Efficiently read your news on the go with SideSwipe for BlackBerry

By Jared DiPane on 3 Apr 2012 04:36 pm EDT

Last month the fine folks at SideSwipe introduced us to their new news reader and let us give away 1,000 beta slots to our fabulous CrackBerry readers. The beta appears to have gone quite well, and today they are happy to present SideSwipe to everyone as a free download. You may be wondering what sets SideSwipe apart from any other reader that is available on the market, and having only used it for a short period of time I can already tell you that. This reader, unlike others, gives you feed categories to choose from. Instead of entering the URL for your favorite feeds they give you various categories to choose from, which come preloaded with a bunch of feeds that are relevant.

Once you select which categories you are interested in the rest is simple. The application launches to the most current updates, and scrolling left and right will toggle you between the various categories that you selected. In addition to the category views they also give you the option to save your favorite posts and have a tab for saved posts so you can access them quickly and easily. If you want to search for a specific topic you can do so by going to the search tab, or pressing the menu button and then searching from anywhere in the application. From within the application you can share your favorite articles with friends and family through BBM, email, Twitter and more with just a few clicks on your BlackBerry 7 device.

While unable to add your own feeds to the application, the preselected feeds offer a wide variety of news and great information all day long. The feeds sync to your device so that you are able to read and keep up to date regardless of whether you have a cellular signal or not. If you are looking for a new way to keep up to date with all the latest happenings, be sure to hop into BlackBerry App World and grab this free news reader today.

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Efficiently read your news on the go with SideSwipe for BlackBerry


I really like it. What is great about it is that you can't add your own feeds. It really broadens what you get to see. Usually all the news that I would like to have is already in my twitter feed. It is fluid and easy to use. I've been enjoying it since for a while now.

I love this app. I was one of the beta testers and I cannot live without it now... simple, smooth, effective!

Highly recommended, makes reading your favorite news fast and easy, you side swipe from topic to topic or news category, you can jump to the actual source website from there. As usual wish there was something like this for the playbook.

I'm a huge fan of this app too. No fancy crap. Just well formatted news, easy to use, fast to navigate and search.

TIP: SideSwipe indexes thousands of stories per day. They haven't added custom news feeds yet (just channels). But if you search, you'll find news you want on specific topics. All search results are super fast.

So, you cannot add custom RSS feeds from any site you want like the SocialFeed or any other RSS reader app?

Doesn't seem like it. I love the full article download feature I just need to be able to add my own feeds and then I would try this out. Social feeds doesn't allow offline reading of full articles.

I do know they was looking at doing personal feeds in the Beta and it might be a chargeable feature. Not heard anything since tho ! !

how did you get mobile nations to appear at the top? Do you not have a service provider? and what was that Skype icon?

Cool app though...i just downloaded it

I am on Verizon and I renamed my Wifi network on the device to Mobile Nations. 


It doesn't show as carrier name - wifi name on CDMA networks as far as I know. 

Ive used sideswipe since the beta came out and only use this and Blackberry News now as it is such a good news reader ! !

I'm stuck at Downloading Categories. Happened with the Beta, happening again now with full release. BBNews works perfectly for me and I can add my own specific feeds, so SideSwipe is going bye bye.

I too am stuck on downloading categories. Cant get anything to work. I uninstalled rebooted reinstalled rebooted still gets stuck on downloading categories. Any fix for this? App sounds good but if it cant get past downloading categories its worthless. going to contact support and see what they say.

Apps like these is what keeps blackberry running as a smartphone.Awesome app,beautiful UI,wide variety of news,easily navigable,multiple sharing options etc....

-Hameed Azar