Easily customize your device using the built-in accessibility options

BlackBerry Accessibility Options
By Adam Zeis on 25 Jun 2012 01:33 pm EDT

While the first thing you might think of when hearing "custom" is a theme for your BlackBerry, did you know that there is a built-in option in the OS that let's you customize right out of the box? The BlackBerry OS has an Accessibility feature built in that provides additional functions, particularly to those users with disabilities. These features let you change up the way your device looks and give you a very easy way to get that custom feel without ever downloading a theme. Keep reading for a quick look at using the Accessibility options on your BlackBerry Smartphone.

How to customize your BlackBerry using Accessibiliy options

Navigate to Options > Accessibility

Here you will see three sets of features. The first is Home Screen Grid Layout.

BlackBerry Accessibility Options

This lets you change the number of icon columns on your homscreen (the default varies depending on your device). You can choose from 1, 2, 3 or 4 columns. Play around and see what you like best. 

BlackBerry Accessibility Options

The next option is Color Contrast. There are two settings here - Reverse and Grayscale.

Reverse changes up your colors to negatives, meaning you'll get lots of orange, purple and aqua going on.

BlackBerry Accessibility Options

Grayscale does just what it says and will kill all color and make everything into shades of gray. 

BlackBerry Accessibility Options

The last option is a simple one -- Event Sounds. This simply turns on notificaiton sounds for system events like low battery, power on/off and USB connected/disconnected.

BlackBerry Accessibility Options

The sounds can be helpful but also can get fairly annoying after a while.

So as you can see, playing around with these options is just one way to customize your BlackBerry. You can always check out the CrackBerry forums for more helpful tips and discussion.

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Reader comments

Easily customize your device using the built-in accessibility options


Holy cow, i never noticed this. I wish that there were some bigger text options also. Thanks crackberry (and RIM).

There is. These steps might very depending on what OS you are running, but in OS 7 & (I think 6) go into the same options menu, then select "Display" and "Screen Display". There you have the ability to change font, style of font, font size, and much more.
Hope this helps. :)

Thanks Adam!!! I never needed a theme with my Torch- but now I tried out the reverse option and I love it except for the fact that it also reverses my pics and videos. So now I want a theme to give me the option without affecting EVERYTHING!
Just going along happy as a clam and then give me something to play around with and this............ lol

It does on mine Rootbrian. I noticed when I actually click on the videos they are ok- but the pictures are all negatives. Wish I could change that. my wallpaper is also negative.