Capture, organize, and share your voice notes with ease with Echo

By Alicia Erlich on 17 Aug 2014 07:04 pm EDT

Productivity apps are tools that we use daily to maximize our time. They can bring enhanced functionality to existing features or create new ones to get the job done. In the case of the former, one BlackBerry 10 developer focused his attention on creating a full-featured voice recorder application.

While a case could be made that it already exists on BlackBerry 10, albeit hidden away in the Remember app, nothing wrong with improving up on it. Echo is the result of those labors, and besides sporting a nifty cassette tape interface, boasts a multitude of features not found in the BlackBerry 10 one. All of which are designed to better categorize, arrange, share, secure, and manage your voice notes.

First and foremost, Echo is designed to allow you quick access to play, record, and share your audio recordings. It accomplishes this, in part, to the user-friendly and Guardians of the Galaxy like retro interface. When launched for the first time, a tutorial guides you through the process of customizing notes with color coded categories, setting up the app and audio settings including backup / restore options, and establishing the password status. These are also available in settings and can be modified at any time.

Unlike the native voice recorder where you have to go through the Remember app, Echo is a stand-alone application. All of your notes are recorded and sorted from the main screen. Simply tap record to initiate and then stop when finished. Users may also limit the recording time (i.e. 5 min, 10 min) in settings.

Once a recording is completed, it is shown on the main screen. I like this as I do not have to go through separate menus to access. From here users have a few options at their disposal. At the top they can sort by ascending or descending, while at the bottom the side menu allows for search, access to categories, backup/restore, record, and the option to import notes from elsewhere on the device. The last one I prefer as I can transfer notes recorded in Remember to manage as well.

To manage each individual note, simply press and hold on each one for additional options. These include sharing by mail, NFC, BBM, edit a note, as well as note details, export note, and locking the note. Locking enables users to password protect not only the note (to prevent it from being played by unwelcome people) but also to protect the application on startup if necessary. Note details provide the standard information attached to the file if present. Exporting the note lets you save outside the application to the device, SD card, or cloud accounts.

The Good
  • Add your own text to the voice note file for identification or description purposes
  • Runs quick and is smooth with no lag
  • Import recordings made outside the application to manage
  • Backup/restore/export to the cloud, media card and device
The Bad
  • Would prefer being able to tap anywhere on the screen to start/stop recordings
  • Option to fast forward or rewind the audio clip (i.e. Go forward or back using a slider bar)
The Bottom Line

As a simple voice recorder it gets the job done and is free to download. The only difference between this version and the full version, available as an in-app purchase for $0.99, is that the premium removes the banner ads.

While there is a plethora of voice recording applications available, this one offers decent functionality and customization, is user-friendly, and offers a nice, intuitive interface.

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Reader comments

Capture, organize, and share your voice notes with ease with Echo


Nice looking app! I have Parrot, but I don't think it has the organizational aspect to it.

From my Neutrino Powered Z10

I have parrot and from the write up don't understand how this app differs from Parrot. What is it that makes it better after organization?

Posted via CB10

As a user Parrot and now having checked out Echo I must say the sound quality playback is amazing on Echo.

Posted via CB10

Love the incorporation of a cassette tape on the screen. Haven't used one of those for about 15 years. :-)

Posted via CB10


"Tap anywhere" is an amazing feature once you got used to it. Tried to take a photo on an iPhone last week, and... LOL

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

It's a feature-packed app and an ability to link it with cloud is a save heaven bonus.

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20

Thanks to Alicia for this post and Thanks to all for your feedback :)
I'm at work to new release and I insert your request for better app.
Other apps you have mentioned are great, but remember : Echo is ALL FREE!! In app is only for remove banners. The others apps ? :)

Sorry for my english

Posted via CB10

Alicia, thanks for the review. I checked out app's description on BlackBerry World and can't find the answer to two questions. First, will it run headless and second, if so, can you assign an action key to it?

Posted via CB10

Thanks, I appreciate that. Right now I am using Voice Recorder. It’s headless and I have the volume down key assigned to triggering the app on and off. However, I am always open to checking out new things and supporting the developers who go native on their apps.

Posted via CB10