eBay v2.0 hits BlackBerry Beta Zone adding selling features, BBM and more

By Adam Zeis on 26 Sep 2011 10:27 am EDT

eBay Mobile 2.0 BlackBerryeBay Mobile 2.0 BlackBerry

The eBay mobile app for BlackBerry has received a long awaited update and is now available in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. The new version features a brand new UI, the ability to sell items right from your device and is also BBM connected. eBay has remained in basically the same form since the original launch, so this is a welcome feature for users. Updates include: 

  • BBM Connected -Ready to show the world your latest purchase? Post a recently purchased item as your personal message or share a listing with your BBM contacts and chat through BBM. You can even invite them to download the application if they don't already have it.
  • Brand New User Interface - The user interface has been completely redesigned and updated, while maintaining core eBay design and functionality, to provide users with a closely integrated BlackBerry - eBay experience.
  • Sell from your device - Create and publish a listing on eBay from just about anywhere. With core integration to your BlackBerry Camera and photo library, you can upload an image to the listing you created, directly from your BlackBerry smartphone.
  • Improved buying experience - Looking for a collector's item? The advanced search criterion makes it easy to find what you're looking for. Modify your search with your preferences and indicate whether you're looking for a new or used item, which country sites you'd like to search and more!

eBay version 2.0 is available for download in the BlackBerry Beta Zone. Hit the link below to register and download

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

eBay v2.0 hits BlackBerry Beta Zone adding selling features, BBM and more


+1 for me too. I'm sure there will be an update soon like there was for..... (I cant remember, but this happened before on another beta zone app)

That's weird.

Anyways, very much looking forward to this. I am glad to finally have the selling features and the redesign looks nice.

Can't wait for this to be out of Beta.

Other things I am hoping for...and anyone that has it, please comment...

I think, IIRC, when you call up a saved search or something with a lot of results, there didn't seem to be a lot of options, if any, for sorting the results......

Either way, any update to this app is good in my book.

My biggest beef with the existing eBay app is that the notifications are non-configurable and thus virtually worthless.

You only get ONE notification 30 minutes before the end of the auction. If you miss it, there are no reminders. If you're busy when it goes off, all it does is basically remind you that you just lost the auction.

They need to allow users to set notifications to start earlier and repeat if desired, that would make the app far more useful. I don't give a leap about a changed UI or BBM "show off" features. [rolleyes]

To me, the whole point of a smartphone app is to be able to follow or jump on stuff when you don't have a computer handy. And for that, you need good notifications.

Good points. I wouldn't mind having those kinds of features. However, the use for my wife and I is more to have access to bid when we are away from home and don't have my laptop with me. But, I do get the value of what you are saying/suggesting.

I can't connect to BBM. Says "maximum downloads reached" in BBM Connected Applications. But its super quick and I love it