eBay for BlackBerry 10 now available

eBay for BlackBerry 10
By Bla1ze on 24 Mar 2013 05:16 pm EDT

If you fancy doing some online shopping or selling through eBay, then you'll be pleased to know eBay for BlackBerry 10 has now arrived in BlackBerry World. For now it remains and Android port but it has all the features you've come to expect. 

  • Buy, Bid or Make Offers with just a couple of taps
  • Pay for items securely
  • Get notifications and reminders about items ending, being outbid, outstanding offers, new items matching your saved search criteria, new messages and more
  • Track package shipments to find out where your item is and when it will arrive
  • Leave feedback for sellers when you have a few spare minutes
  • Check and respond to eBay Messages wherever you are

In the past, we saw mockups for the native eBay app so it seems as though eBay just released this version to get things rolling while they work on that. If you've been waiting for eBay to arrive, then you'll want to get this one downloaded and take it for a spin.

Download eBay for BlackBerry 10



Finally, been looking forward to this!

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Finally, been looking forward to this!

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Dude grow up

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Sweet deal! Keep them coming.

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Missed by a second. Damn!

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Great news!

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Every day a New good app

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I wasn't us wondering where ebay is... thanx for the heads up

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Android port though... Oh well better than nothing!

John Vieira

Android port. Meh, i'll pass 'till Native.

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I've been using the sideloaded version of Ebay and it performs really well. It even gives me notifications in the BB Hub so I prefer this until they bring out the native version.


I was using the port as well until this one. I deleted the port, installed this one and it is for some reason being very slow. It isn't anywhere near as "smooth" as the port was, which is somewhat disappointing..


I was just browsing with the mobile site and saw this! Yes!!! Lol

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Hell to the yeah!!!

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BB Marissa

Think I'll wait for the native app

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You do realize the amount of downloads received for this app will most likely tell eBay if they should make a native app or not.

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Thanks! People can be so short sighted.


So what we should do is, download the app, leave a review saying thanks but please make this app native. Then delete the app. Boom. Problem solved. EBay sees their app was downloaded and they get feedback at the same time ;)


You nailed it ;) exactly what i did for all the Android ports even those I'm will never use when it comes native : that is how you push the developer to make better apps and also you increase the number of native apps in bb world...results ? Well
1- people who used these apps will more be tempted to buy a bb10 phone
2- with more users, more apps will come
3-we might see the Android player disappearing in a year from now
You think I'm crazy? Ask any developer if it's crazy ;)
Why do you think i have more than 200 apps downloaded once but deleted later? It's to support those who might need it therefore helping the platform witch will help me at the end as a customer and user of the same platform.

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I really hope the Android player will eventually be gone. Doesn't necessarily have to be in a year because I know right now it's a plus to be able to say that if there isn't a certain app in BB World then we can try to sideload the android version. However I hope one day we won't have to worry about that and the android player becomes unnecessary.


Very nice. Still expecting amazon zpp

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With the ugly android port app they gave us for Kindle I'll not expect a lot from amazon if i was you...thing keep force closing on my face every time even after 3 reinstall!! sick of it, i gave up.

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Nice to see that we can now monitor the status of our eBay purchases as well as buy stuff on eBay through this app. I'm not a big fan of Android ports but I suppose I'll give the app a try while I hopefully wait for a native version to be made.


As long as it works well I dont mind it being an android port temporarily. Do hope they are working on proper native apps though.

Ronald Bak

Thank you soooooo much, one of the "Core" apps I have been waiting for.

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gonzo uk

This is the beauty of the Android player. When the native app isn't ready and won't be for a while the Android port can be released as a stop gap.

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For sure I've been using it and it works great.


All we need is little patience, and Blackberry world will just keep expanding as the day passes . Always super duper happy every time new app are been announced. Well done Blackberry keep em coming


eBay always supported BB6/7 so I suspect a native app will come some day. Good to have this for now.

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downloading now. The sideload has worked good until this point


Hopefully it's 100x better than the old Ebay app


Sweet! Thanks for letting us know

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Android port. Hopefully it kicks off and they decide to develop a native application.

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Same exact version as the android sideload

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Hopefully not too long until the native one, really dislike these ports.

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Awesome! Was definitely waiting for this one. Overall, it seems to work well as an Android port. This would be a great app in native cascades.

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bla1ze wanna trade Z10s? i want your red one


Seems to work pretty good. Will do just fine until they come out with a native version.

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Others should learn how to launch one application. All markets simultaneously and not like BlackBerry travel only in usa, Canada and UK..

Still waiting after 4 days..

El Platanero

My first comment using the z10

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it does work well and i agree it was the same as my android port :)

Fingers crossed the devs will get a BB10 version ready soon that runs
at full speed

Dave Bourque

Android ports are always laggy shit...

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It's about time. Apps like this are crucial for BB10


Looks awful but this will do for now. I hope they make like the iOS version.

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Wish it was Amazon instead... but cool, keep them coming!

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I side loaded this only yesterday as I didn't like the mobile site.... should definitely be native!

