From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry in the media

By Bla1ze on 3 Aug 2014 08:36 pm EDT

It's Sunday and time for another From the Editor's Desk. This weekend, for me personally, has been a rather slow one as it's Natal Day weekend in the Canadian provinces of Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island. My time was spent with my son watching movies, checking out fireworks, and really just taking some time to relax and get ready for the week ahead.

So, rather than going on some long winded rant about how I feel about the BlackBerry landscape right now, I figured I'd draw some attention to how others are feeling about BlackBerry. Why? Because it's important to recognize how people outside of the BlackBerry world feel about the company. We've all read the doom and gloom articles for several years now but recently there's a different tone coming out in the media.

Sure, there are still plenty of people out there writing the 'BlackBerry is dead' headlines and how BlackBerry as a brand will soon disappear but that story is old and it's not getting the attention it once did. You can only write that story so many times before you start to look like an idiot for saying it. Especially when the company is not only still alive but out there acquiring other smaller companies and forging new partnerships in various areas as part of their efforts to rebuild themselves.

Have a look at what some others are saying about BlackBerry:

That's really just a small sample of the positive articles I've read over the past week or so but there are certainly more out there as well. It's nice to see the change happening and at times funny to see who's writing what now compared to what they were writing previously.

In any case, the story here is far from over but I think the next few months are going to be interesting when it comes to who says what about BlackBerry and I fully expect to see even more positive articles pop up, along with some backtracking.

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From the Editor's Desk: BlackBerry in the media


Well I am now a blackberry stock holder so I hope that the media keeps some positive news flowing as stock price is more about opinion than actual valuation now days lol.

But a sub 10$ per share buy should see me some good profit in a few years, long haul...or buyout LOL!

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Do you remember your first week in your new position, like 10 good post per day... i remember i said, dont get us mal acostumbrados!
And now.. i when i swipe refresh.. there its nothing new... just 1 or 2 news per day..
You get us mal acostumbrados , to read a lot.. give us a balance..

 BBLatino

Is there any dares for the release of the Passport and the Classic, other than this fall or next quarter?

For the person on the move - BB10- /442 + Pebble

Like all releases, it's regional. September will see the 'official launch' announcement for the Passport and roll out from there. Given the timeframe and run up, I'd expect the Passport to hit stores by the end of September but that's just a guess.

But people working in stores are from the segment of society who would own the BlackBerry knockoffs, the people knowledgeable about BlackBerry would the ones owning the chain of stores

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BlackBerry Classic - officially announced Feb 2014 - "official launch" November time frame = US store shelves Q1/Q2 2015

BlackBerry Passport - officially announced June 2014 - "official launch" September time frame = US store shelves late 2014 or early Q1 2015


Definitely need Umi, and Kevin (yourself of course) for a new podcast.

Looking forward to it.

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I'd quite like one on a more regular basis (once every three weeks?) with the now regular CrackBerry squad - Bla1ze, DJ, James, Alicia, Joseph (apologies if I've forgotten anyone) - would be cool to have a regular fan podcast for the hardcore CBers.

You can never go wrong with a bit of the original Craig for a bit of healthy cynicism too :)

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I was hoping the article was about BlackBerry advertising through media and maybe they decided to actually spend a couple bucks on advertisements. Wishful thinking that BlackBerry would actually want to advertise a product.

Why would they spend dollars on consumer ads at this time as I'm sure you're writing about that type of expenditure? What strategic reason can you provide us for your criticism of BlackBerry at this time?

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Consumers buy devices.. what world are you living in? "Business users" are consumers who can be influenced by ads but a lot of these articles could be paid which is good. However, there were a lot of the same type of positive articles leading up to BB10 launch and it didn't seem to continue post launch.

There will be advertising as soon as 10.3 and the Passport arrive.


I'd say so, too LOL

Who in their right mind would go and advertise old stuff NOW, right before the launch???

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

 There's been quite a bit of mainstream radio advertising for the Z3 here. Refreshing, as there was absolutely zero for the Z10/Q10 and Z30 etc...(South Africa) 

 Via Ze Ten 

A while back when Blackberry went through the taking private fiasco, Kevin had mentioned that you could see a drop in the interest from your internal reports on how people were purchasing and visiting your site, that report was posted by Kevin after the fact though, rolling forward to today, could you share some insights on how Crackberry's site is seeing things shaping up, as far as user engagement is concerned, before the launch of Passport and Classic? Is it all time high right now? Or, do you see doom and gloom ahead.

I hope that Blackberry will sell the Passport unlocked on day one without exception.

Kevin would have a deeper insight over the long term but from what I know right now, there isn't any major increases in traffic that's outside of the norm. HOWEVER, there's also NO decreases either. Things were slowing down until the BlackBerry Passport and BlackBerry Classic were announced but after those came, it was driven right back to where it was and its been steady ever since. As we get closer to launch and the month after, that's where we'll be able to see how much the Passport and Classic help.

