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eBay for BlackBerry 10 updated to v2.3.0.25 - Changes remain a mystery

By Bla1ze on 19 Aug 2013 11:14 pm EDT

If you've downloaded the eBay app for BlackBerry 10 in the past, you no doubt noticed it was a massive battery hog. A new update is now available and while I'd love to be able to say the battery issues are now resolved, I simply don't know because eBay is apparently too lazy to update their change log. In fact, they seemingly just straight up copied it from the Android version as far as I can tell.

Perhaps it's fitting considering it's an Android port anyway but they could have at least took out the note about tablet support since it's apparently not available for the BlackBerry PlayBook. In any case, if you want to give it a run, the update is live now in BlackBerry World. If you find the battery issues are indeed resolved, let others know in the comments. Oh right, it also shows as available for the Q10 and Q5 as well now.

Learn more / download eBay for BlackBerry 10



I didn't know there is one!


Hopefully the big change is that it stops sucking

Posted via CB10


Anyone know if this version is better?


Just remove this app. Drop it. If you are going to let it rot and not even give an hour's effort to test it on BlackBerry then just bug off...

Android apps can run on BlackBerry. But that doesn't mean you can just convert it and drop it and expect that's good enough.

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US


Mobile site is good for me.



Posted via CB10


That ^ and that fact I don't want my phone to feel as though it's going to melt from overheating like the last time I downloaded this app.

From my Z10 to YOU, BOO-YAH!


Haha you go tell em for being lazy B1aze :D

Posted via CB10


Why can't ebay just make a native app, it's a huge company.


It's pretty dumb not to make a good app.

I used ebay all the time, but since getting my Z10, I'm hardly on my computer so I miss all my opportunities to use it.

If they had a good app I'd use it.

Posted via CB10


My name is LtHavoc21 and I support this message.

Signed via my weapon of choice, Z10.


I'm pretty confused about your claim that there's no change log. There's a 2 page list of changes

Posted via CB10


I'm pretty confused about your claim stating that I claimed there was no change log:

"A new update is now available and while I'd love to be able to say the battery issues are now resolved, I simply don't know because eBay is apparently too lazy to update their change log. In fact, they seemingly just straight up copied it from the Android version as far as I can tell."


Because the bb10 population is minuscule.

Posted via CB10


Is why no bb10 native ebay app

Posted via CB10


I grabbed it. Will see if the battery drain issue remains or not. That is why I couldn't use it before.

Posted via CB10


Looks like the battery drain issue was fixed.

Posted via CB10


Ebay app was a monster... I'm too scared of it lol

Posted via CB10


So far so good battery wise, after an hour use.

Posted via CB10

Sayumi Whisp

I have change logs @.@

We've update your eBay selling experience:

Tablet support
Preview your item before listening it
Access your draft listing in my ebay

Redesign your home screen with quick excess to your recently viewed items ( you can turn off this setting)

Our new selling experience look good on tablet and phone and helps to list your items hassle free in a minute

Posted via CB10


"A new update is now available and while I'd love to be able to say the battery issues are now resolved, I simply don't know because eBay is apparently too lazy to update their change log. In fact, they seemingly just straight up copied it from the Android version as far as I can tell."

charls seal1

Where's my ebay app for the q10?

Posted via CB10


I find it much smoother and faster. The UI is better as well.

Posted via CB10


The difference in usability if Android ports from 10.1 to 10.2 is ridiculous.

Ebay was painful to use before. This update with 10.2 and it is perfectly usable.

Posted via CB10


Agreed, 10.2 Android experience is actually pretty good. The updated android player makes a huge difference. Still not close to native though!

Posted via CB10


Agree dusdal...jelly bean makes all android apps smoother

Posted via CB10

Theo Groenevelt

Ive used their mobile app while still on 10.1, never really had an issue for the times I was searching for items.

DilBit Powered Q10... 10.2 where ya 2 bye??


Now how about bringing Kijiji to bb10! That would be awesome.

Posted via the best phone ever. The white Z10.


I need it soon. There is no mobile website for kijiji makes it worse.

Posted via CB10

so crow

This app blows man.

Posted via CB10

Dave Bourque

All you Debbie downers that doubt me about 10.2 and the future of bb10 apps. Bite me.

Posted via CB10


I'm so sick of the stupid android ports. Just make a BB10 app already!

Posted via CB10


Fantastic. Life is great! Ebay on the Q!


This was an interesting review. Seemed very bitter. Fitting so I suppose, considering that all we seemingly get these days are Android ports.

Posted via CB10


My Z10 was one of the ones having the reboot problem. I read somewhere on here that this app had something to do with it. I deleted it and it really did get better. Love ebay, not this app. In the immortal words of Shawn and Gus, "suck it."

Posted via CB10


Sign in page is new, upper right now has shopping cart icon, search, and extended menu dots: Sign out, My Settings, My Ebay, Refresh. On complete app redesign. I like it. (okay don't shoot me)...

Posted via CB10


Kudos to eBay though for giving us a more up to date version even if it is an android port. Hopefully 10.2 will allow more big names like eBay to give us better android ports until a time they wish to commit resources and give us a native version.

Posted via CB10


This update has allowed me to download the app from BlackBerry world straight to my Q10 which I couldn't do before.

Posted via CB10

Winston Loh

I really hope it does not consume that much battery anymore....thanks !


i had just downloaded that the other day and noticed that my battery didnt last long. Now i know.


I've been using a sideloaded version of the Android app with the same version number ever since I got my Q10. Ironically enough, the sideload also works on the PlayBook, even if the 'official' port doesn't.

Posted via CB10


Seems like the latest update for the eBay app for Android was in April, for US and UK citizens. Updates to the UI mainly.


6 hours since I downloaded this and signed in, so far so good with battery, usage seems normal, looks like it is fixed, fingers crossed stays like this.

App seems pretty decent as well :)


It looks like they changed the first page a bit. Still laggy as hell.

Posted via CB10

Brian Hope

They need to go native with this app. Still needs improvement.


Downloaded a few hours ago and battery issue seems fixed. Hopefully!


Mobile site works best. Skip the app.

Posted via CB10


Side load works way better re battery. Not sure how they managed to stuff it up

Posted via CB10


Ebay sucks. Even their mobile site blowz!

Posted via CB10


Mobile site doesn't give notifications.

Posted via CB10

Stu Evans

They removed the sell item by scanning barcode. It never worked just crashed.

Posted via CB10


Left un plugged overnight and battery was fine.

Posted via CB10


Would be nice if I were able to login it keeps saying no network found stupid thing. Using 10.2.01385

Posted via CB10


Mobile site! Apps suck. We have the best browser in the world's. Why not use it?

Posted via CB10


So far so good. If you're worried about battery life just log out. You won't get notifications but it saves your battery.

via CB10 on my AT&T Z10


How is everyone finding battery usage whilst staying logged in? Mine seems okay but not 100% sure. Please reply to this comment :)

Posted via CB10


New layout and basket function

Posted via CB10


No issues on battery drain here.
Notifications on, and running an hour active framed before auction ends, still no excessive draining. looks like it's fixed!
PS: running