Edit songs and ringtones with MP3 Editor for the BlackBerry PlayBook

By James Richardson on 10 Jun 2012 03:13 pm EDT
Ever wanted to edit an MP3 so you have have your favorite snippet of a music track for your BlackBerry ringtone? Well now you can thanks to MP3 Editor for the BlackBerry PlayBook. As you will see in the video it is just a case of choosing the section of the track you require, cropping it and saving. Simple pimple! This app can be yours for just $1.99.
"Use it to create ringtones from a new song you have purchased or to remove unwanted parts from songs or recordings. The touch optimized interface allows you to select parts of the file by swiping the screen and then work with the selection."
Of course, if creating your own ringtone is too much work, you can always head over to CrackBerry's free ringtone gallery and download to your heart's content! Just make sure you're logged in to the forums (and if you aren't a member already than what the heck are you waiting for?) and you have instant access to thousands of user submitted ringtones.

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Reader comments

Edit songs and ringtones with MP3 Editor for the BlackBerry PlayBook


Went to buy until I read the one review. Sounds like it still needs work or at the least more reviews to get a better evaluation.

There was an update that fixed the problem reported in the review. I will add my own review there really soon.

The app is great, I use it to cut out interviews that I record with the tablet.

Got a ringtone maker from a different app. Have no use for it though. If I need any editing, I'll do it in Audacity when I have access to a PC later in the day.

Not yet, but there was one covered but scheduled for release when BB10 arrives for the playbook as an update. You could try and port over an android based video editor if any exists.