Easily the best license plate in Ontario

BlackBerry 10 - Yours to Discover
By Kevin Michaluk on 14 Mar 2013 01:09 am EDT

Ontario's "Yours to Discover" slogan works just oh so well with this one :)

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Easily the best license plate in Ontario


Anyway, our motto in Québec is « Je me souviens » which means " I remember ". Read that with BlackBerry and it would seem like a thing of the past. Not very supportive!

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Maybe Thorsten registered the plate for his son or daughter. Thorsten would have a motorcycle platform if it was for himself.

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I know of a RIM employee who noted only recently that his licence plate read: Z10 BDM, and he is Qc, so we can't ask for anything here, pure coincidence. Too bad it wasn't BBM instead of BDM!!


What happens in 2014 when the OS gets upgraded to 11? .....wonder if he/she has license plates preordered with future updates.

Haha....Nice!! idea.....anyone can buy as ill use my money elsewhere....but, u know that heart logo.... get one of those grapglhics.... then just simply put "ZED or MY ZED"

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If that plate doesn't belong to someone inside the BlackBerry marketing team then they need hire this guy.

And if whoever owns that plate is reading this please contact me, I'd like to feature you and the plate on my website (ad industry related)


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Was looking at BB 4 EVER for my next vehicle in Ontario as BB means something else for me too. Gotta grab it before someone else sees this. No wait hopefully BB don't change its name with the next CEO !

My Ontario Licence Plate is 'BB Guru', on a Porsche Cayenne S. Check us out on Twitter & FaceBook @MyBBGuru. Been wanting to chat with you guys at CrackBerry for a while, to see how we can work together.