Fancy using your touchscreen as a phone keypad? You can with easyDial for the BlackBerry Bold

By James Richardson on 16 Oct 2012 06:19 am EDT

When making a phone call on your BlackBerry do you ever get fed up with having to use the small hardware buttons to type out the number? I know I do. Here's the solution if you own the BlackBerry Bold 9900/9930/ P'9981 or the 9790 - easyDial.

easyDial will let you use the touchscreen display on your device as a number keypad, giving you a bigger and easier way to key in those numbers. The app actually got a wee update to version 2.0 and is now BBM connected meaning that if you are on a phone call your BBM contacts will be able to tell you are busy - genius!

As the app is new and if you just want to give some feedback then fear not as you can email Milton, the developer who will answer your questions ASAP - He's a jolly nice chap.

easyDial will set you back $1.99 and I'm finding it a pretty useful app even though I don't make many phone calls. Why not give it a try? It's pretty cool.

Check out the video below of the app in action. 

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Reader comments

Fancy using your touchscreen as a phone keypad? You can with easyDial for the BlackBerry Bold


Very nice app, BUT v2 REQUIRES BBM to be installed as it calls a BBM module: I don't use BBM and don't care for apps that force you to download BBM! Fortunately support was extremely responsive and gave me a link to earlier version. Their description, however still makes no mention of the requirement, so be aware.

I too found the BBM integration annoying (I don't use BBM) so I deleted and re-installed the app and then said no to the BBM integration. Works great now as a dialer from touchscreen and I don't get the message about telling the world I am on the telephone.

I would like to see the numbers and letters a tad larger and of course hear a feedback noise as I hit the numbers. This is for dialing when I am impaired using the keyboard so I need audio confirmation that the key has been pressed. Perhaps a toggle to turn the audio on/off would be a great upgrade to the app.

WOW,,, I'm very surprised that a touchscreen/keypad hybrid doesn't allow you to do that to begin w/,,, stupid oversight on a smart phone,,, 9850 FTW... ;-)


Actually, typing in the phonenumber (if it is not already stored or dialled some other way) is no problem whatsoever for me. That's because I own a Blackberry, which has the greatest keyboard on a phone to date. BB9900, no need for this app.

I also have a 9900 and I also love the keyboard, unfortunately more companies use letter for their phone numbers, and a standard phone keypad is helpful. I wish the app's letters were a little larger.

Exactly, I'm with "cvdburgh". I'd only add, its precisely because I don't want to type phone numbers on a screen that I own a BB!

I have it and wish the touch pad could be quickly recalled and used while on a call. It would be helpful for entering information.

No, I wish you could recall it during the call. For instance if you are navigating a touchtone phone system. It goes away once the call is placed.

This is the worst app I have on my phone. It doesn't work even with the update. Why push it?

Using 9930 on Verizon. May work for others by crashes my phone everytime.

OUTSTANDING app. Had from day one and has been working flawlessly. The dev responds to questions accurately and quickly. A must have for the older "visually" impaired BlackBerry enthusiasts

I've asked for an APP like this. But, this app doesn't work well, consumes resources and doesn't allow you to activate speakerphone or bluetooth (that I can tell). Needs some serious polishing and work. I'll wait for the next release before I try using it again.

I have Torch 9810, so it already comes with a touchscreen dialer. I had assumed all touch screen BBs had the option! I do remember having issues calling phone numbers advertised using their letter equivalents on my 8100 and 8310 though, so I'm glad this is now an option for Bold users and others.

This one had me scratching my head, since I have a 9810. I didn't realize the other BB7 models don't have a touchscreen keypad.