Edit, Crop, and Add Clipart to Your Images with MiniPaint - 25 Copies to be Won!

By ObiGeorge on 13 May 2010 12:36 pm EDT

MiniPaint is a great little application to edit, crop, and add some custom graphics to images on your BlackBerry. Once installed, you simply open an image from your picture gallery, hit your options button, and select the Open in MiniPaint tab. Once the image is opened you can select from the following options:

  • Scale- Zoom in and out of the photo 
  • Clipart- Choose from hundreds of downloadable clipart including word balloons
  • Text- Add text to your photos with options for font, size, and color
  • Crop- Resize your image and save to a new image file
  • Filters- Choose from many filters including sepia, solarize, greyscale, and more...
MiniPaint is a very convenient application for image editing on your BlackBerry. The crop feature alone makes it a good buy for me. You can pick it up on sale until May 15th for $3.99 at the CrackBerry App Store. It is available for most devices.

Contest: We have 25 copies of MiniPaint to give away. Just leave a comment on this post to enter. Contest ends this Sunday at Midnight PST. Please only leave one comment, multiple entries wont count.

Reader comments

Edit, Crop, and Add Clipart to Your Images with MiniPaint - 25 Copies to be Won!



I´m a complete photography freak, so I´d love to have this. It´s actually something tha tkind of makes me sad, that there are so few image editing apps for BB´s.

I need something like this for my Storm 2. In retrospect I'm surprised there is not a native app like this.

This would be an awesome time waster on the toilet! Hahaha. I would appreciate this and so would my friends and family.

That's a nice app. Too bad BlackBerry is so behind on image editing tools. WinMo phones are waay ahead in that regard. Still prefer my BB, though. :)

try.. I an a neebie and trying to build up my apps.. and try new ones.. please give me a chance on this one.. thanks and I love the site!

seems like a cool app to send fun images to friends cause my phone has replaced the camera that i would usually carry but would also love for bb's to get higher mp's please ;)

This looks like a great little app, I'd love it for editing pictures I take on my BB to make the perfect wallpaper pic.

An app that allows photo editing! Please prize me one of these... I dont register for every app, JUST the ones I would actually use!!!



this is one of the main things my blackberry has been lacking. Missed my android for photo editing reasons.

Consider me.

pls pls crackberry let me win. I hate having to go to my pc all the time to edit photos i take. itsa pain in the ass :(

An app that can be loads of fun with pictures, no need to edit on the computer anymore for quick and easy effects. Nice job!

So many times I wanted to create a little fun from pictures and be able to send them to others straight from my phone. Now I can, if I win! LOL.

Been waiting for something like this forever. Us business users have non-business sides too...

Wow could I have a lot of fun with this app! I already take a lot of great pix with my 9700.
This could make my pix even funnier!
Please pick me!

Looks like hours of time-wasting fun! Count me in.

...just wish I had time to waste :(

You guys do so well with keeping us up to date with whatever is new for bberry, I just felt like saying THANKS CB! Winning this app will be great, didn't know you could edit pics on smartphones. If I don't win, I still want you to know u guys do a great job.

I have been waiting for an APP like this for a long time. This is where the ipone excels from the BB IMO.

Yes! Finally a Blackberry photo editor! This would so make my life complete :) I'd love to win a copy... my fingers are crossed :)


I love apps that you can actually utilize. This is great not only to edit some pics you take but to have fun with as well...Hook it up CB!

Mini-Paint looks like it would be fun as well as useful. might be good for putting ideas down for themes like a notepad for a songwriter.

what an awesome app!
especially for someone like me who take pix a lot =)

i would love a copy...

i need to win a contest for once LOL

This is sweet!! Very useful when I'm out and want to post to twitter of facebook!!


My girls would love for me to have this, to make pictures of mommy look funny!! haha
Please consider me.

i've been searching for a photo editor for my 9700... all of the apps in appworld have mediocre reviews, and FINALLY there is on with good reviews, and i would actually use...

I helped beta test this app when they first moved it too the storm. it is a good one!

Maybe i can get a copy of the full version now

I was just thinking a couple days ago how nice it would be to have a simple little app that did just this. Could be a lot of fun. choose me CB!

This seems like a great app! Great idea to bring a smile to your face via your customized wallpapers, lol. Count me in!!

Your website is the best for anything to do with a Blackberry! Mini clips is something I need because I take awful pictures!

This is cool, have been wanting something like this. I'm going to go download the free version now, but hopefully I win the full version. After this all I will need is an app that I can edit music with (cut clips, change volume, loop) and I will be set.