From the Editor's Altar: All glories to BlackBerry!

BlackBerry Worship!
By Kevin Michaluk on 3 Jun 2012 10:12 pm EDT

This week I'm combining our regularly scheduled From the Editor's Desk with our weekly BBDoodle. The idea for this one came from CrackBerry member Perjade who left the following comment to the site after listening to CrackBerry Podcast 086:

This site is more and more turning into some kind of religious sect. We have the worshipable objects in the forms of the Bold 9900, the PlayBook etc. on the altar. The teacher, guru or headpriest is Kevin, preaching the glories of Blackberry and RIM to his dedicated disciples, the regular readers of!

BlackBerry 10 is the Messiah coming to bless everybody and give them peace ond happiness but at the same time also to slay the demons in the form of iPhone and Android.

"All glories to BlackBerry!"

I couldn't help but laugh and get a strong visualization after reading that, so here you have it in Doodle form! It's been a bad week for BlackBerry in the media, which has made for an insanely busy week on CrackBerry. The site has been buzzing with reactions on all of the news, and I've been finding it really interesting to read all of the comments from our readers. With a lot of people excited for BlackBerry 10 yet worried about the state of RIM's business, it's a big mix of cup half full vs. cup half empty. So let's talk about that. Keep reading to ... err.. drink from my cup.

I Am a (BlackBerry) Champion

Now while thinking of CrackBerry Kevin as a BlackBerry "Preacher" is funny and somewhat true, the way I personally view myself is as a champion for BlackBerry. This is similar to how Phil is a champion for Android over at Android Central, Rene is a champion for Apple over at iMore, Dan is a champion for Windows Phone over at Windows Phone Central, and Derek... despite the state of webOS... is still a champion for that platform over at webOS Nation. The title for each of us may be Editor in Chief, but end of the day we all genuinely have our favorite platforms and we're all rooting for them to succeed. Put us all together on a round table Mobile Nations podcast and it can be pretty funny to watch our differently-placed passion collide.

For many years BlackBerry was #1 in the Smartphone game, which made being a champion for the BlackBerry platform relatively easy. When you're leading in marketshare, the headlines are positive and the stock price is up, everything is working in your favor and it's easy to be enthusiastic.

It's a different story for BlackBerry right now. They're losing marketshare, they're getting beat up in th media and on Wall Street, and with their next generation of devices still months away, things are going to start getting tight on the cash flow front, to the point where a lot of people "out there" are speculating something has to give. To say things are challenging right now for RIM would be an understatement. 

Logically, RIM's flip flop should mean it's difficult right now for me to be a BlackBerry champion. In reality, the opposite is true. I'm actually more of a champion for Research In Motion and BlackBerry than ever before. On the product side, I'm absolutely excited for BlackBerry 10. I'm obviously less enthusiastic with state of RIM's business following the update from CEO Thorsten Heins this week. But as Chris Umiastowski pointed out in a follow-up editorial, the majority of what we're seeing and hearing about RIM right now is a reflection of the past. Yes, RIM made mistakes. A lot of them.

These mistakes were made when BlackBerry was still #1. These mistakes have put RIM in a tight spot. But being in that tight spot has forced RIM to change, and I think what will emerge is a better company and ultimately, better products. New management is fixing what was broken, providing clear focus. And the challenging situation RIM is in is bringing the fight out of the company.

How do you get World Peace on Earth? According to Hollywood, you need aliens to invade and give mankind a reason to forget their differences and band together to fight a common enemy. How do you get a company to get its act together? You threaten its existence. Some will flee, some will unfortunately but necessarily need to be let go, but those who remain will unify and fight. RIM is fighting, Fighting, FIGHTING right now.

Will RIM emerge victorious in their current battle and get BlackBerry 10 successfully to market? We took a poll on it this week, and 60% of CrackBerry Nation still has faith, 25% has its doubts and 15% don't know what to think. I cast my vote for YES. There are a LOT of BlackBerry People in the world, myself included, who need BlackBerry 10. Failure is not an option.

Get it done #TEAMBLACKBERRY. In the meantime, #TEAMCRACKBERRY will keep the faith and continue championing for you, no matter how messy the fighting gets. We got your back.

/ End Sermon

Reader comments

From the Editor's Altar: All glories to BlackBerry!



RIM has made mistakes in the past, which did get them to where they are now. But also, the market changed.

As input costs (commodities rose), cost of labour rose, the manufacturing hardware has become a very competitive market.

Look at the shape Nokia is in, look what happened to Sony Ericsson; it is very difficult competing with Samsung, Apple (through FoxConn), Microsoft, and Google.