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The ebay app on old BBOS (http://appworld.blackberry.com/webstore/content/4557/) was actually created by Research In Motion Limited (much like the Facebook and Twitter apps on that platform). This eBay app, even though its an Android port, is released by eBay, Inc. This is a big deal cause users won't need to rely on BB to make fixes, updates, etc. Hopefully eBay will get someone to build a native port at some point, but this is a really good development, even if it's an android port.


If I wanted to use android apps I would have bought an android phone.

I'll pass and wait for the native app. Love the z10 but giving bb10 time till September to develop the eco system with native apps. Otherwise I'll have to go back to sweet old iphone.

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I'm using this app and it works really well.

If you have an Apple Mac and happen to use MS office on the Windows Virtual server its basically the same thing it runs like MS Office on a PC, except you're using it on a Macbook. This applies for BB and its current ecosystem, some apps are native and they're good and others can be good on an Android port.


I guess by now it's become clear that there won't be many native apps on BB10. The ports are slow as heck - still, most companies choose to release older Android versions of their stuff as that's a lot cheaper. In that respect, the (bad) decision to make android ports accessible to the platform makes the Z10 a recycling bin for obsolete Android 2.1 apps. There's no point in staying with the platform - getting an Android phone instead will give you the same apps in newer and prettier versions and at native speed. It's OS/2 all over again.

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When people start making native apps will mean there really is a big demand for the platform.. showed my friends the phone and they regret getting an iphone 5

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I'm curious as to if in BlackBerry 10's World is there something like an indicator icon that tells you the app you are aboyt to download is an Android port...I'd there? If not there ought to be.


Another big named app nice :)

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Edward in Toronto

Yes, thank you, got it, and damn you for showing off that red limited edition Z10, it just make me want one.


Rocking the Z10 LE Bla1ze...very nice!


Wow what happened to that mock up that we saw from someone that was suppose to be designing the BlackBerry10 edition. I feel like having cascades was just a waste of time if every big name app is going to be android anyway (feeling negative today).


I've got an android phone and trying to quit using it but with android ports coming on at such an alarming rate, that's not gonna happen. BlackBerry should quit accepting android ports, cos it's encouraging those who are against the growth to keep bringing apps that don't perform well enough and ultimately downgrading the platform. We can't see the beauty and outstanding qualities of this platform with these ports.


^ THIS ^. Ports from small devs, Ok, maybe. Ports from established companies, not a pass imo


Whats so "Moving forward" from BlackBerry ??...if they're not even Genuine with its latest and new software...smh


Get a grip. It's ebay's software, not BlackBerry's.


BB is not cooperating with developers or brands to make native apps, it seems like they're not interested in want we want.


Why was Cascades designed for? Sh!ts n giggles?


You honestly think BlackBerry isn't cooperating with developers? I don't buy that claim at all.


A 100% cross-platforms Apps?, No. It what it seems.


After playing with it for a while... it's ok.

I actually think the app on my Torch was a bit better. Oh well, it will do for now.

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Aaaaand...Android. :(

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I dont see the bad side of an android port (and its probably to be expected since frankly a lot of people already have their android app made). It lets a company see how many BB10 people there are who want their app. They will see the number of downloads and hopefully will eventually say hey, this thing has legs and there is probably ROI on doing a native app.


Not all ports work as they should. To do a "Test " to gauge interest is bs Imo. From the demos I've seen, creating a native app for a company of this stature should cost less than a drop of water in a bucket.


Is there any advantage to this app over their mobile site?

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I think some of you don't really understand how it works. For those telling: I'm gonna wait native app. Please think a little bit. Why do you think they have not created a native app ? Simply because an android port takes no time to be done. The only mean to get a native app will be to show to those developers that there is a big demand for their app on BB10. If your only answer is "I'm gonna wait a native app" I think you will wait so much time...


Android ports are okay.

Think I'm going to wait for the native app, with all its BB10 awesomeness.

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Everyone download even if you have the ported version already. The more downloads the faster the native app will come. Plus if you have this as opposed to the side loaded you will know when the native app is released

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+1 When I received mine from Verizon next week, I plan to install all these apps whether I use them or not, it shows base support. We have to get each others backs. CrackBerry Power! ;)

Javid Gozalov

A poet, but works really good!

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Seriously, I am SO glad to see some apps from the big names, android ports now are fine with me! If you guys think about it... the average smartphone user and not us crackberries wont know the difference in native and ports and will just be glad to have these apps.


I think it's a great thing that BlackBerry can run Android apps.. Yes, there are some apps that don't perform so well, but there are a lot of them that work pretty darned well, and this is one example... It's not a video game, so it doesn't need to be ultra responsive, but it does need to have a good feature set that just works, and this app does just that..

I've been running a self-converted Android ebay app pretty much since I got the Z10 and it has been virtually flawless, so I'm glad to see an official version.

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Frack yeah!

