Edit images on your BlackBerry Playbook with TouchUp Pro

TouchUp Pro for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 10 May 2011 07:14 pm EDT

That old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" still holds true, and more so today with the ability to take pictures and screenshots on the go with just about any mobile device. The new BlackBerry Playbook is no exception, and if you own one then undoubtedly you've snapped some pics or saved some screenshots by now. TouchUp Pro by esDot Development Studios is an application you can use to do some quick editing to the images you now have on your device. Featuring a clean and easy to navigate interface, you can use TouchUp Pro to crop, rotate/flip, reduce red eye, blur, as well as adjust the contrast/brightness and hue/saturation of your images. TouchUp Pro has a free trial available and sells for $1.99 in BlackBerry App World.

For more information/screenshots and to get TouchUp Pro

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Edit images on your BlackBerry Playbook with TouchUp Pro


Thanks for the recommendation. Downloaded it and am amazed at the full features, especially at $1.99! Great app at a great value!

This makes me mad. Now I'm not saying this app isn't worth 1.99 but everyone knows on the iPad thesame kind of app (actually the official photoshop app) is free. So many apps I see coming out for the playbook and I just wonder, will they ever be priced like the iOS apps? I'm on the verge of buying the playbook or the ipad2, but since I am a loyal blackberry user, this is pretty insane don't you think?

The only reason apps are so cheap on iOS is the fact that it's a warzone out there for developers. Because of the insane amount of apps out there on that platform the only way to still stand out is to be free or dirt cheap. And... it works on that platform too because of the enormous installed userbase.

I can tell you one thing, if we all refrain from buying apps on the PlayBook because they're a buck or two more than on iOS it will have two results:

1: Developers will STOP putting time and effort in creating PlayBook apps
2: Apps will never get any cheaper

So, the more apps we buy, the cheaper they'll get. It worked on iOS and it will too on the PlayBook.

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However, this does give me the chance to beg you guys for a "report" button or mods in these discussion. There's such a ridiculous amount of spam going on, just look at the comments above. Please oh wise moderators, can you do something about this???

It looks like a great app, and $1.99 is pretty darned cheap for even a basic photo editing app. Now if RIM will just include a file manager in an OS update, and enable USB host mode, so I can move photos from my camera to the Playbook without a PC...