening act...
Mighty nice of all them other fellers to get the crowd warmed up for the main event...
BlackBerry X!
The world may not know it - but that's what they have been waiting, wanting, longing for...
The OS that apple poorly copied...QNX!
Time for the Real Thing, Baby!!!
Let the games begin!!

Would be nice if RIM launched 2.1 or other updates to throw a bone and have some visibility during this competitive release activity. No one on CNBC mentioned RIM or BB phones or products this morning. "Out of Sight Out of Mind" it seems across the news front....

Something I noticed in Kevin's picture, is that the amount of screen showing for the iPad is about the same as the screen size for the PB. Yet there are only 8 icons showing on the iPad vs 24 for the PB. It's only a subjective opinion I suppose but the PB makes a lot better use of its space. Apple has a lot more blank space, which is their simplicity mantra I guess. Just an observation.

Rockin' the 9900

* BlackBerry by choice *
Agreed. There is a lot of wasted space on the iPad just like the iPad itself takes up too much space :)

PlayBook all the way. Looks the iPad is a waste of space after all :p

Omg! Kevin hit me up!!! I live LA and would love to hang. Wether its wednesday night, thursay or friday. Ket me know if you need my bbm, just got a new one from vzw so got a new pin

I'm banking that the iPhone5 flops...story of 2012 and the door opens again for RIM and BlackBerry10

IPhome5 an Incramental update...not innovative

* BlackBerry by choice *
As much as the reviews of the iPhone 4S were mixed to say the least, I would bet good $ that you are correct here. My fingers are crossed for RIM, but the iPhone 5 in my opinion has high potential, to flop.

@Kevin : Any CB editor to fly BBJam in Amsterdam sept. 19 ? Last time (devcon E) was quite a short meeting ;-)
I should be there, again.

My husband has an iPad, and the apps for it are increasing daily. Even my local library has an app for its platform. Much as I love and prefer my PB, I despair of the dearth of apps for RIM products. Even Starbuck discontinued its BB card app for RIM...

Wishing and hoping that BB10 is released SOON...