From the Editor's Christmas Tree: Jingle Bells, Android still smells

By Kevin Michaluk on 18 Dec 2012 06:23 pm EST

My apologies in advance for this one folks... this is what happens when you drink too much rum egg nog while working from home by the Christmas tree... 

As for the song. Well, everybody remember's last year's CrackBerry rendition of Jingle Bells I hope - it's a classic! 

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From the Editor's Christmas Tree: Jingle Bells, Android still smells


Lol. Dude. So wrong you are. Not enough time on my hands to write a proper editorial, so this was a quick fix. Seriously though, not enough hours in the day. Sooo much going on these days... no free time :/

Kev, I think it matters not if we want your hair cut or not, but rather, what does Ms. CrackBerry have to say about it?

Shouldn't your hair be longer by now considering how long you have been growing it? I would have had a monster afro by now (maybe even a flat top... kickin' it old school Kid 'N Play style).

Dude, keep it long. You're like Mirai Trunks over there!

I know the whole deal was to cut it when BlackBerry 10 hit the street, but it looks good on ya like a Big Red commercial!

Hey Kevin, don't get offend; this is just a joke. Before you cut your hair, can you put on a makeup with red lipstick and shoot a quick video for us to see? I used to do this to myself when I get drunk, but I am too chicken to make a video of me. Hehehehe...

That was hilarious....even though I am an Android fan..... *runs away*

Don't get me wrong, I can't wait to see what RIM has in store for us, but in terms of other platforms, Android is better than iOS and WP.

I think you need to go for a CrackBerry Mullet.
All business up front, party in the back!

It's a good compromise for people that want you to keep it long AND people that want it short.

Hey Kevin ..... get well rested. Jan - Feb - March are going to be crazy busy times for you.

The hair thing ...... I think that it just needs to be trimmed a bit, but the length looks good on you. Exercise a bit more .... and you may soon look like Brad Pitt with that hair in the movie TROY.

Have a Very Merry Christmas ..... and make sure that you get Miss. CrackBerry something nice.

Keep the hair. A new RIM a new Kevin. Great video but it's to bad you're so busy. Your insight is missed around here. Oh yeah rum and egg nog is the best. I love this time of the year.

The hair actually doesn't look too bad on you; but remember that however many votes you get one way or the other Mrs CrackBerry should have one more =)


While at CES can you send us back some video from Blackberry's QNX booth (1837) , directly across from the Chevrolet booth and kittykorner to Audi booth.


You said you won't cut your hair till you have a BB10 in your hand...I guess you may have one in your hand on the 30th...but if not, You should wait till Release day. I want to see a video of you getting your hair cut while playing with a BB10 phone!


Keep the hair for now. There's plenty of years of short hair left in life. When you get it cut go to a salon (or what ever) that supports the "Locks of Love" organization. Make a donation.

In the meantime grow the hair while you still can.

Kevin - thanks for the vid. Very entertaining.
On the hair front : I think I'm beating you. Gonna take some pics with my BB 10 and send 'em to you, along with my "in the beginning ", shot, and a "one hour later after the cut", pic ('cause that's gonna be pre - booked ).
Re: what to do with your hair - I'm really starting to like the "Crackberry Hippie " look.
Long and Strong, Brother, Long and Strong!
Merry Christmas to you and Mrs, CrackBerry, from me, my wife, my 4 kids, my 5 dogs and my 10 cats!!!!!!!!!!
(10 '!'s)

Dude - Hair looks great! Needs a trim, but definitely needs to stay long. But then again, you could have 20 million people tell you to keep it long, but if Ms Crackberry says to cut it.....well, cut it! If you do cut it, I think taking video of it on a BB10 would be ideal, and post the video directly from the BB10.

You have finally gotten me excited for BB10, I was content in just waiting until it arrived for awhile now. But after this video, I'm getting pumped! Thanks Kevin - Keep up the great work!

Bro! Keep the hair long until the permafrost thaws up there in the Great White North! You need the coverage to protect from the FrostBites! LOL!

You're from Canada eh.....all great Canadians have long mullets. Be like Barry Melrose and keep it long and slicked back...or maybe it's just really greasy.

My hair is getting freakish long to... Contemplating on getting a trim... but after watching Lord of the Rings with all the cool long hair dudes I'm tempted to keep it long. As for you Sir Kevin, maybe consider some dreadlocks or a perm?