Easy Smiley Pack for BBM updated to 1.2.8 – Now with even more Smilies and Emoticons

Easy Smiley Pack updated
By Alicia Erlich on 1 Apr 2011 08:51 am EDT

Last month we told you about a free application called Easy Smiley Pack for BBM which added 250+ smilies and symbols to your BBM chats. Easy Smiley Pack is more than just a catalogue of happy faces and cute icons. It's slowly becoming a new form of communication between me and my best friend. I must say she's become an emoticon junkie thanks to this addictive app by S4BB limited. Conversations now consist of symbols instead of actual text. I can't imagine what will happen now that Easy Smiley Pack has been updated. I think regular words will cease to exist.

This update nearly doubles the amount of smilies and symbols available (hence the big jump in file size). It now includes 218 country flags and, because regular numbers are so boring, a pretty cool digit to digit box translation. Both of these new features are easily accessed by hitting the menu key and choosing "Add Easy Flags" and "Add Easy Digits." Just remember that even though these appear in the options menu it will only work when you are in an active BBM chat window. If you love emoticons, then this is the update for you and it's absolutely free. 

1.2.8 Release Notes

  • Minor Update
1.2.7 Release Notes
  • App name changed to "Easy Smiley Pack"
  • 218 new country flags added (access via "Add Easy Flags")
  • 470+ smileys & flags in total now
  • Digit to digit box translation (access via "Add Easy Digits")
  • :) menu item prefix
  • Updated user interface
  • Bug fixes: low-res devices can now use all smiley categories (e.g. 9300), other minor bugs fixed.

Download Easy Smiley Pack from App World 

Reader comments

Easy Smiley Pack for BBM updated to 1.2.8 – Now with even more Smilies and Emoticons


No, both parties do not need to have this app to see the smilies.

Is anyone else having trouble with this app in BBM groups?? It works fine when I am chatting with a single person, but does not work if I am in a group.

I installed it, used it once and it gave me a really strange error after scrolling through the flags. Then autorebooted my phone. Hopefully just a slight 1-time glitch, if not, I understand that it is still in beta, but it will be removed.

Is the menu option to add a smiley still appearing in EVERY application, not just when in BBM? Thanks in advance.

Does it still only show you the name of the icon but not a picture? that was my only complaint. Scrolling down a list and not sure which one I wanted because it was by name only, not picture.

Nice application this, only complaint is it shows the menu options all the time, even at points when its not needed when in the menu trays.

Would perfer they were hidden unless I was in BBM.