Earth to Britney - it's not *actually* a CrackBerry!

By Kevin Michaluk on 10 Jan 2008 09:46 pm EST

from the Forums...

"O MY GOD! She has a lighter in one hand and a BlackBerry in the other. Brit, I know that it's called a CrackBerry, but its not really crack and it doesn't taste like berrys!! You cannot smoke your BB!" 

Earth to's not Actually a CrackBerry



anyone else worried she has no hands on the steering wheel?


Ummmm it's call WRISTS! HELLOOOO???!

haha seriously if I was a celeb I know I could avoid the public eye.. This girl is asking for the attention!


That girl has major issues. The only thing I see in that picture that is worth anything is the Phone itself. I guess it goes to show you, that even a fool can have good taste. =P


Dear Sir,

i use to work on black beery which is very use full for me becasue while setting in home and where ever i am travelling i can access to the mails i can work very smoothly with this is also its very easy to carrier and keep it in our pouch,
really we are very lucky who has found this, i appricate them.

best regards


Thank Goodness she has some commom sense left, she's carrying an 8310.


No way thats Brittney!!
Unless shes in Kfeds car???
Look at that photo.
No leather interior? I did some research and thats a 2001 Tercel.


Oh I definitely had a nice chuckle when I read your article title! Celebs love their BlackBerrys!!




Now what I have to be blond and cry...

Crazy Bit*h, but her new album is good...

Kevin Michaluk

yeah..I know...we should leave her alone...and will.

It was content posted in the forums that I thought would make for good "weekend humor" in the blogs. this material was just to easy to work with though. not posting it would be a crime.



Maybe there should be some celeb or weekend humor part on site...

Kevin Michaluk

well, we sort of have that. if you look at the Blog Post's filed under CrackBerry Humor. And I typically only post Humorous stuff towards the weekend... so that functionality is already there.

Could always just "highlight" it more...


Wow...I've seen "wasted" before, but Britney looks as high as a proverbial kite here!! Really sad, if you ask me. There is no doubt that she has some real life controlling issues.

I imagine she heard a phone ring, and can't tell if she should answer the lighter or her BlackBerry.

Berry Cracked

this looks like a good game for Britney & it's funny... A find your addiction game and crackberry is the first object to find