From the Editor's Desk: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

By Bla1ze on 24 Aug 2014 04:39 pm EDT

Time for another From the Editor's Desk. This week, I'm keeping it short and simple and fulfilling a challenge for ALS put out by Michael Clewley. I've donated as well but part of the fun is actually doing the ice bucket portion, so hit play on the video to see who I challenged, and of course, me dumping a whole bucket of ice water on my head. The Ice Bucket Challenge has now raised over $70M for ALS, which is pretty amazing. So kudos to everyone for taking part and if you're looking to learn more or donate then please head on over to the ALS site for more details.

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From the Editor's Desk: ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


My thoughts, Exactly.....why not just wear a rain coat....

What about getting Cage Michaels to do it, Blaize?

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He posted a photo a while ago around the time of his EIC promotion, "against my better judgement...". It's gonna haunt him now... :-)

See my post further below. It's in the forums, search has been unsuccessful so far...

Anyone remember or care to dig it up?


(Please show some sympathy and solidarity for his condition, and please **honestly** don't mock or judge him. We love Bla1ze with or without cap... curiously my brother is an 80% look-alike of Bla1ze, and he's suffering from the same, weird, isn't it? )

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Is saw this six seconds...damn! why wasn't is a promo.

I miss the co-producer of ICE bucket though. :(

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I am just waiting for the next version of this challenge. We have seen the salt and ice challenge. And the ice water challenge...i think the next should be the salty ice water challenge!

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Can you do it a third time the girl on the fence had her eyes closed.


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Same thought here...

I wanna hear some ice cubes in the bucket and see some on the ground!!!

Can you spot anything (substantial)?
Otherwise we call bulldung... ;-)

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The Aussie way:

You buy a big bag of ice at the petrol station, that goes in the bucket, then let your mates stir it (no cheating, the harder you stir, the colder it gets...) ...

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Gonna grab some tonight...

Is there a forum thread already... ?
Let us know...

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Totally agree. I live in NS too and Peggys has crazy high wind so it would be freezing to do it there.

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Prem....on second watch- you are "correct"....I call Bullshat! and a do over..

Get some ice chunks in there, lose the hat and get some chicks involved...

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Jojo.....IDK....great's another....Blaize, when are you going to, finally, do a sanctuoned ALS ice bucket challenge?

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But science says the it should at least [i] feel [/i] warmer as your body temp has already fallen.. unless you used colder ice water...

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I will be also doing the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge on Labor Day and donating $100 myself. The Galaxy S5 also challenges the iPhone 5s, the HTC One M8 and the Nokia Lumia 930 to take the same challenge.

What about the Z30?

Oops BlackBerry forgot to waterproof it, nevermind...

Check Out [URL="bbmc: C0008DDD1"]TechCraze[/URL]

The article on Android Central didn't state anything about any BlackBerry phones. Does it really matter? It is about donating money to a great cause and a terrible disease. The world doesn't revolve around BlackBerry. I already knew when I posted it that someone would get offended BlackBerry didn't get called out on the challenge.

If you had stated in your first post that it was an android central challenge and not your own personal one, no one would have asked.

Ok so I posted it was on AC 2 minute later and why would I challenge a smartphone to do an ice bucket challenge LMAO. If you had used some common sense you would of realized that Samsung issued the challenge. They do make the S5 NO?

Hey Bla1ze I hear it doesn't count if you're wearing any type of hat.. WHHAAATTT!!.. guess you're going to have to do it a third time!!!!!!!!

There is one floating around, in the forums.

I remember the string "against my better judgement" by Bla1ze, when he posted it. Might need to search for it before he deletes it :-)

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^^^^^^the kid's got you, lids during the challenge....

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You need to add: Northern hemisphere... :-)

January's just about ideal down here... you might even be craving one...

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From someone who's family has unfortunately been touched by ALS a *big* Crackberry thank you Bla1ze! Sure hope JC does it!!

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Well done mate, been there myself with the water bucket challenge. It's viral over here too. :)

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bla1ze you should've said how to donate in the video, there's a lot of video bout this but not really educating people how to help out and donate. anyways, cool video and nice backyard

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well based on experience as customer representative, most Americans are too lazy to search for the website or has no common sense as you would put it

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LOL! Good stuff and great nomination!

Hope Chen does it!

Someone also needs to nominate the Chief Media Officer of Mobile Nations... can't recall his name right now but... whoever he is, someone needs to nominate him ;)

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I feel for ya Bla1ze because I did it twice too! My girlfriend said she didn't know it wasn't recording the first time but I don't believe her :p

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Hm... why is everyone doing the challenge wrong? You're supposed to be standing in an ice bucket full of water. Then have someone SLOWLY pour 3 buckets of ice water over their heads. Then take the bucket of ice they are standing in and pour that over their head.

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I'm glad Bla1ze confirmed that he not only did the challenge but also donated. Bravo to him. I personally just quietly donated like many others. I think Bla1ze should edit the post to reflect him doing both because most have forgotten that per the original challenge actually doing the ice bucket meant you got out of donating. honestly, WAY too many idiots are doing it just for attention, likes or reposts and have NO clue what ALS is or means or even know who Lou Gehrig was.

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Yeah.... calling myself out and saying Duh! Guess I read the post to fast. It's mentioned in there. Again, Bravo Bla1ze for donating.

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Before anyone complain about this ice bucket challenge. In 2013, on its own the ALS raised 19 million dollars. This ice bucket challenge campaign among the celebrities has raise awareness and collected 53 million dollars and counting so far. This is one instant where the celebrities can help out a worthy cause.

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And, why didn't you nominate Kevin?

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Hahaha I can't wait to see the Adam Zeis bucket challenge. Lol he's so awkwardly funny!

But, yeah, Idk if JC will be doing that. Haha

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I haven't done it, don't think I will unless it is on a very (doubtful) hot day. :D

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This winter I am going to do it in a snowstorm!! I'm going to start the real Canadian Ice Bucket ALS Challenge!!

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Great Job Bla1ze!
Did mine today as well- bigger bucket tho.... Had a very good friend pass away a couple years back.
I know first hand how terrible this disease is and wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy.
Keep up the good work!

No ice chunks? You're wearing a hat?

That could be warm water. Need to see it again.

Redo please.

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Don't do this to anyone involuntarily. Thee is a condition called malignant hypothermia where doing this stunt could be fatal. In fact doing it voluntarily might not be a good idea either as the condition is often undiagnosed.

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Nice Stuff Bla1ze! Come on Chen! You need to get better acquainted with the Canadians winters anyways.

Glad to hear you donated as well Bla1ze. I think a lot of people are missing the original point of the challenge. You either donate or do the ice bucket instead of donating as the "price" for not donating. I'm hoping that everyone that has dumped ice water on themselves is also donating like you did. They've certainly seen a massive increase in donations, that's for sure.

Good cause and all, but please donate to other charities as well. ALS is far from the only charity hurting for donations.

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