Earth to Britney - it's not *actually* a CrackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jan 2008 09:46 pm EST

from the Forums...

"O MY GOD! She has a lighter in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other. Brit, I know that it's called a CrackBerry, but its not really crack and it doesn't taste like berrys!! You cannot smoke your BB!" 

Earth to's not Actually a CrackBerry

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Earth to Britney - it's not *actually* a CrackBerry!


Ummmm it's call WRISTS! HELLOOOO???!

haha seriously if I was a celeb I know I could avoid the public eye.. This girl is asking for the attention!

That girl has major issues. The only thing I see in that picture that is worth anything is the Phone itself. I guess it goes to show you, that even a fool can have good taste. =P

Dear Sir,

i use to work on black beery which is very use full for me becasue while setting in home and where ever i am travelling i can access to the mails i can work very smoothly with this is also its very easy to carrier and keep it in our pouch,
really we are very lucky who has found this, i appricate them.

best regards

No way thats Brittney!!
Unless shes in Kfeds car???
Look at that photo.
No leather interior? I did some research and thats a 2001 Tercel.

yeah..I know...we should leave her alone...and will.

It was content posted in the forums that I thought would make for good "weekend humor" in the blogs. this material was just to easy to work with though. not posting it would be a crime.


well, we sort of have that. if you look at the Blog Post's filed under CrackBerry Humor. And I typically only post Humorous stuff towards the weekend... so that functionality is already there.

Could always just "highlight" it more...

Wow...I've seen "wasted" before, but Britney looks as high as a proverbial kite here!! Really sad, if you ask me. There is no doubt that she has some real life controlling issues.

I imagine she heard a phone ring, and can't tell if she should answer the lighter or her BlackBerry.