Review: Easy Lock Pro for Blackberry Smartphones

By Adam Zeis on 11 Feb 2012 06:58 pm EST

I've always been looking for a bigger and better way to lock my device. I'm not always a fan of typing in a password, and I really just never got into using the lock button for some reason. I've tried many pattern and key locking apps over the years, but one I found last week I totally fell in love with. Easy Lock (available in both pro and lite versions) is a simple "slide up" lock screen for your BlackBerry. You can assign it to lock on the hardware lock button or specify a timeout of up to 15 minutes and your device will lock automatically. A full screen covers your device -- complete with time, date and notifications -- and you just slide it up to unlock your device (much like Windows Phone). It feels so fluid that it's like it was meant to be there all along. Check out my video above to see it in action, then head to BlackBerry App World to try it out for yourself. 

More information/download of Easy Lock Pro
More information/download of Easy Lock Lite 

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Review: Easy Lock Pro for Blackberry Smartphones


What's happening. I'm viewing this website using my bold 9900. Why can't I view the video by just clicking the play button.. I remember a month ago I was able to play a video on this site using my phone by just clicking play not( not on mobile view) .. Do I have to update my browser (html5) or something??

I'm fine using the native bb password but I wanted to secure the touchscreen on my torch2. I've been testing many of the apps in this field, and the Bulbera Easy Lock product stands head and shoulders above the competition, including their own other products. Don't get me wrong, their other screen lock apps are fantastic, Easy Lock is simply the best of the best. So much so that after the trial of Pro expired, I bought it, making this the first app in many years of blackberry use that I've seen fit to pay for (up to this point there's nothing I've had to do that I couldn't do for free, and I consider myself a power user). Just try the app and see for yourself. I promise.

Is the free version good enough? Technically, yes...but the wallpaper it's locked to is fugly.

Kevin, I was about to post and say that I bought this app right after viewing the video and I saw your post so I replied saying this.

Defintely a great app. I expected it to lag. But afte seeing the video, I take my words back. Super cool app.

Just bought this for my Torch 9850 and seem to have a few problems.
It doesn't go on automatically when my backlight goes out although I set it to.
The whole date doesn't fit on the screen- like today is Feb 1 unless I turn it to landscape.
And it doesn't allow me to choose my own file.
Should I delete and reinstall?

I think the only problem is that every button on the keyboard lights up the screen, and thats not good and uses more battery.

Was working great then I tried to use my own wall paper and it stopped working. Worked again after battery pull. Hope I'll get my own wall paper to work eventually

I'd like something like this for the playbook. i.e., finger slide to wake up fine but would then like to see a wallpaper page before going right into playbook. Just nicer if you want to see the time (or notifications on OS 2.0!)

Can't get it to work using my own background image on a Bold 9900 (7.0.0 Bundle 2395). Works fine though with one of the default backgrounds.

The best part is I could press the unlock button on top of the 9900 and unlock with the swipe. I had pattern lock and I didn't like how I couldn't use the lock button. Using my pictures for the lock screen is a big plus :)

Just a small info for prospective buyers, it does not integrate with the hardware lock button (for example, like patternlock does). This is completely dependent on the backlight. Basically, if you dont want this screen to show after the backlight goes off, but only when you press the lock button, you can't.

I am using this app on my Bold 9900, I like how it is styled however I think this app has affected the battery life on the phone.(Does anyone agree?) However works fine with my own pictures, fast and smooth app. Thumbs up!

This app consumes a lot of the phone's battery life. I am a heavy user, as much as I like this app, I need my battery to last.

HUGE difference in my Battery life :(
(Bold 9900)

Still, I like the app but it's super buggy :(. I still plan on keeping it & hopefully they will release a update that will fix the bugs (custom background & bad battery being the biggest ones.)

PS I'm on a 9900 so for me Battery is already an issue, I don't need thing making things worse :(

It's okay, but nothing great. It's a bit buggy. Like another poster, it stopped working as soon as I set a custom wallpaper. The only way to fix it was to toggle the app off and on. I'm not sure that I like that every key activates the screen. And I wish it had less give when sliding up the lock screen...what I mean is that as soon as a swipe about half way, it goes the rest of the way on its own if I let go. I'd rather it force me to swipe it all the way up.

Can't use volume/mute keys when this "screen" is on. My pandora no likey..... Otherwise kinda cool on the fence about buying

Thanks Adam, this is a great find! I like that the lock button activates it, but doesn't de-activate it - this makes me not worry about having accidental activation of buttons in my pocket. Thanks again!!!

I agree with seaners and the other poster, it stops working once you change the wallpaper and even then, I'm using it on a trackpad (9360) and I have to slide my trackpad up atleast 2-3times before the entire wallpaper dissappears. I even set the sensitivity on the trackpad to 100. It seems it's more of a touch feature than trackpad. Good app, but glad I didn't pay the £1

Pro version on my 9900:

hangs up when trying to load my own wallpaper. Reinstall and reboot needed.
Doesn't engage when locking by use of the * (A) shortcut.

Guess some more work needs to be done.

I agree how it doesn't engage by using the "A" shortcut. But other than that it works fine on my 9900, I already switched the lock wallpaper numerous times and hasn't rebooted on me. I have the pro version on .576 OS.

Hey Crackberry, would it be possible to start posting the barcode to download this stuff directly on your reviews please ? I generally read these on my playbook and it would be most convinient if i could try out your recomendation by just scanning it straight withiut having to search it on appworld (cos we know how good the search is there /sarcasim).

Anyways good review, gonna give it a try !

Lucas Reade
i hate this app it has crashed my phone torch 9800 and now i gotta have it sent off for repair... thanks alot crackberry

Nice app, needs fine tuning, though. Volume and Play/Pause buttons are hijacked by app when media player or BBM is on. As others mentioned, it'd be nice just to have the main buttons and not every single button to light up the screen.

um; call me crazy but if you can simply unlock it by swiping then what is the point of "locking" it in the 1st place if other people can do the same? there is no security involved here that i can see...locking a phone is so that others can't use it in case you have it lying around...not a very practical app...especially if you have to pay for it.

Its not meant to be a security lock so much as a screen lock. Keeps you from dialing or doing other stuff when your phone is in your pocket, bag etc

^^^ same here is so sluggish !! my bold 9930 was running slow as hell and freezing i couldnt figure out what was causing it and it was this damm app. I removed it and my phone is back to normal. I wasted a dollar but oh well,

Hey Adam,

Thanks a lot for the great demo video! May we embed it in our own site?


Thanks a lot for the comprehensive feedback! It is invaluable to hear the opinion of people who actually care about BlackBerry applications. We went carefully over your comments, suggestions and reported issues and will do our best to incorporate / fix these in the next versions of Easy Lock.

To those of you who had problems with setting your own picture as a background I would suggest that you first allow application permissions and then try to set the picture directly from your "Pictures" application ("Pictures" gallery). Unfortunately, under some circumstances configuring the background through Easy Lock's settings screen does not work correctly. To set the background directly through your "Pictures" application, please watch carefully Adam's demo (it looks like he used this way) or follow the steps below:

1) Go to your device "Media" section and open the "Pictures" application.
2) Browse / navigate to the picture you want to set as a background.
3) Select the picture.
4) Choose the "Set as Easy Lock Background" option from the menu.

For any further assistance don't hesitate to contact us at support[AT] or post on our Facebook wall.

Bulbera Team