eBay app updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone

eBay for BlackBerry
By Michelle Haag on 18 Oct 2011 06:53 pm EDT
If you are a member of BlackBerry Beta Zone and currently testing out eBay v2.0 on your device, you'll be happy to hear that it got an update today, bringing it to v2.0.0.37. Adding in some new features and fixing some of the known issues, this is definitely worth logging into Beta Zone and updating. Not a member of Beta Zone? Get signed up at the link below.

New features include:
  • Navigation Bar -- shows the currently selected screen and a cursor for when navigating between options
  • Tool tips -- now provided to indicate what the icon on the navigation bar is for
  • Shipping Option -- updated so only one option show at first and the user can add more or remove ones they don’t want
  • Selling items -- When selling an item, the user is provided with several return options when available
Fixed issues:
  • Font has been readjusted
  • Page arrows for 'Watched Items' appear
  • Thumb nail picture appears when user views item details
  • Immediate pay checkbox is now on the left hand side
  • Users are able to see all sold items
  • 'List Item Button' functionality
  • Pinch zoom allows scrolling while zoomed
  • User can scroll out of the search field to the search button
  • UI lag in Step 3 of 4
  • Text in textbox that is smaller then the textbox
  • Dropdown boxes change width and cutoff text
  • Photos keep rotation
  • New carousel delay
  • Sign in notification button

More info in the BlackBerry Beta Zone

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Reader comments

eBay app updated in BlackBerry Beta Zone


It feels a lot more touchscreen optimized. Font is huge on my Bold 9000.
Load time is a lot faster and smoother like stated above.
As a seller and buyer I feel this application has improved.

It is. On my 9810 I'm able to flip through items on the home screen. I'm really impressed with the changes they have made. This is truly a more optimized application.

Ebay v1 is the worst app ever!!!! They should pistol whip the person that developed it. Hopefully they fix all of the issues like 3 items per page and not being able to list things

I wonder if this fixed the issue of not being able to leave some boxes blank like the "bundled items" box when I was selling a phone that didn't come with any extras. I guess I will have to find something to sell so I can see.

would be great if they would add a "keep me logged in" or "remember me" box when you log in. its rather annoying having to do so frequently