eBooks by Kobo for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.3.1

eBooks by Kobo for the BlackBerry PlayBook updated to v1.3.1
By Bla1ze on 22 Nov 2011 07:13 am EST

If you're still struggling to get your Kobo eBook reader working right on your BlackBerry PlayBook, then you might as well go ahead and check for updates if you haven't already. The latest update takes eBooks by Kobo up to v1.3.1 and while it lacks a change log to go along with the release, many folks in the forums are having luck with this version now working as it should.

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And still no side loading :(


mine loads but i don't see any differance between the 2 versions


I still can't open the app, it just sits there on a blank white screen, thank god for Book Reader, PlayEpub, and EPUB Reader. If your fed up with Kobo and Kindle I would recommend Book Reader, its a solid app with sweet features.


Got this yesterday and is working fine.


Mine started working about a week ago well before the update. Wonder if it still will after the update :s

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Still working after the update. Seems a little harsh that it's rated at a whole 1 star in Appworld. Going through the 1st few pages of reviews I don't see how that could be. Any thoughts...


kobo on the playbook works fine for me. i also have a kobo ereader and everything syncs up between the kobo account and these devices. i have read epub books on the ereader but that was a while ago so i have not tried that on the playbook yet.


Much better and faster!


Can you side load non kobo bought books and use it's reader it's all I want to know before I download it. Until then Book reader is a +1 for me.

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I never had trouble with the original version, but good to see the support still there.


Kobo has always worked for me (as in it opens and I can read free books) but can't buy books! At checkout it prompts me to enter my country even though it defaults to United States. Reselecting it does no good. Sigh. I've sent emails but no reply from Kobo yet.


Don't download this update. I just did and it erased some of my purchased books and there doesn't seem to be any way of getting it back on my tablet so far. This seems to be a widespread issue too.



p.o.s. still has problems. does not retain bookmarks and freezes at end of chapters. deserves lousy reviews!! RIM should monitor native apps better.


The Kobo app for Android lets you sideload books ridiculously easy. If you have 2.0 installed you'll have no problems doing this. Voila, sideloaded ePubs on an app that's not gross-looking :)

If you don't like the Kobo app for Android then there is another droid app called Aldiko that also works but sideloading is a bit more difficult because it requires trudging through the filesystem and putting things in particular directories.

Good reading!!


Updated to OS2.0 on Playbook, having Kobo 1.4.2 by default on Playbook. Not working at all. Nothing loads other than a blank white screen. Can anybody tell whats wrong with it.


gotta love it... Oh white screen... How u torture me. Tried all the suggestions I can find.. Still nothing.