Now that Google purchased Motorola, the market once again is becoming more tight. This is why I have been saying that RIM needs to EXIT the handset manufacturing business.

And this is exactly what is happening.. RIM is transforming in this highly competitive market place, they are going to shed a good chunk of their staff, sell off buildings and equipment, and become a leaner and meaner company that once again is going to innovate and differentiate themselves in this market.

Sorry for re-posting the bottom part, but it all fits in together and are my thoughts on the future of RIM. I believe in RIM!


Research In Motion is going through a massive transformation stage. With the purchase of QNX Systems two years ago, RIM is focusing on software. They are developing a software platform that is going to compete with mobile platforms like iOS and Android, but RIM’s new software platform will actually take it a step further!

I agree, RIM is going to re-shape the industry once again!

Living in Waterloo for over 15 years, attending University of Waterloo, Wilfrid Laurier University, and working in the city; I have watched RIM from pretty much it's infancy! These are my views...


Planes, trains, and automobiles. Your mobile device is your personal tool, a tool that will be able to interface with your car, the plane that you are about to board, the cab that you took to get to the airport. Imagine being able to ‘pair’ your BlackBerry with wherever you are. And you have access to your e-mail, contacts, calendar, documents and MORE while you are sitting in a seat on a plane, train, etc.

Accessing an ABM, paying at the store, going to the movies, taking a cab, going to the amusement park, driving your own car, attending a meeting, watching TV in your living room, attending class, playing a video game..... Imagine knowing your preferences, what you did last time, or simply recording the experience, or writing a note about it.. You will be able to access all your information, everywhere you go. The ride you likes the most last time at the amusement park, your recently purchased movies, etc. I think you get my point now!



Recently I read a transcript of an interview with Alec Saunders where he said

"I think iOS is designed for five years ago. … It was designed with the idea that Steve Jobs had, that it would be a media consumption device. And that’s not what a BlackBerry is."

RIM is going back to it's roots, and creating the ultimate communication platform for the most productive and relevant experience to date. A platform that is going to be ubiquitous through-out.

A platform that will effectively communicate with what you do on a daily basis and who you interact with while keeping your personal data secure!

Thanks reading my comment!

If you want to hear more of my analysis and my thoughts on nRIM, follow me on Twitter @SurrealCivic

That is a great vision and what should be sung from the roof tops! Does it need to be cool or hip when it becomes what we need to be productive, organized or way less forgetful? This tool won't fit everyone's wants, but for those who need to get things done it will BE the solution! That may work as a marketing angle as well, when you need to know, remember, find, or connect, BB does that and plays too.

I understand your point about RIM getting out of the hardware part of things- however, I have yet to see a phone with awesome hardware like a Blackberry. I don't know if taking away one of the reasons people love their Blackberrys so much would be a good thing.
I am hoping that the release of BB10 phones will give RIM the time to get things back together and earn their place back in the market. I, for one, can't get things done without my BlackBerry!!!

I don't see RIM ever leaving the hardware business or licensing their OS either.

Also, why the same comment on every single post?

I love how my hair is slowly getting longer in these Doodles. Made the decision this weekend I'm growing it out until BlackBerry 10 hits the market. It's my version of a "Playoff Beard"

Gonna go for the Hansel look from Zoolander. Can't wait for people to say Kevin & BlackBerry 10... They're So Hot Right Now. :)

Hansel.. So Hot Right Now

Sunday night...
You've been into the wine again, haven't you?
I hope Thor doesn't come to the door and you're doing a
"Hansel "!

Kevin, great article man..

I'm with #TeamBlackBerry all the way. I have faith that this company will emerge a stronger, leaner and unified company.

Thanks for the positive articles, #TeamCrackBerry :)

I shudder to think of a world without blackberries. I believe when BB10 is released we'll see a lot more support than we think!

I think many are waiting to behold BB10!

I do believe that RIM is "Failing Forward". Take a look where is playbook right now, it is constantly becoming the most powerfull tablet out in the wild. Playbook had become the sacrificial lamb of RIM. In other words RIM is very serious in dealing with their lessons from the past and that will drive them to move forward and become even more great and successfull. Remember that all great leaders and inventors had once and even more failures in their lives. Let's Rock and Roll this!!!

Ouch! Really!? I do not have to prove to the whole crackberry nation that I have a playbook...because I already did. You can check my winning entry to "Scrapbook" creations from Michelle Haag blog post last 15 May 2012 as my proof. Where's yours?

