Earthcomber for the BlackBerry Pearl Released!

By Kevin Michaluk on 15 Nov 2007 12:18 pm EST

EarthcomberA few weeks back I dropped word that Earthcomber, the popular and widely acclaimed location spotter for mobile phones, was now available for BlackBerry smartphones. At the time, there was one major model left off the Earthcomber compatibility list - the BlackBerry Pearl. Good News for Pearl Users is here at last...

Earthcomber for the BlackBerry Pearl has now been released! It works with all the Pearls... 8100, 8120 and 8130. If you're using the GPS-equipped 8130 you can of course take advantage of all the built-in GPS related features Earthcomber offers.

Learn More about Earthcomber and Download it for your BlackBerry >>

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Earthcomber for the BlackBerry Pearl Released!


Mr Eastwood, you should try EarthComber, any kind of search that you do always bring some interesting POI's with great descriptions. Also the application runs on Wap and Web, so it's always possible to spot places around you.

Can't get it to work with my Pearl. Using GPSlim 240 BT puck. Works fine in Google Maps, but as soon as I bring up the Earthcomber app, it kills my connection to the GPS device with no option to connect.

Anyone else get the GPS working with Pearl?

Bluetooth: You must have your Bluetooth GPS on and paired before you start Earthcomber.
Built in: Make sure it's enabled.

Where to find GPS option once you're in Earthcomber: 2nd tab from the left. Choose "Change Location" and GPS will be the last of three. If you go off GPS to change to a city you want to "virtually" visit, the tab's icon will change from the Satellite dish back into the arrow on the bull's eye.

Upon starting EC, when it asks if it's OK to use positioning data, say yes!

NOTE: until the program polls your location it will continue to show you at the default Times Square or wherever you left off. (You can make GPS poll more frequently by going to the Gear tab (settings) on the far right and under advanced settings, put whatever you want for the minute intervals. Save your settings!

For 8130s, all of the above, except you don't have to turn on Bluetooth GPS, lucky dawgs.

Write us at or call 708 366-1600 if you're having any trouble. Enjoy!