eBay for BlackBerry updated - Now includes Deal Finder to help you find the best offers

By Bla1ze on 1 Dec 2010 05:55 pm EST
eBay for BlackBerry updated - Now includes Deal Finder to provide you the best offers available

With the holiday shopping season well underway already, eBay and RIM have just updated eBay for BlackBerry to better help you out if you're shopping plan consists of online shopping. Updated to version, the eBay app for BlackBerry smartphones will now include great deals from Deal Finder, which will replace the Daily Deal feature in the application.

Deal Finder is a great way compare eBay.com with prices on retail websites such as Amazon and Best Buy. Also included with this update is some overall fixes for slow loading times and eBay for BlackBerry can now make use of BlackBerry Shortcut keys. The update hasn't gone live in BlackBerry App World as of yet but you can grab it from the direct download page. If you prefer to download from BlackBerry App World, try refreshing using ALT RSTR and it may show up.

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eBay for BlackBerry updated - Now includes Deal Finder to help you find the best offers


Actually, it is live on App World. It showed me the update about 15 minutes ago and I've already updated it through App World on my 8100.

Ya, it shows for some..not for others. Depends really but that's why we always try to offer an alternative link as well. :)

only works in the U.S. I guess?

I live in Germany and all I get in the Appworld is

the actual version shows up if I browse for it but won't let me download after I loged in.

Bold 9700 OS6

Would love to be able to do little things like highlight a seller and save as a fave, etc......

True seller support would be great......

Is eBay still relevant? I can't remember the last time I used eBay for anything, though I suspect it was around the time they changed their privacy settings to let fraudsters hide more effectively.

yeah, i cant seem to get this update from the direct download link or app world. i tried alt+rstr and that didnt work. when i tried the direct download link it just got stuck on the loading ebay on device screen. im using a 9700 with os 6. ah well...

As it is US only. Spoke to someone on the Amazon helpline - they couldn't understand what I meant by the app, kept talking about the site or my handset!

hi everybody,

Can someone upload the cods or post a link ota for eBay, for people who don't live in Usa please.

Thx in advance.

This soft S***S big time as It always says that my 9700 is not supported and cannot install.
This is ridiculous! Come on ebay I am sure you can do something better!

can someone post an OTA link for users who live out of the USA and countries where this app is supported...would really appreciate it!! :)