eBay For BlackBerry Updated: Additional Devices Now Supported

By Bla1ze on 18 Jan 2010 12:42 pm EST
eBay For BlackBerry Updated:  Additional Devices Now Supported

The official eBay for BlackBerry application saw a little bump in versions for the the first time since it's release back in November. Seems some may not have gotten the BlackBerry App World push update for it yet, but in any case if you look in BlackBerry App World now you should see that eBay was updated from from version to Luckily, this time around there is an actual change log within the description of the application its self which states:

This version supports additional devices such as the 8520, 8230, 8350 and 8530 models to widen our beta user base. Minor usability issues and some visual fixes were addressed. Passwords with special characters (e.g. $ & *) are supported. The new version will support 9700, 9520, 9550 and 9530 users shortly.

Interesting changelog with some great changes. Nice to see security updated and a broader range of devices supported. However, a few discrepencies in it as well considering the above picture was taken from a BlackBerry Bold 9700 which according to the log isn't supported with version as of yet. BlackBerry App World did allow me to install it, so I say go ahead and grab it if it's showing for you.

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eBay For BlackBerry Updated: Additional Devices Now Supported


When I open up the App World link on my Verizon Tour I get: "This application is not available on your device or for your carrier." -WTF?

Yay, yet another entry in a VERY, VERY long list of applications Research in Motion (RIM) refuses to release to Australians...

Once again, thanks RIM, you've been good for, well nothing really.

Or for those of us inside the US that don't want to install the crappy app world application? Between Google Maps and App World my storm gets a massive memory leak. I refuse to install either application anymore.

After using the ipod touch app over a year ago (which wasn't that impressive), this app is crap. I have tried to use it a couple times (can't even use in landscape) and would rather access the full site with Opera Mini. FAIL.

And yet, out of all the commenters you're the only one that seemed to be aware of it. Proving of course, better late then never. :P

Not to mention, App World push updates clearly don't work for notifications. But we'll save that for another day.

Finally I can use it with the Tour on verizon. With the old version I couldnt even login to my account but now all seems to work fine.

I cannot check the checkbox in the options to check for updates. Am I the only one having this problem. I also had this problem with the old version. I'm using a Tour OS 4.7.61.

As a recently returned BB user from android and previously apple the lack of a decent ebay app is quite poor. This app also is useless to me as it is US only and I am UK - come on Rim your supposed to be international right? and also the lack of a selling update option is likely to rankle. The interfaces on the apple and android apps whilst not always perfect did work and I had little problems. This should not be rocket science but as I remember from previous BB use it is likely to be sorted as my contract expires in a couple of years and I move to another os. Not inspirational - so much for love to be bold!!

Sorry for bumping this thread, but does any one know what's the latest on this app is? I still can't install it on my UK Vodafone 9700.
it still says 'This application is not available on your device or your carrier.' been saying that for at least the last few months.
how does this app compare to Mobile Auction Manager for eBay?

I downloaded the ebay update on my bold 9000, after rebooting I got the white screen with app error 523. After another reboot it is functionig properly. Software is a much better improvement.