EA Games go free for BlackBerry 10 - but only in a few countries

By James Richardson on 2 Feb 2014 04:39 am EST

It looks like EA Games could be giving us BlackBerry 10 gamers some special loving. The only downside is that the offer is very much country specific and looks to only be happening in parts of Asia Pacific. They actually had the price drop on February 1st but we were holding off to see if the roll out went world wide - no such luck I'm afraid.

If you're in that neck of the woods hit up BlackBerry World you should see that the awesome selection from EA Games are now showing as free - boom!

Christmas seems a long way back when we last had a daily free app/game from BlackBerry, so it's great to see them getting back into the swing of things with some discounts.

Depending on what BlackBerry 10 device you own will depict how many titles you'll see in BlackBerry World as some are all-touch only. Either way it's all good news - as long as you are in a qualifying country. 

The full list of (now) free games are as follows: 

  • Battleship for Blackberry 10
  • Bejeweled 2 for Blackberry 10
  • Boggle for Blackberry 10
  • Dead Space for BlackBerry 10
  • Flight Control Rocket for BlackBerry 10
  • Monopoly Millionaire for BlackBerry 10
  • Mass Effect: Infiltrator for BlackBerry 10
  • NBA Jam for BlackBerry 10
  • Need for Speed Undercover for BlackBerry 10
  • Plants vs Zombies for BlackBerry 10
  • Sim City Deluxe for BlackBerry 10
  • The Game of Life for BlackBerry 10
  • Monopoly for Blackberry 10
  • Yahtzee for BlackBerry 10
  • Tetris for BlackBerry 10

Nice job BlackBerry and EA - this is what we like to see once in a while. Just a shame it's not a global offer. 

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EA Games go free for BlackBerry 10 - but only in a few countries


It is really cool to see EA offer this, hats off to them. With the app gap closing due to the 10.2.1 rollout I wonder what will happen to developers for Blackberry 10 native apps. What other incentives could Blackberry implement to motivate them to create apps for BlackBerry 10? Only time will tell. Also wondering how are other people utilizing their PlayBook devices in 2014. Also if Kevin and the rest of the crackberry team are reading this, when might we expect a full video review for all the blackberry 10 devices now with the new OS update??? I've been patiently waiting for months.

Posted via CB10

I'm curious to find out what native BlackBerry devs will do next

Developer of Corky Notes, Lazy Lists, and MAKE

The 'app gap' hasn't closed, only to crackberry readers who follow how to download apk files, to the average smartphone buyer and user they wouldn't know and wouldn't bother, it's not like instant out of the box access to apps, it's fiddly, inconvenient and the average user will avoid

Posted via CB10

They most certainly are.

Go to games tab, click on real racing which should be a top free game, then open right menu and click on more from developer.

Posted via CB10

well i searched each one of those games and no listings which i saw them before.. Just saying what I see

It's sucks when a Canadian company(referring to BlackBerry not EA) doesn't show love to its own people :'(
I want Mass Effect :(

Posted via CB10

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi!

Yeeehaaa! Downloading now...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Where in the US are you? On the east coast, these games do NOT show up as free.

Posted via my Q10, SQN100-2,

The game I want is SimCity! (and I am too cheap to buy it) so let's make it free for the US, EA :)

Posted via CB10

Not in South Africa

I was not born with a hunger to be free, it was only when I discovered that my freedom had been taken from me that I began to hunger for it. 4life Z10STL100-1/

True that Karabo... we don't cry here in SA, a lot of things aren't FREE. hahahaha

Posted on a sexy QTEN

Not all of the games are available here. Not complaining about having Free games mind you, but the ones I most wanted (Dead Space, Sim City, Plants vs Zombies) aren't available here.

Some only for Z10.

I got the whole list downloaded and added to my BBID on my Z10, but a lot of games were not shown on my Q10.

Are you using a Q10? Hope that helps.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Germany free. It says 89 cents but when you download it it's free

Posted via the Android CrackBerry App (Z10 /1926)

Unfortunately only some games in the list are available for the Z30. Its a longer list for the Z10.
However whatever that IS available is free in Singapore.

No love for Sweden :( on the other hand, the only game that I really wanted of those is Monopoly which I already have thanks to the sale before last Christmas.

Posted via CB10

Not in Portugal... at least for now. But there are plenty of amazing free games to download.

Posted via CB10

Get the lot associated to your BBID now, and delete unwanted ones later!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Please, since the games are called "X...For BlackBerry 10" PLEASE make them available for the ALL BB10 devices (like the Z30)

It seems to be available in Philippines. I'm not a gamer, but this news is a thumbs up!

Running Q10 BB10.2.1 (OS1925-RADIO1926)

I'm from Thailand and I have downloaded every game that is under 100 mb. Thank you, BlackBerry! Thank you, EA!

Posted via CB10

You can "purchase" them all, and interrupt the download immediately, so you get them onto your BBID, and download them later at any time on wifi.

Get it while it lasts!

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Hey- are any EA games available for Z30 ??? I can't find anything- why do they forget when actually they could just give the same version for Z30 as for Z10?? ;)

Available in Vietnam and at some countries are welcoming Lunar New Year. So I think this is a gift for us on our big holiday

Posted by CB10 by Q10 running latest leaked OS10

First I ws in the middle east for the Christmas giveaways so I couldn't get those as they weren't available in the middle east, and now this is happening and I'm in Europe, life sucks sometimes..

Posted via CB10

If he bought an airline ticket and went there physically, what's the difference?

This is a GLOBAL thing now, and DVD region codes, geographical distribution models etc. is so 2005. I don't quite agree with those practices anymore. Manufacturers should reconsider.

I don't suggest doing anything immoral, but these practices should not be continued.

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

On my Z10 with Telcel (Mexico) I can get the games free if I buy a device at Sanborn stores between February 1st and 28th. They'll give you a coupon that gives you access to the free games.

Posted via CB10 on my Z10

Free in Singapore, but only 4 games, well can't complain about free stuff :)

Posted via CB10

Not available to UK customers and only about half the list available! But then, the amount of free stuff we get, we shouldn't complain. If you can get it free, nice! And please give EA a good bit of feedback. It's nice to be nice!

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I'm not sure what's more impressive than what I'm seeing right now, but it's quite incredible seeing what I'm seeing as I read. Canada, United States, Germany, Nigeria, South Africa, Romania, Bahrain, Philippines, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, China, Hungary, Hong Kong, Sweden, Vietnam, Australia, Austria, Indonesia, India, Morocco, France, Portugal, Dubai, Netherlands, Spain, Thailand, Egypt, New Zealand and Singapore. I've got people from those cities right here in Toronto but none of them I know, but the people here on Crackberry, one huge family! Take a look folks, take a good look. How impressive is BlackBerry? Not everyone may be fortunate, but to those cities that finally got what we've gotten in different ways; all I can say is wow. BlackBerry is alive in places I never knew they could exist in, can't believe what I'm seeing :)

You will get many apps or games for free only on Blackberry :D Blackberry is awesome :D

Blackberry Z10 Indonesia!!!

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