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I've waited this long so I can wait longer. There's no excuse for a company like eBay to not have a native app at this point in BlackBerry Z10 life

Esteban Alfawazi

Good job BlackBerry !
Please please, anyone from UK help me if I can get barclay online banking!? Many thanks

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Downloaded from blackberry world works really well so far loving my Z10


It's an android port. I think the prediction that BlackBerry 10 will finally have to run on Android will prove right.

Posted by me


To Omransha, Well ... at lease for the American side you could market it like that... but BB10 seems to not having any issues getting developers build native everywhere else in the work.

Maybe BB10 needs to be marked for the American's as android BB10 phone (ok... just joking)


Nice one, BlackBerry world is filling up nicely

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Nice, but would rather have an Amazon app.

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Not bad...for a port...but it does the job well for sure.

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Most of the ported apps, cause my unit to heat up. ebay was the worst of all in heating it. So, unless you have to do not install any ported apps from android.


somehow what you've just said is right. of all android apps i have installed on my Z10:
- LINE by naver JPN (i hope LINE will release its native BB10 app soon just like whatsapp!!)
- LINE camera
- instagram
- urbanspoon
- google maps navigation
- pulse
- engadget
- BBC news

all of them work reasonably well. but this morning after knowing that ebay (android port) is available for BB10, i decided to download the app and out of the blue my Z10's ADR went off the line and got heated up, so i decided to uninstall the app and now it's back to normal. so strange..

hopefully Skype for BB10 (which is an android ported app) won't do the same.


Exactly, that is what caused my unit to heat soon as I used it. However, others ported apps would stop affecting my unit if I closed them but ebay one kept heating for a while until I rebooted.


This happens to me to on my z10, and I know when I run a VM of windows or smartphone os's on my mac it heats up and the fan comes on, same with rendering on fcpx. I have no technical experience but would think it would be the same for bb10 running the runtime. Can't speak on if it's bad or good, but all my Macs have been fine.

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LOL @ people that say they wont use the app till its native...whether its native or not, the app works and thats all the average consumer is going to care about. And if the average customer hears words like eBay, Skype, etc... then they will be more inclined to buy the phone which is the end result blackberry (and anyone using blackberry) wants


Its like having a hybrid car that runs on unleaded and electric. The app seems pretty cool for now. I hope they keep something coming every few days.

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Great. Ben waiting. This will do till native becomes available.

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This app works great 5stars....

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Alpha Omega

Works a lot better then the app on the 9900 Bod

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Yay finally best app I have wanted for my Z10 soo bad, I am an avid ebayer and felt lost always using the browser.

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FeDe MoNcAdA

When is Amazon app going to arrive?

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Hey folks,

Check out my ebay app for the Z10, I've been working quite hard on it - search ebay on app world and click Seamless Auctions (black icon).

There is a new version I have ready to upload - which has much more features, more countries supported, login to my ebay (watchin list only yet), watch/unwatch items etc.

The current version on the market only has the ability to search UK (so please don't leave low stars because of this! Please wait for the new version).

Thanks folks - enjoy!


The android ebay app is very nice much better than the BB 7,. the one thing I like about my very temporary jont to the otherside


I want to use it to sell, will that come?


nice. i need ebay.

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Hi, I'm in Switzerland and it's not possible to download any music or movie in BlackBerry world... WHY?? BlackBerry travel is also not available in Switzerland... (only 3 countries...) help me please... why BlackBerry always forgot swiss people? Can someone help me and give me a response please? It's impossible to contact a support from BlackBerry...

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Serious battery drain issues with this. Tried battery pull and made no difference. Think I'll have to stick with the browser version for the time being.


I installed this yesterday and my battery drain has been crazy! Anyone else notice this. Light use today and currently in the red at 12noon!


Same with me. Stick with the browser version :(


eBay app and it ran dry twice today at work in 12 hours!

Have uninstalled and see if it improves tomorrow.


I prefer the website to the app. At least I know the full classic desktop view works on my blackberry 9900, playbook and desktop. :)

Stephen McPhillips

It does work however it practically used half of my battery in 2 hours. Just not good enough. They need to sort this.

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rizztazz torch

Sweet! First WhatsApp and an update literally minutes after release. Then kindle, flipping great app and Now eBay. Loved this app on on my old torch and was jelly I couldn't get kindle on it. No more, the power keeps growing in the palm of my hands, mwahahahaa. Now bring a Nat West app so I can move my money around, I'm a little fearful of sideloading the Android version.

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piko 72

Battery killer!! :(

Posted via my White Z10


It's a good app but just kills the cap out of my battery that my phone wouldn't get a full charge over the time of 8 hours...

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x2 on battery killer. Only had Z10 for a few days and thought it was the phone but after a little searching appears to be the app. Phone went from fully charged to dead flat twice today!

It seems like a good app, will just use the browser until it's updated or native.


Works great. Just sold my 9900 with it. From pictures to posting it handled it all. Until it goes native, still gets the job done.

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Just got my z10 and was ready to get it but poor review held me back. I'll get ebay when they make a native BlackBerry App.

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