eBay Mobile App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming Soon

By Adam Zeis on 9 Nov 2009 07:48 pm EST

At the BlackBerry Developers Conference today RIM unveiled a new eBay Mobile app for BlackBerry that is "due by the end of the month". I'm very excited (as I'm sure many are) that a long overdue eBay app will finally be landing on BlackBerry. All of the features are there, search for items, view descriptions and gallery photos, bid, see your watched items list and more. The app will feature push notification sending you alerts when you are outbid on an item. You can even add auction end times to your calendar, and choose to receive reminders so you don't miss out on that limited edition Kevin Michaluk Bobblehead. No set date yet, but if the "end of the month" holds true we should see it sometime before January.  Check out the video above for a good walkthrough. 

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eBay Mobile App For BlackBerry Smartphones Coming Soon


RIM is rejoicing over a native app for eBay? Gosh, Apple had the eBay app on their iPhone for so long.

Aside from eBay let's see, the iPhone has app for Target, Bestbuy, Starbucks, Amazon, Walmart, Whole Foods, Avis, La Quinta, Choice Hotels, Hotels.com, Kayak, Barnes & Noble, Mint, MasterCard, Priceline Negotiator, UPS, Fedex, Disney, and even Sherwin Williams and American Greetings Card. Oh, and a free Adobe Photoshop too.

Maybe it will take years for RIM to put those apps into the Blackberries.

What do the competion have: iPhone 3Gs, Droid, Nokia N97, Pre, myTouch, OS 3.1, Android 2, WinMo 7. and what do we have: same old boring OS and UI, and browser.


AT&T's 3G network may be 5x less than VZW, but it's definitely the fastest 3G network in America.

VZW's CDMA platform can't even handle voice and streaming data at the same time, one has to be put-off momentarily.

iPhone has had push notifications since 3.0, on every app that has push notification feature such as eBay.

The cut-and-paste came out late, but its leap ahead of my crappy Storm in terms of accuracy. iPhone's copy-paste can copy anything you see in the screen, clipping of some sort.

Do you have photoshop in the blackberry? I guess not.

I think this is a great thing to finally have. I mean if you want to get into saying the "iphone" had this and that, then how about the iphone just getting the copy and paste feature? or finally the picture messaging? So there is no need to get on RIM for being happy that eBay is finally on it's app world.

I think with eBay coming out with a BB app, we're going to see a trend from other companies. I'm excited for any announcement that betters my blackberry experience.

ebay + push notifications = win. Apparently some people can't read anything beyond "ebay app"....

wow RIM is releasing an app, that Kai from EDL Industries, has had for months...i know this because it has been on my phone for months. LOL

For some people, an extensive, reliable network is more important than an open platform. That quick browser on the IPhone doesn't do you much good if you're paying roaming charges to use it every time you drive 10 miles outside of town.

app is nice but i have been buying stuff on ebay via the mobile site. works fine but an app would be better. hope all the kinks are out before the release it. iphones suck!!!!!!

This is not just yet another ebay app, like on any iphone.

it got PUSH NOTIFICATION, can you not read?

God damn, if you have to troll on a blackberry site, at least do your homework before doing your iphone fanboy action

Wow, this is ironic. I was just on eBay today thinking their mobile site kinda sucks, and it'd be nice to have an app, splendid timing. [=

How is this going to work with ebay seller? will i be able to relist items easily?
Ebay should realize that for people to buy things on their site they need an easy way to RE-list something on the go....! Make it happen ebay

What is up with that Ebay. Stop treating us like the red headed step children. PS we out number the other fella 4 to 1! ;-))

Looking forward to this app, and CNN with FLASH and others....