Eastlink opens up pre-registration for the BlackBerry Q10

By Bla1ze on 29 May 2013 10:10 pm EDT

Eastlink has been going strong in Atlantic Canada with their device line-up and for BlackBerry users they want you all to know that they to will be offering the BlackBerry Q10. Just like the BlackBerry Z10 launch, Eastlink has now set up a pre-registration page for the device so that customers who are interested, will know as soon as the device lands.

At this point, Eastlink isn't offering up any details on their launch date or pricing but that's essentially what you're signing up to learn when things get rolling. Does anyone actually have Eastlink service? I live in their coverage area and been meaning to try them out.

Pre-Register for the BlackBerry Q10 on Eastlink

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Eastlink opens up pre-registration for the BlackBerry Q10


My brother just got the S4 from Eastlink a few days ago excellent service so far they also give you a 20% discount if you have internet, phone and tv with them. I was going to get the Q10 from rogers in Halifax but they are sold out right now so it is good that Eastlink are finally get it so now I don't have to get ripped off! :D

Eastlink piggyback off of Rogers towers in my area where the service is terrible, and there are no retail stores here for them either, so I will stay where I am!

ah it's probably going to take a while till they get their own towers there remember they just launched 3 months ago I am in Halifax so the coverage here is excellent

Eastlink is also quite big in southwestern ontario. They have been purchasing a lot of the smaller cable compamies. I know that they use Rogers HDTV trunk lines. Eastlink is my provider for my landline, HDTV and high speed internet for the past 7 years. I have been happy with it all. I did not know about the cell service.... learn something new every day....