Two days back I saw a article where it is mentioned that Ford as replaced BlackBerry with iPhone for there 3000 odd employees!!, I was not able to understand what made them to take such a step, that to at this time? ,will we prove them wrong or a boomerang

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@srishreeshri...I read somewhere ,that started last year,why put the story out now?It is meant to drive down the SP so that people won't be impressed with BB's progress.I think that the stock price increase is better than any advertising.Don't forget how much Advertising costs compared with a feel good turn around story.

3000 "odd" employees.
That made me laugh.
Sorry....just my "odd" sense of humour at work.

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How "odd" do you have to be to get hired... :-)))))

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Great read Blaze! Thanks.

One thing missing is we need to know what derek kessler thinks....he's the resident expert on land deals for corporations, and webOS(which as we all know proved everyone wrong) So plz Derek let us know.....when will blackberry go under...5days?...7 days?....9?

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Keep reviews alive and well. I like positive. Glad to see the change in some media. In for the long haul here.

Thinking when Passport and Classic are released should be interesting times for the media headlines. These phones could make or break BlackBerry's comeback in the hardware industry. It could be an info war between BlackBerry marketing and negative spin of headlines.

Z10STL100-3/ CB10

Speaking of BlackBerry in the media, anyone noticed on House of Cards, everyone uses a BlackBerry? I guess when you're an evil Machiavellian politician, you appreciate the extra level of security.

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I wonder why there are so many people who just hate and hate and hate without actually looking at what the product is. If all you care about is the brand then just focus on it and stop dissing other products - especially for people who write tech reviews

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Anyone else notice that in the pictures from the ZDNet article "Passport: Crazy enough to work," the sticker on the back of the handset says "property of Research In Motion Ltd"? Old stickers on a new phone :p

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After reading some of the articles, it feels good to learn some people are beginning to see the light.

On another note, Techinsider needs to stop mentioning the stock ticker every time the mention a company. Once the very first time they mention a company is sufficient.

Plus, the company has been renamed BlackBerry, and the sticker on the back of the Passport still shows it is property of Research in Motion. Does that company still exist?

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It's even on the radio - at least here in TO 680 news ran a piece on BlackBerry and echos the articles posted.

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Two days back I saw a article where it is mentioned that Ford as replaced BlackBerry with iPhone for there 3000 odd employees!!, I was not able to understand what made them to take such a step, that to at this time? ,will we prove them wrong or a boomerang

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Why doesn't blackberry advertise more??. I have employees that I supply with blackberry phones. My carrier is Australia's 2nd largest, I have just been told by them on the weekend that they will no longer stock blackberry's due to poor sales and low demand, it's frustrating for me as I don't want to change carriers to avoid the pain of changing everything.
One store told me that blackberry had gone bankrupt, and another store told me that blackberry's are so 90' there is a lack of knowledge out there, hurting the blackberry name

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Ford to replace BlackBerrys with Apple iPhones

Jul 31, 2014, 12.45PM IST

( Ford Motor is deploying…)

TOKYO: Ford Motor is deploying iPhones for corporate use to employees worldwide, scoring a win for Apple as it seeks to lure more corporate customers. The US automaker will replace BlackBerry smart phones with iPhones for about 3,300 workers by the end of this year, Sara Tatchio, a For

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I was thinking about this topic the other day when I saw some news on Tesla motors. They seem to have no end of people talking the company up no matter what the financials are. Interestingly, they also parallel with Blackberry. Both have a small market share against well established competitors. They both have niche products that can be differentiated quite easily. Both are losing money but promise to increase production and sales in the near future. However, the media response is quite different.

Some companies have given up on Blackberry where I am now they are going to a Windows Phone, and I believe sadly Air Watch also , it all starts at the top and if one executive is a fan boy of a product in this case Nokia Windows Phone then that is what the company will be going with, I personally cannot stand the Windows Phone, it looks like complete confusion, but this is how mobile solutions are made by a fan-boy or fan-girl.

Haha, I hope their iPhones all get hacked and the employee's sit on their iToys all day playing games and drag Ford to the ground.

Apple, The New Evil Empire

Crush some candy...

...Devine... but not for the bottom line, haha!

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I'm a BIG Blackberry supporter im buying from BlackBerry cases and all such how are they doing please's help BB

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"Sure, there are still plenty of people out there writing the 'BlackBerry is dead' headlines and how BlackBerry as a brand will soon disappear but that story is old and it's not getting the attention it once did. You can only write that story so many times before you start to look like an idiot for saying it. Especially when the company is not only still alive but out there acquiring other smaller companies and forging new partnerships"

^^THIS. Well said! :)

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Under what site can I write a Blackberry article?

I made one just to show how passionate I am with BlackBerry .

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Get your entry approved under Community contributions, check the forums...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

"BlackBerry Ltd (BBRY)'s Passport Makes iPhone Look Outdated" You know that they only threw iPhone in the title as click bait.

The author NEVER mentions the iPhone in the piece.

PEI doesn't celebrate Natal day. We have our own Holiday on August 15th this year called Gold Cup and Saucer day.

