eBay app for BlackBerry out of beta and into more countries

By Adam Zeis on 30 Jun 2010 01:20 pm EDT
eBay for BlackBerry

The eBay app first popped up late last year in beta form, but we haven't heard much about it since. Today RIM announced the app has finally made its way out of beta and is also available in six countries (in addition to North America) including France, Germany, Australia, Italy, Spain and the UK. With the eBay app for BlackBerry, users can browse items, place bids, check activity and more. The app also integrates with your BlackBerry calendar so you don't miss a thing. Other features include:

  • Daily Deals - View limited time bargains on popular items, where items are often over 50% off the original price and include free shipping
  • My eBay - Access personal eBay activity including Watched items, Bids, Sales, Saved Searches and Favorite Sellers
  • Member Messages - Receive and reply to messages and emails sent through My eBay
  • Payments - PayPal account users can purchase items within the application
  • Re-List Items - Re-list items for sale when current listing ends with no sale
  • Sort Search Results by Distance - Sort search results by distance from location (up to 1,200 miles)

The eBay application is available as a free download for all devices in supported countries.



I have a Bold 9650 and App World says my device isn't supported. This is very odd since I beta tested it on a 9650. I've sent BB a message but haven't heard anything back.


I sent RIM a tweet asking why I can't install this on the 9650! Arg!


Go to www.blackberry.com/ebay to download it on your phones browser. Thats how I did it on my 9650.


I was having this problem, thanks for the comment! It works through the site


Same here, though I'm in the UK and running a Vodafone Bold 9700. I was eagerly awaiting this app and to receive that message once again, made me want to tear my hair out. hopefully it's just a case of them not updating it in App world, as it would annoying if this wasn't available...still


I'm also on Vodafone in the UK, and I use a 9700. It looks like AppWorld just hasn't been updated yet. I went to www.blackberry.com/ebay and downloaded it direct from the site without any problem.

It looks really good.


AMAZING app!!! just flicked through it and tested everything and it's looking FANTASTIC. Really impressed.


Much better with the selling page on here. Great app!!


What...selling support now....yay!


in the UK using Storm 2 and still get device isn't supported
guess we need to just sit tight and wait for RIM to update App World


I think they put out the announcement too early. As of an hour ago App World was still only offering the old beta version. I beta tested .57 and the official release is supposed to be .58.

fadetoblack2104 is the version I downloaded from the app store about an hour ago.


On my Blackberry Bold 9000 with "generic" data, I keep getting "A Connection Issue prevented data from being loaded. Please check your connection settings." I don't see anywhere, even in options, to specify the connection settings, and under "advanced settings" (within the Blackberry OS itself) it does have all permissions set to "allow."

So could it be that a BIS or BES is required for this to work?


Yeah you need to have BIS so it could work since RIM developed the application. It sucks I know.



Link seems to be working for me for the .58 release. DLing now......


this ebay app dont work with mine bb can someone help ty


yes now work in mine 9650 do you have the directv app please let me know ty


Cheers for that 19cbb, it's great to finally have a proper eBay app! this is gonna make my eBay experience a lot more easier!


This totally just killed my Crackberry Idol app review...


App World was still showing the version I already had with no indication of an update.

DL'd from the blackberry.com site OTA link, and it kept popping up a message about every ebay related cod file getting overwritten and did I want that (it never said it was updating an existing installation like it normally does - even with apps originally installed through App World). Clicked "yes" for every message (it was about 5 or 6 times). Rebooted, and it works with the new version. But in App World, it said it was uninstalled. Typed Alt+R S T and App World reset itself taking the ebay app out of the list totally.


I'm glad they finally have seller support. Now I can respond to customers questions threw my blackberry and check my listings. One thing I've noticed is that the messages start from older messages to newer messages. I'm on a 9550. It's probably just a storm 2 glitch but other than that it's a great app...thanks RIM!


kbeard26, it is not a storm 2 glitch. On my 9650, the messages are in fact listed from oldest to newest.

Ebay/RIM MUST change this or make it an option. If I have 20-40+ messages, I don't want to have to scroll through 3 or 4 screens to get to the most recent one.

RIM....are you listening.......PLEASE change this.

Also, I can't see needing to do it often, but it would be nice to have the capability to add a listing. But I do like the app as it is right now.


im on orange uk and it works perfect on my bold 9700 only 1 problem how do you log out


Open App > BlackBerry button > options > Scroll to bottom > Sign Out


I hope I speak for everyone in the UK with a BlackBerry. About damn time RIM, its about damn time.


Tried downloading ebay on my torch, its keeps saying that its incompatible. Is there an update for the torch?i


can anyone please help or advise if there is any way to download it on the torch9800? tried all ways cant get it to download?????