Earloomz brings art to Bluetooth earpieces [Contest]

Earloomz Bluetooth earpiece
By Michelle Haag on 9 Feb 2012 03:14 am EST
We all know that using a cell phone while driving is super dangerous, and in more and states than not, laws are in effect that make it illegal to do so. In fact, 40 states have some sort of handsfree law in effect, meaning that if you're going to be talking on the phone while driving a vehicle, you must not have the phone in your hand. Luckily, newer cars come equipped with speakers the ability to connect to your phone and take or make calls using the car speakers. If you don't have that option available to you, you may choose to use a Bluetooth headset or earpiece. This is a more versatile option, as you can use it outside of your car as well.

Choosing a Bluetooth earpiece can be difficult. You want one that will work seamlessly, as well as look good, and the options out there don't always combine those factors in an affordable package. Plus, who wants to have the same earpiece that everyone else has? The creative team behind Earloomz saw this challenge and rose to the occasion, designing a Bluetooth earpiece with style and functionality all wrapped up in one. With hundreds of designs to choose from, you're sure to find one that will suit your personality. Each image is mechanically painted onto the earpiece and finished with a moisture resistant coating, guaranteeing quality and durability.

Each Earloomz earpiece comes with 2 earhooks and 4 earbuds as well as a lanyard holder so you always have it handy. Compatible with most mobile phones, set-up is a breeze and took less than a minute when I paired mine. Multipoint technology allows you to stay connected with 2 devices at once, and the earpiece has a range of 33'. Headset controls include call/answer, last number redial, and call waiting, all in one button. Keep reading for technical specs of the earpieces, contest details, and information about Earloomz campaign for a national Hands-Free Initiative.

Technical Specifications:
  • Bluetooth Version v2.1+EDR
  • Headset & Hands Free Profiles
  • Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
  • Video Game Compatible
  • Voice Prompt
  • Connects To Two Phones
  • Noise Reduction
  • Weight: Approx. 10g
  • Talk Time: 5 Hours
  • Standby Time: 120 Hours
  • Charging Time: 30-60 minutes
  • Dimensions: 53[L] x 18[W] x 9[H] mm

Earloomz is dedicated to not only providing fantastically designed Bluetooth earpieces, but they are committed to leading a national Hands-Free Initiative -- “Be Aware” -- aimed toward providing awareness to businesses and young adults – the next generation of cell phone users and drivers.

Earloomz is asking consumers, car dealerships, cellular phone retailers, non-profit organizations, corporations, small business owners, medical professionals, and municipalities to join the campaign “Be Aware” and encourage anyone that is mobile to go hands-free – regardless of state laws. Whether, it’s encouraging someone to use a Bluetooth that conveys a personal interest, requiring an employee to wear a custom logo Bluetooth while driving a company vehicle, or setting an example for a child, Earloomz is helping keep cell phone users hands-free.

Contest: Earloomz is giving away two Bluetooth earpieces to CrackBerry readers! The first thing you'll want to do is head over to their website at the link below. Check out all the designs (there are a lot, approximately 400!), then come back here and leave a comment letting us know which one is your favorite. The contest ends Sunday at midnight PST. Good luck! (Please note, the contest is only for Bluetooth earpieces on Earloomz that retail for $59.99.)

More information/check out all the designs at Earloomz

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Earloomz brings art to Bluetooth earpieces [Contest]


Wow it would be awesome to sport one of these:
Rising Skull
GL-304-Vulture Kulture

Thanks for the chance CB :-D

Got to expect a post at this hour.. it's called "Crackberry".. got to live up to the name! BLACKBERRY FOR LIFE!!

oh canada is my favourite. but! if you tell me you're getting a leafs piece, then that's the one! do it. (Go Leafs Go)

The whole site has the goods...so many to choose from but the Black and Grey Argyle set is amazeballs!

other than design there is nothing special about this headset when im purchasing a headset i want features

I loved the ART : Billy The Artist : ICU

All models are very cool by the way...

Thanks and good luck to everyone!!!

Easier said than done Michelle, I can't pick one as a fav, but when I win I guess I will have to, but that is a dilemma in itself.
I like Quick and Spotlight--Laker nation stand up--but I would want to win for my wife and who knows what she wants probably Spirits Within. This is a great contest, congrats to the other winner + me :-P
Thanks in advance CrackBerry, Earloomz and Michelle Haag for thinking of us soooo early in the morning!

Well, a lot of design indeed to choose from, ONE of toughest decision to make a favorite that also means i must choose ONE from many. and after ONE hour of exploring, the ONE design i pick is

ONE!! (cc GL-40-Justin Bua)

and i hope i wON(E) this!!!

So much awesome sauce to choose from. Dig on the Canadian Flag, Live Long and Prosper, Diver Down.... but have to go with Black and Grey Argyle... to match my favourite socks!

I must say they all look great. Big celtics fan but my number one choice would be......drum roll....... GL-40- Justin Bua "One". Perfect time for this contest. Been in the market for a few weeks now for a headset but very undecided. This would certainly help, not to mention they look great.

wow amazing art on those ear pieces! hard to chose one ... ICU... Cyan Tie Dye... UR Snowflake...

I think my Favorite is 'Julius Shocked' ***

I haven't been able to afford an earpiece so this would be wonderful!

I really like the Blue Abstract (GL-7-Julie West), please.

There's a few that I could go for, but I ended up back at the Canadian flag. This would be really nice to win - for some reason my Bold 9900 stopped recognizing my headset after an (official Telus) OS update and I really miss having one.

thanks that took awhile , they were all awesome
i pick for me winning...Rising Skull GL-304-Vulture Kulture
thanks CB and Earloomz

It says it is sold at best buy but I have never seen these in a Canadian best buy.

I would love the

Boba Fett

Wow! So many choices!
My favorite would have to be the Republic of Korea (GL-220-Flag) one.. representing Korea in Canada :)!


I really like the( Quick) Plus i'm a big Laker Fan so that one would really look nice on me when i'm out and about plz pick me I read Crackberry Everyday On my Viigo App

wonderful selection! so many great choices. i'd love one for fun, one for romance, one for mom, one for work, one for july 4th, some for kids....

seriously hard to decide.
if i am one of the lucky winners, i'd like ur-snowflake gl 429-2esea.

thanks for the contest!
and good luck to all!

The feature I like is the one w/that option 2 do that special trait and its y no other devices has what it has ya know that's y pick this okie dokie

I checked them all out great designs WOW! Never knew there were so many. I hope I can win one of these mine just broke.

I love the looks of the A Dark Lord

I found Earloomz web sight to be very slow.I almost gave up trying to find a design.I found skull1 to be my choice.I didn't search through all the designs because of slow web sight.

OMG! I've been looking for the "Woodland Camouflage GL-127-Fashion" for months, I can't believe there is a contest here for them. Thanks a lot CrackBerry and I really hope to win a pair :D

Looks exactly like the one that come out with my Galaxy Tab, but it's a lot cuter!
Perfect match for my Bold 9900 :D
I chose Live Long and Prosper! (aaaGL-158-CBS Star Trek)