Great post Kevin! There has been too much negative press as of late. It is a welcome morale booster. Too many in the media have been fear mongering because it sells papers and hits on websites. Since stepping up from a simple flip phone, I have been a BlackBerry devotee. The champion video is perfect. SurrealCivic hit the nail on the head, the iphone is designed to be the ultimate media consumption device. I just want to have the ultimate communication experience. I just want to get stuff done. In the same way that the "Franks Red Hot" lady wants to put that 5#1t on everything, I just want to get 5#1t done and I don't want to use a ton of data and hence money to do so. As long as BB10 has a physical keyboard option, I patiently await the end of my contract so that I can upgrade to it.

If I may be permitted a reading in midst of this ceremony (at which I reverently worship and genuflect ),
I respectfully submit a new BlackBerry Credo, a Mission Statement :
"We will RELENTLESSLY pursue perfection, knowing we will not capture it.
BUT, in our RELENTLESS pursuit of perfection,
We WILL capture EXCELLENCE. " - Vince Lombardi
BlackBerry : The Relentless Pursuit of Perfection.
This shall be the first of the BlackBerry 10 Commandments.

Meanwhile Apple is rumored to have a big announcement on Wednesday, at 6am Pacific.
That's 6-6-6 The sign of the beast! The true evil!!
Ok, no information about an announcement, but the date in this context could not be ignored...

I know what you mean about the week!
For me, the big wake up was not the pundits writing, it was the market size/share info that came out. Why?
The jousting of RIM vs Apple vs the 'droid drones is always a bit back and forth, and there is the strong sense that RIM is gaininng - because they stopped just drifting behind.
Then the market share data came out - it's a reminder that nothinng is on cruise control in the world market, as thigs keep rocketing along.
It's more important now for RIM to win. They're betting the company on what comes next. So far, the bet looks promising.
(I don't want this to sound more than it really is. Many firms have "bet the company" on a big launch. Yet while this used to happen in a bit of obscurity (e.g. Boeing on the 747 launch), in today's market it is all over the web - with details and drivel).

Amen! Now can something be done in the forums about the usual suspects telling us RIM is dead on a daily basis, or derailing positive threads with bashing and negativity?! The next few months of being a Blackberry believer will be slow and painful as it is without our daily door to door visits from the white shirted neon green tie wearing Android cult, or the cult of Jobs members. Perhaps some smiting (bans) until 10-10 ;-).

It is so true!

I'm like religiously checking crackberry everyday for updates. :D

Just reading all things BB makes me happy.

so true tang63... Just as the 9900/9850/60 releases, checking CB news/boards/feeds multiple times DAILY, for a glimpse or something new on BB10!
Trying to be patient, but it has never been my strong suit. Hopefully all this suspense will intensify the frenzy that will drive sales and see our choice of smartphone "Back in Black". Have a great day all!

Why all thinks, the OS BB10 will give RIM the success, no. 1 spot. If just the OS matters then why only Galaxy S2 was succeed, so many handset offers same os, 28 million sold & still counting. we should accept the fact that RIM is much behind in features, hardware, quality, they are still 2years behind in technology. no front camera, dual core, 1080p video recording & so on...........................

Not behind at all.

Playbook has 1080p recording and dual core processor, front facing camera. Not every smart/phone even has a front facing camera. The high end blackberry smartphones record in both VGA and 720p, the curves at VGA. I wouldn't call them behind. People like choices. You just CAN'T APPRECIATE ANYTHING.

I love my BlackBerry, I have family that works for RIM and I want them to succeed in a big way. The only thing that can save them is the mass adoption of HTML5. Right now it is a platform game, just like back in the days where Microsoft took possession of desktop computing. Only when developers are able to build once and deliver to all, will there be room for more platforms.

Remember when the Internet was young we had the the free and open WWW and we had AOL. The WWW cleaned up and AOL disappeared. I really hope the same thing happens again and that the App Store, Marketplace, and yes App World, become nothing more than a portal where you can find things that are also available by typing an URL into a browser.

I don't think those application ecosystems will open up. Linux applications don't run on windows, but windows applications run on Linux via W.I.N.E, without it, they don't run. Mac applications don't run on windows OR linux.

Blackberry, Android*, WebOS, iOS and Windows Phone applications cannot run on their counterpart's platform.

*Needs converting from apk to bar for use on playbook.

We are the Bold
Lower your droids and surrender your thumbs
We will add your apps and technological distinctiveness to our own
Your communication needs will satisfied futile


I'm with #teamcrackberry #teamblackberry all the way!! NO NEGATIVE SMEARING, LYING MEDIA is going to change my thoughts on the platform or my preception!