Easytune brings free, unlimited streaming music to BlackBerry 10

By Bla1ze on 8 Jul 2013 05:31 pm EDT

I kind of sort of have an addiction when it comes to music apps. It seems no matter how many I try out, there's no one single app that covers all my music needs. Instead, I find myself using several different apps such as Slacker Radio8TracksSongza, SkoodayNobex and Deezer. A new entrant to that list though is called Easytune, which offers free, unlimited streaming music for all currently available BlackBerry 10 devices.

The app itself started off a little rough but has since transitioned into what appears to be a native app and added a bunch of great features such as social sharing through Twitter and Facebook, playlists, easy album search and even account creation, so that you can keep all your stuff organized. It seems as though the app is using an API to some backend music service and thus far, it's been running perfectly fine for me.

What that service may be though, I'm not too sure. In any case, it's a great app for music fans that's available as a free download. You can't really beat that. I do have to note though, you cannot download songs via this app so those of you on limited data plans, this might not be the ideal app for you as it will always need to be streaming over the network

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Easytune brings free, unlimited streaming music to BlackBerry 10


+1 just search "track title + mp3" and you will probably come up with mp3skull.com, i dont even download music on my pc, straight to the phone

The only bad thing that it is illegal usually and that can kill all free streaming we have now. While I hope it will kill mp3skull :)

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All of the screen caps from this look like Z10 screens. How does this app perform on the Q10

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Works fine, not like it would really perform any different on a Q10.. just look slightly different.

Soundcloud caches the files in the data folder when you sideload it.. you can then rename the file's extention to mp3 and have your songs in the music player..

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Will try it! I've paid for a few but still can't find something that searches for artist and plays only songs by that artist.

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I use Slacker, but a ported Android version since the native app doesn't yet allow for offline caching or on-demand albums.

I found this app a couple months ago and it works pretty good. Quality is decent and you can play any song you want.

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I downloaded this app and it kinda stinks. There are some songs i want to listen to and I'll go to click on it and it will play every song but the one I picked. It's an ok app. Still we need Spotify for BlackBerry

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Cool beans, but here's the deal...

Fairly stable app at least now as Bla1ze reported.

The pros are it is similar to Playlist.com except it is a native app and doesn't require Flash in the browser, which is a plus for me.

The cons are similar to Playlist.com too...some artists albums are incomplete. Not just the list of their albums, but songs within. Also, a few songs are titled wrong, album art for album is usually right but the track pictures are just randomly selected pictures from the artist's entire career it seems. Some songs are broke and don't work. Also often duplicates of the same song within an album.

I'm keeping it for now, but even if I uninstall it, it would surely be kept in my Available apps. :)

~STV on Z10STL100-3/ TMO US

Also, this is not a Cascades app, though it was implemented to mimic one. It appears to be an Adobe Air implementation that causes things to be rather sluggish. In all, I'm wondering how exactly do you stop a a song from playing once it has started and why does it appear like I'm playing back somebody's personal playlist?

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Hmm. Thanks for the post. I've been trying out for the past few minutes and it seems pretty good. Any idea if you can cache the songs on your sd card?

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Nice find I put it through a test or searching some Evangelion songs and they had it.... any app that can find those songs I like

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You guys are the freaking best! Mp3skull works great. Is there anyway to save the songs straight to sd card?

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Thanks Bla1ze for posting this and I'm going to try it out. I like that more and more music apps are coming to market. I still believe that BlackBerry should redesign and revamp BBM Music. Check out the BBM Music channel I created to address this: C00010BF5
Having a cross platform BBM bundled with integrated music streaming / sharing, video chat, WiFi calling, channels and more is a great start.

Very good. Could use some ideas from Stereo Tube. I like the hub idea. Search engine sucks, no videos.

Wow. Can't believe this is free. Extremely impressed.

Sound quality is medium to high quality. Just look up a song and play it. Awesome.

This is definitely a

"Just Download It!"

mnc76 recommendation :)

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Comparing sound quality to my own library, I'd have to change what I said.

Sound quality seems to be medium down to high-medium, but not better than medium. It can depend a lot on the particular song you pick it seems.

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Just heard a very high fidelity song. Seems like it may be entirely dependent on the version of the song you find.

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I downloaded it as wel, it does work fine , although it looks a bit bland
I really like Skooday it awesome plus it looks nice, just personal preference
Which of these allows you to save the songs for online listening? , and how?
Cool stuff though, while Spotify is pretty sweet, with these apps I don't really feel a void, at least to me

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I am tired searching for an ultimate player. I miss my old BlackBerry music player.
I get lots of mp3 songs but most of them are garbage.
I used to store them on SD card in folders. Play songs from each folder when ever I drive and when I don't like a song, just press Delete key and it's permanently gone. I build my music library like that for last 3 years. But haven't done that from the moment I got this Z10.
There is no solution to my issue at all.

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We don't ask for "popular" music service apps because we "just want" it. If more popular apps came to BB 10 that were on Iphone and Android, we can utilize the social network and connection feature, like Spotify has with and other random apps allow.

By the way, I am a Professional DJ . I pay "per son" on some sites and I pay for 2 monthly subscriptions. I buy them from sites made by DJ's/Producers, for DJ's. If you want some music, hit me up and because I like helping people, I will send you tracks. I have 3 FULL TERABYTES of ALL GENRES OF MUSIC and personal;ly mix everything from Country to Oldies to Dubstep. Email me power1aj(AT)gmail.com, and I will send you guys 20 tracks. ANYTHING YOU WANT...REMIXES, MASHUPS, ORIGINALS, ETC.

Cool, I've been looking for an app for my blackberry since my favorite music streaming service, Torch Music, doesn't have an app yet. I'll check this out, but I'm definitely switching to back to TM once they come out with one.