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CrackBerry Idol - Zander
By Kevin Michaluk on 1 Jul 2010 09:38 pm EDT

Use eBay from anywhere with eBay for BlackBerry

[ Please note: This review was completed before the upgrades to the eBay app that showed up yesterday. The judges have kept that in mind while reading the review and you should too from the perspective of Zander as a CrackBerry Idol contestant. ]

Are you an eBay power buyer? Have you ever been frustrated because you've missed an item you've been bidding on for weeks but you were nowhere near a computer for the final countdown? With RIM's eBay add-on app, making purchases on eBay are conveniently in your pocket and at your fingertips with the use of any modern BlackBerry (such as the 8520, 8230, 8350 and 8530 models and up). In this review, I'm going to put this app to the test and talk about its pros and cons. Interested? Keep on reading to see if eBay for BlackBerry is right for you!

Personally, I never was really a huge eBayer, I've always been wary about buying a product that I can't put my hands on first to make sure it's a product that I really want. Lately though, I've started to open up to the whole idea of eBay and have found some really useful things for great deals. Don't get me wrong, I would still be far from being considered a "Power User" by any means, but I do think this is a great little app to have at the ready when I get the urge to browse for some new-ish toys.

First off, let's take a look that the functionality of the app. At 696Kb, it's not the smallest app in the world, but for its size I find it runs really well on my Storm2 (I would imagine that it would slow down a bit on older phones but the developers claim that the app will run on 64MB devices...). I would compare its operation and GUI to an app like Poynt. Navigating around is fairly smooth and there is very little lag when going from screen to screen, there are also nice transitions to keep it a little more interesting.

ebay for BlackBerry

The app opens up to a home screen that allows you to login to your account or browse for stuff, so there aren't any screens to hop through in order to do a basic search - and no, you don't have to be logged in to your account to do a search. Also featured on the home screen are some popular items being sold on eBay, just in case you want to check out what's hot!

ebay for BlackBerryebay for BlackBerryebay for BlackBerry

Searching for items is pretty quick and easy. Results for me pop up within seconds but this will depend on your carrier's coverage or if you're connecting though wifi. Once the search results are displayed, you can click on any of them to get more information about the product, look at the item's pics, seller information (location, rating, etc.) as well as place bids or just watch the item. You can even add the auction's end time to your BlackBerry's calendar and set a reminder to have your BlackBerry remind you that your auction is about to end!

But wait! Before you nod your head and say, "Geeze Zander, that app sure sounds fantastic!" there are some things that you should know...

The latest version ( and lower does not support the selling option, so if you're an eBay power seller than I'm afraid you're out of luck. This will be a deal breaker for a lot of people right off the bat as there are a lot of people who primarily sell on eBay. Even if you are currently selling items on eBay, you cannot check the status of them from this app. So for you power sellers out there, I recommend that you stick with visiting ebay.com from your phone's browser or from your desktop computer.

Another con is there can be a bit of a lag from when you bid on your BlackBerry to when the bid is received on the eBay servers, so I wouldn't recommend using this app for any last second bids. This is a fairly big drawback too because you generally want to be able to make those last minute bids when you're on the move (that's one of the reasons you'd have it on your mobile device after all).

All in all, I would say this app is a good one to have for the occasional eBayer like me. So if you're into picking up the odd item or gift when you're not around your desktop or working long hours and can't otherwise get access to the internet, consider downloading this app for ease of access to the eBay world. Hopefully we'll see some selling options in future builds.

The price is right on this one, as a free app you've got nothing to lose if you want to try ‘er out!

** This review was written as part of the CrackBerry Idol 2010 competition. Click for details. **

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eBay for BlackBerry review


Kevin (aka Ryan Seacrest): Seriously Zander... I can't believe RIM just released an update to the eBay app the day before your review was set to go live. At least RIM must have agreed with some of your gripes as some were addressed in the update. Shows you were spot on. Let's go to the judges for a the verdict on your review...

CrackBerry Idol Judges

Dieter: A solid review that fairly points out both the good and the bad of the eBay app, but you know me, dawg, I like to have the big points earlier. Well written, too, which makes the fact that your video doesn't give us a feel for the app all the more frustrating. Show us the product pages, make a bid!

Georgia: The video covered all the bases but I hoped for something more than a straight forward video review. Be careful with the uhm's and so's, happens when nervose but becomes distracting after a bit. I enjoyed your writing style, it is engaging but would have liked to see the pros and cons of the application in point form as well. It is the usual format and is easy to find for the casual reader. Thanks for the submission.

Craig: The review was well written and really laid out the apps functionality and its pros and cons. The video was really bad and showed absolutely nothing. It was a waste of time to watch because all we saw was the cover flow. You didn't actually show the app.

To bad that ebay for blackberry only available for several country only.
That's why I think this app is not as popular as other free application does.
Even thought many user used ebay.

Just because you grew your hair a bit doesn't mean we cant spot you Tobey Maguire... >: ( well at least your here and not making crappy movies.

I've been doing business with EBay for a few years and when they came out with this mobile app ,I was very happy because it makes it real easy and convenient for me to look up and search any items in eBay. I see only one problem with the mobile app in my Storm and that is that I cannot type in landscape mode other than that like I Said before this is a really great app.

I've been doing business with EBay for a few years and when they came out with this mobile app ,I was very happy because it makes it real easy and convenient for me to look up and search any items in eBay. I see only one problem with the mobile app in my Storm and that is that I cannot type in landscape mode other than that like I Said before this is a really great app.

Sorry, but the video was not good. Between the Um's and So's, your tone was one that made me feel like putting you on suicide watch. It made me feel like you didn't like the app at all, and that it wasn't worth downloading (or worthy of your review time). You mainly stayed on the home screen, then jumped to show the other menu options without going into them to show people what was there. There was no detail on how to search, how to bid, or even how to add auction end times to your calendar.

Plus, the beginning has the video constantly jumping from one brightness level to another. Your hand movement made it hard to watch your device as it jumped all over the place, and kept your screen from being in focus. It's better to set the Storm down on something and keep it from moving about so much.

The overall impression I got was: "I don't like it, I don't use it, it's not worth showing any detail, but if you want to waste a few minutes, go check it out."

I know this is a harsh review, but compared to the other contestants, there was no sizzle to this one.

The written review was a lot better than the video. Hopefully you'll pick it up a bit if you make it into then next round.

Hey man, thanks for the honesty. I ran into some technological bad luck and pretty much had to wing the video at the last minute, I was barely able to slide this review in before the deadline.

At the time of the review, I was reviewing an app that was still in beta and didn't offer up much. It overall isn't a very impressive app to begin with. At first I thought that reviewing this app was a bit of a mistake, but then I figured that having both solid positive and solid negative things to say about an app would show a bit more diversity in a review.

If I make it to the next round, I hope to bang out a much better visual presentation, but if not I'm glad that I was able to be a part of a fun contest.

Again, I appreciate the honest comments and criticism from all. It'll only make me a better reviewer!

sorry but your monotone review of this product put me to sleep... NEXT!

you are not crackberry material, why are you even trying to be a reviewer? It feels like you don't care about what you are doing.

I'm sorry, aren't you the same person who claims to be an English teacher but still can't spell "barrier" in Yousif's review?


Thanks for your feedback! :)

The ebay search feature in this app is lacking....Definitely shows when I click on a saved search(s) (which were made on a pc)....The results shown by the app are poor and not the same as on the PC.