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Those were all great articles, but I couldn't help but notice that most of them would probably only be read by professional/executives. I don't read Forbes, the CIO section of The Financial Post or The Wall Street Journal, ZDNet in their description states "keeps business technology professionals in touch with the latest IT trends, issues and events", and I've never heard of Tech Insider so I don't know how popular it may be outside of the tech community. It did have a lot of comments on the article, so it does appear to be a well read source. Maybe I'm wrong though and I'll receive many replies to the contrary. I know there are a lot of positive articles about BlackBerry in the mainstream media, but a lot of times they come with quite a bit of negativity, or statements that are no longer true, in their articles or reviews. I for one am hoping that BlackBerry attains their goals and will always make phones, because none of the other platforms interest me, and the only one I don't have any experience with is a Windows phone. The iPhone bored me after 20 minutes of playing around with it, and I can't get my head into an android phone. I don't see what all the fuss is about with them.

iPhone-bored after 20 minutes?
Struggling with the lame, unintuitive and awkward Android interface?

Me too, I feel every time I need to press a button, my thinking or train of thought is somehow interrupted and my workflow suffers. These BB10 swipes are a stroke of genius...

A quick swipe into the HUB doesn't interrupt that, but app-button or double tapping a home button, ouch, ... what did I wanna do again? Now I lost it...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

Yes the Doom./Gloom nonsense is just that, Nonsense.
People have finally woken up. BlackBerry is here to stay whether the DOomers like it or not.

At some point the media is going to have to give it up for BlackBerry and dispense with this "it's a great device but..." and start recommend buying them.

Wouldn't we all be better off if there was more than one or two dominant O/S mobile ecosystems?

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I was once told by a very good friend never run down the competition, only point out what you can do better, that to say I have had iPhone and I dislike it. But I do like the glass back look of the phone. But the BB10 is far better than any thing out there. Some of my staff have iPhone and Android phone as their personal ones and they like the home button. But they do say the BB10 is faster. Better music and as I pointed out to someone on the train, I compared their iphone5?? To my Z10 and they were shocked, they asked how long my Batt lasted I said 14 hours they said theirs had a job to make 10. BlackBerry will have its day again and I will keep on buying BlackBerry. I've also found new life in the kindle and find it works well the my apps on both devices (android maybe but Spotify is fantastic now) BlackBerry just needs to be the best again and one note which I think would be cool is the BlackBerry logo at the bottom of the Z10 well that should be made to light up and glow.

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The BlackBerry logo that lights up would be cool! Of course it would need to have an option in the settings to turn it on and off.. but heck, have that and a large one built into the back removable cover as well. ; )

Q10 on T-Mobile

There are some pretty good articles in this list. Most writers are still be skeptical to somewhat negative, but nearly as bad as when BB10 first launched. They're still throwing the tired, old "app gap" argument around (sigh).

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"Can BlackBerry Become The Next Security Superpower?"
BlackBerry does security for an enterprise environment, where tracking, processes and certifications matter.
That's also what the IoT needs, so it's great news for them.

For consumers and small businesses, there are other niche players which offer better security and less headaches, a shame BlackBerry makes it almost impossible to integrate their devices in other secure environments (missing APIs and tools, no root, etc.), because BlackBerry 10 offers some great PIM tools on a fairly reliable platform and runs on hardware which makes sense for people who need to be able to write more than a couple of sentences in an email.
I don't think they'll ever be able to make a come back to the consumer world and small businesses won't be interested, unless we see the emergence of new security standards which BlackBerry would be willing to quickly adopt (history tells us they're like dinosaurs when it comes to adopting new technologies).

The tide is slowly turning.

People are fascinated by the Z30 when I show them the "Z30 - BlackBerry 10 amplified" commercial on YouTube, even when showing it on the Q10.

Even the phone dude in the local Telstra store had to admit "There is no security on Android." Asked them about the Passport, a few weeks ago they must have removed BB10 from their consumer display. I think they moved them to the Telstra Business outlet in the Industrial Area now, which kind of fits John Chen's strategy...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

It's good seeing the positivity VS the always negative writing. Time for a change. I avoid the idiots saying blackberry is going down/out of business and if I encounter someone at the carrier stores (if at a mall) saying so, i'll counter it by telling them to check the media or to visit google/bing/yahoo news for blackberry. At least those four aggregate the news and are quite handy.

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Most People adapt to the opinion of others. If the media writes or speaks (more) positive about Blackberry, they also become more positive towards blackberry.

The media in The Netherlands is more positive concerning blackberry. But convincing consumers will take more time. They still don't know Shit! But knowing nothing is for consumers not a problemj. They will always say stupid things!

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Had another Android user see I was using a BlackBerry and say something like 'that's pretty old'.. I had to explain that no its not old and I have android apps running on here, my phone can do everything yours can...

People just don't know.. oh well its always nice when I'm around iPhone users and am able to do the same stuff and more than their phones (and their shocked).. its even easier to show off my Q10 when their phones are dead which seems to be often..

Q10 on T-Mobile

We're anticipating a major boost to the brand once the Z3 sales figures are eventually released.

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