Early preview of Whine app shows off Vine on BlackBerry 10

By Adam Zeis on 30 Sep 2013 11:46 am EDT

Over the weekend we got a look at the upcoming iGrann app for BlackBerry 10 that will finally bring Instagram users some relief. As if that wasn't cool enough, it appears that another app is in the works for the popular video sharing network Vine as well. 

A very quick preview of Whine turned up on Youtube and was posted to the forums. As it turns out the app is being developed by forums member knobtviker and is in the very early beta stages. Vine doesn't offer a public API so some magic has to be worked on the backend of things to get it all working.

It's still up in the air whether Whine will actually make it's way to BlackBerry World, but as knobtviker notes, it will be available to sideload regardless so that's a good thing.

Check out the quick preview video above then cruise by the forums for more discussion.

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Early preview of Whine app shows off Vine on BlackBerry 10


I know... they could call all these apps 'Whine'... I'd be their second best customer!!

Thor would be the first: "I just can't lead for shit and that's how I destroyed the company and its wealth and it's reputation ... by sucking at execution".

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Failure creates more failure apparently

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I think that happened because the real WhatsApp made their app available in BW.
It might happen to this App Dev but likely, only if Vine actually gives us their official app.

When BlackBerry 10 launched an independent dev wrote an open source version of WhatsApp called OpenWhatsApp. The app soon got pulled by BlackBerry because WhatsApp decided to release their app and BlackBerry would not allow a clone to coexist with it in BlackBerry World.

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The whatsapp situation is sad, but they charge yearly fee so it was directly competing and taking profit away from the real app I'd suppose.

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Great name for the app too. If someone makes one for instagram make sure its called instagroan instagrumble or instagripe

Lawl. iGrann... sounds too close to granny. They couldn't think of better app names? xD

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Instagroan....I like that...and fitting, too. I like Instagarbage because I just don't see the point....C'est la vie

Also iGrann also needs to be awesome... so that Instagram users can come to BlackBerry. :)

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"I don't need instagram. I have iGrann." I don't really care about Vine, I just need an instagram app to keep my siblings impressed and jealous of my phone. They all moved away from BlackBerry to Android while me and my mom stayed the course. My lil brother keeps begging for my phone.

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Where there's a will there's a way - and there's a way around everything! Thanks in advance to the devs for helping to fill the app void. I too think the name is fitting, can't wait to give it a whirl and support you guys! Cheers!

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Instaberry is a good name for it. Let's rumble. I'm not a hard core social network just standard normal person. Haha haha. Software stability I'd more important than this but It depends on people need.

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Why post this stuff when no one knows if this or ig will make it to bbw, it just falls in line with empty promises like from BlackBerry....getting sick of it

Cool and all but why would people move to blackberry to use imitation apps when iPhone or Android users have the real things

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If it works as good as the official one, who cares? As long as it's fluid and native that's all that matters in my opinion.

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Hopefully iGrann & Whine will see the light of day. That would be a huge relief on the app gap.

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So funny they chose that name... because with an indian accent thats how they would pronounce Vine


Whine app? Is that for all the BlackBerry bashes on this site? ;)

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Sounds like a great app given that it will now allow Blackberry users to use Vine. My only question is, if Vine won't allow it and it will only be accessible via side loading, wouldn't that be useless given that the 10.2 update will allow support of the latest Android Jelly Bean runtime allowing you to be able to side load Vine itself? I might be wrong as I may have misread some articles but figured I'd pose the question regardless.

The fact that it's native is a huge improvement.

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Did they call it "Whine" since people have been winning about it since Vine is not available on BB10... lol

Who cates about that stuff I just downloaded the 100% legit from my carrier, lo g awaited BlackBerry os10 update. And the secondary apsps update as well. 200+ mb of smooth operation. It's no iOS 7 but it seems more organic now. More fluid. Well See how stable it is but none of the typical problems yet and better life is much improved. Downloaded it 5 hrs ago still have 80% juice in the battery. I would line better Colora and sounds though. And a work around so that my notifications LED app doesn't need to be left running.

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An app named "whine" in an article in which Instagram is also mentioned? Oh, this is tooo easy....let the play-on-words fly

Just to tease you all, SnapMate is currently in progress. It won't be available in App World, after discussion with Alec Saunders via twitter.

I'll make some more info public once I get further along in development

You should start a new thread about your app and maybe post some updates, screen shots or videos. :) looking forward to it.

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