'Easy password' coming to BlackBerry 10 with OS 10.1 MR

By Adam Zeis on 21 Jun 2013 11:13 am EDT

Another fun feature off my want list is heading to BlackBerry 10 with the 10.1 MR in a few weeks. I've always been a fan of keeping my BlackBerry locked and secure with a password, but on my Z10 I threw my old ways to the curb since it was more than a chore to enter a password to unlock my device. As luck would have it however, an "easy password" feature is heading to BlackBerry 10.1 according to BlackBerry Product Manager Michael Clewly's BBM Channel (C00014277).

While there aren't too many details given about the specifics, the feature appears to be a simple PIN lock that would be much easier to perform on the Z10 as opposed to typing out a longer password on the virtual keyboard. 

I'm all for keeping a device locked down tight, but for some using an easy password/PIN to lock their device is better than nothing - and certainly makes for quicker access on the fly. A welcome addition in my book!

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'Easy password' coming to BlackBerry 10 with OS 10.1 MR


Thanks all, who exactly is getting the MR releases?

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Now hopefully this accounts for a replacement when in Developer Mode and unlocking my device. I always keep developer mode on because I'm randomly developing throughout the day, so hopefully I can have "easy pin" unlock the device, and use that password for developer mode too, or something like that.

I've been calling for this feature myself too. I'm not trying to keep my phone data from governments or competitors. I just need something that will keep it secure long enough for me to find it using Protect and report it to the police and/or remotely wipe it. A simple PIN will do that fine and is much more convenient to use because of the larger virtual buttons on a purely numeric keypad.

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I HIGHLY doubt Clewley would post something to the general public, and when it comes it is only available for BES enabled devices...

Sure hope it's for everybody. Having said that, I am on BES10, so bring it on!

BTW phone has been amazing on BES!

Rockin a New Z10

All I can say is finally! I have to use a password due to a work email and I get the password more often than not! This will be a blessing!

From the mind of a MaNiAc

Good feature for the masses, but I'll stick with the password because I'm security paranoid.

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Very cool. This will make accessing the phone much easier. Thank you for listing to your costumers BlackBerry :)

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Don't see what the issue is with the current lock. You can set it however u want. This feature to me, personally makes no sense. My lock is more than 6 characters long nd that's what I like. Easy for me. Hard for crooks ;). Why do I need anything else? So if someone could be kind enough to explain what the reasons for this are I would most sincerely appreciate it. Clearly I am missing something here

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Some people, like myself, prefer small passwords with mostly numbers like a pin. But with the current password keyboard it's tedious to punch in the numbers

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I use a 4 pin password all numbers since day one feb 2013?

Not sure why others can't

You don't need to use a huge long password letters or numbers if ya not what too.

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There is a 10.1 MR coming and VZW hasn't even popped out an official 10.1 yet. Now they'll have another excuse for the delay???

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ugh...why don't they fix the things missing/broken instead of adding features like this?

this move will make BB's less secure

Maintenance release... Hmmm why call it that way? is BlackBerry gonna start pushing out "maintenance releases" directly to users ?

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Still what finger gesture to unlock! And why not? As the Z10 is finger gesture for everything else, I say it would go hand in hand with the bb10 os!

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Common Adam ... you write "keeping my BlackBerry locked and secure" and yet you choose not to use a complex or non easy password?! Now you're getting lazy, lol.

I think this will be a trend for almost everything the requires a password (direct Bank account or Credit card account access - especially when NFC payments becomes the norm, those will be forgotten too easily if we don't get the practice in now).

Don't get it. Right now I am using a PIN password on my Z10. Four numeric digits. How does Easy Password make that any simpler?

For me to enter my password, the whole keyboard with tiny letters comes up. A large display like the phone dial pad would be much easier, and this sounds like that.

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Definitely hope this is the case. I have a 5 digit password / pin and I'm constantly punching the incorrect numbers.

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Yeah. Realized that after my post when looking at the graphic. So instead of the regular full keyboard it will enable a numeric only one with large easy to press keys. I like that idea. A lot.

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If there is a MR, i have a high priority request to Kevin, while downloading attachments in mail, sometimes midway you realise that you don't need them or they are too slow to continue on cellular, then there is no way one can pause or cancel the download.. i face this so many times, also while uploading attachments there is no progress indicator :(

Kevin, could you please please get these requests up to pace for the dev team.

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we need a very efficient PIN locking feature to lock folders eg lock picture and video folders , lock app folders on your desk top. eg if I have a desktop App folder made up of banking Apps I want to lock that folder. There are not very efficient apps that do this. Hide pictures works ok thats about it.

What am I missing? Is it the number of digits in the password (6) vs a PIN (4)?

If I want a short PIN: say 1234, but was restricted by the need for a password (6 digits), I'd enter "werswe" corresponding to "123412". Why won't that work?

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AMAZING!! I was just bitching about this the other day because my gf can unlock in a really cool way on her Samsung, and it's very easy too, just swiping along loads of circles in a pattern..

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this should have been in from the start..... BUT i think Blackberry is definitely lacking and trying to "skate by" without making a quick and easy yet creative gesture unlocking method for Blackberry10. I think they need to put some more or new minds together.

Hi all,

I am working as a System Integrator and talks to both BlackBerry and some carriers.
Last week we did test "10.1 Maintenence Release" for the STL 100-2 (LTE version / Liverpool). This was build


Hmm, if .2354 is the Maintenance Release, then a bunch of people have it already, including official releases from various European carriers.

Yes - that's correct.

Actually they said "they had released an updated MR for the Liverpool".

So it does not exclude the possibility for another update.

My gues is that all ressources are allocated to 10.2 and we all just have to use either a leak or whatever version our carriers seems to approve and release for OTA install.