Edit, Crop, and Add Clipart to Your Images with MiniPaint - 25 Copies to be Won!

By ObiGeorge on 13 May 2010 12:36 pm EDT

MiniPaint is a great little application to edit, crop, and add some custom graphics to images on your BlackBerry. Once installed, you simply open an image from your picture gallery, hit your options button, and select the Open in MiniPaint tab. Once the image is opened you can select from the following options:

  • Scale- Zoom in and out of the photo 
  • Clipart- Choose from hundreds of downloadable clipart including word balloons
  • Text- Add text to your photos with options for font, size, and color
  • Crop- Resize your image and save to a new image file
  • Filters- Choose from many filters including sepia, solarize, greyscale, and more...
MiniPaint is a very convenient application for image editing on your BlackBerry. The crop feature alone makes it a good buy for me. You can pick it up on sale until May 15th for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. It is available for most devices.

Contest: We have 25 copies of MiniPaint to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Edit, Crop, and Add Clipart to Your Images with MiniPaint - 25 Copies to be Won!



I remember downloading this one or something like this but I got rid of it cuz it had a lot of bugs. I hope I ©ãÑ get this one.

The perfect thing to have for all the pictures of my little one I have that need some quick editing! Please please please!

I tried this when it was in beta. It was missing the one feature I was looking for; to be able to permanently rotate an image. I guess I wouldn't mind if I won a free copy though. Come on free!

My work requires me to take and send out photos on a near daily basis. I currently use quick launch screen capture feature to crop my photos. Which is useful but something like this would really be nice. Just being able to put labels or arrows pointing out exactly what I'm trying to show in the pic would be awesome.

Please let me win this one.

I was unaware of this app but it looks very helpful I hate the minimal things you can do with pictures with the native system.
I usually end up using capture app to crop my pictures this would work alot better and its one less step id have to do to crop my pictures.

This looks like a fun app. Would love to be able to use a full version. Too strapped to purchase apps these days....can barely hold onto the phone. :(

I always wondered why bb phones didn't include this feature. I love messing with pics. This would be perfect for me.

Or indeed any posting/sending. Just need to be able to save .html now (bbnotepad close but does something odd to the resulting file) and I can use this for editing my site!

Some basic flip phones have limited features of this and I was bummed that none of the BlackBerry's had it. I would use this if it doesn't hit the memory too hard.

Congratz BB4 software for the 'mini-paint' , you nailed it. A history in the making. Its one of a great apps around. Glad to have one if I get lucky. ‎​​‎​†нªηк's for the great app.

been looking for an app like this. Something that lets you add text to pictures you've taken with your phone. I've used "make a mess" but it lacks a lot of features. only lets you "finger paint on top of your pictures.

So glad there is application like this.
Was getting kinda jealous of my mates with the Iphone because of this function

A buddy has the ability to do this on his non-blackberry device. Been looking for something exactly like this...

That App could be fun to play with. I know none of my friends have it and it would be great to edit some photos and send them. Consider me sold on this if I don't win it.

This appears to be a wonderful addition to the Blackberry family of Aps. Easy to use, and an exciting addition to the already spectacular array of photo aps.

I have been looking for a new paint app like this. I think my BB deserves it for she hasnt failed me. I think this would be a wonderful gift to my BlackBerry tour for me hehehe. Please pick me GO TEAM BLACKBERRY : )

This would come in handy when uploading photos to the PTSA twitter site and when using it on pictures that I send to the grandparents that travel. Sounds like a cool app.

Yeah, yeah ! Nice talk ! It would be a nice app if it were available for the Storm. Since it isn't it's just a puff of smoke and shouldn't even be mentioned here !

When CB first posted about it being a free beta I downloaded it. As soon as I noticed it was available to buy I purchased it. Its a little clunky to use control wise, but its great. Even if you don't win this you should buy it.

This is a great app and the caption on the picture was funny. I would love a copy of this. Thanks.

To win! whoot. I'd love to have this. I hate having to transfer photos to my cvpomputer then go to a program to fix it up